Suspect Arrested in Missing Paso Robles Woman Case

Suspect Arrested in Missing Paso Robles Woman Case title=
Suspect Arrested in Missing Paso Robles Woman Case
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SLO Sheriff's Office personnel documenting evidence

Source: San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Suspect Arrested in Missing Person Case
PLACE OF OCCURRENCE: Sheriff's Office Templeton Station
VICTIM INFORMATION: Nancy Colleen Woodrum, 62, Paso Robles
SUSPECT INFORMATION: Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores, 42, Paso Robles


On 12-19-18, Sheriff Parkinson announced that an arrest has been made in the missing person case of Nancy Woodrum. The suspect has been identified as 42-year-old Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores of Paso Robles. Woodrum was reported missing seven months ago on 5-5-18, when her family checked her residence in the 5800 block of El Pharo Drive in rural Paso Robles and she could not be located. The Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Team was brought in to help locate her. Crews on the ground and by air conducted an exhaustive search of the area where Woodrum was last seen but they were unable to locate her. During the course of the seven month investigation, Sheriff's Detectives conducted numerous interviews with people who may have come in contact with Woodrum. In September, Detectives obtained forensic evidence that signaled a break in the case. In November, Detectives identified a possible suspect and were able to obtain additional forensic evidence. In December, Detectives had enough evidence to make an arrest in the disappearance of Nancy Woodrum. On 12-18-18, Fuentes Flores was interviewed by Sheriff's Office Detectives. As a result of the interview he then led investigators to her body. That location was off Highway 58 in the rural eastern part of San Luis Obispo County. The Sheriff's Office has positively identified the remains as that of Nancy Woodrum. Evidence appears to show the suspect operated alone and there is no risk at this time to public safety. "The Detectives in this case spent many hours tracking down leads, interviewing witnesses, and collecting evidence to try and determine what happened to Nancy Woodrum. This was a difficult case from the beginning, but I am extremely proud of the tenacious efforts put forth by the investigators in this case," said Sheriff Parkinson. "I am also hopeful, this arrest brings some amount of closure to the family of Nancy Woodrum." The Sheriff's Office would like to thank the California Department of Justice Forensic Lab for their work on this case. Fuentes Flores was arrested for murder, was booked and is presently in custody in the County Jail.

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Luvaduck Dec 20, 2018 04:10 PM
Suspect Arrested in Missing Paso Robles Woman Case

A fit looking 42-year old man killing a 62-year old woman? How macho and brave. (Well, maybe she was armed with an apron or was threatening him with a spatula.)

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