Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

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By edhat staff

A surf shop in Carpinteria is sharing a video of a customer vandalizing their store after refusing to comply with the county's mask mandate.

A-Frame Surf Shop, located at 3785 Santa Claus Lane, posted surveillance video and images to their Instagram page on Wednesday of the suspect and his family.

"HELP US FIND THIS GUY! This evening right before we closed this guy verbally assaulted my wife and vandalized our store and destroyed inventory all because we kindly asked him to please put on a face covering to comply with our county guidelines. No one deserves to feel unsafe at work. Please help us hold the man accountable! Please share this video," the shop's owner stated.

The video shows a male in his 30s with blonde hair, a goatee, and a tattoo on his inner right arm, entering the surf shop with two young children on Wednesday after 4:00 p.m. 

According to the owners of the shop, the customer arrived with his family who was not wearing face masks. Per the COVID-19 ordinance by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, face masks are required for entry into any indoor establishment regardless of vaccination status. 

The customer became extremely angry for being asked to wear a mask and verbally assaulted the employee, who happened to be the owner's wife. Before leaving he threw a piece of merchandise that shattered and damaged the store's wall. 

Anyone with information on this person is encouraged to contact the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office at (805) 683-2724.

Videos and photos are provided below:

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Basicinfo805 Aug 12, 2021 02:59 PM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

Wow, “butthole surfer” takes it to a new level bringing himself abs entitled kids right into a store and destroys property because he can’t handle a mask. Jerk central. I hate masks too, and I think we’ve overdone it, but cmon man!
They’ll find this clown, great screen shots.

ZeroHawk Aug 12, 2021 04:08 PM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

what a #total@sshat and doing this in front of your kid? nice tantrum, bet the little one is more understanding and together than he is. nice example to set as well. parenting fail. IDGAF if you dont like masks. I don't care what your political views are, i do care that you're too self centered to care about the safety and rights of others around you. I don't give two turds if we have to wear a mask in a store. if that's all it takes to stop the spread, what's the big issue? why act like a maniac and destroy property? why even complain? you think it'll do any good? nope. here is where i am with the masks and covid and the vaccinations. if you care about yourself or your family and friends, follow the guidelines unless you're a highly experienced virologist, you really can't say one damned word against a mask mandate or anything related. i do not posses a valid medical license nor have i spent anytime in school studying viruses. Have any of you? I could easily say this is a round of NO's. So let's put aside our individual *opinions* and think of others. wear a mask. i work in a retail spot downtown, we have denied access to the showroom several times for people refusing to wear a mask. it's not going to hurt our business if we don't get a sale or two, but it will really hurt our business when you come in unmasked, unvaxed and infected our staff. Then you will have 5 families affected, sick, out of work, and a shuttered business. All because some ass on the right doesn't want to look at fact and science and LOGIC.

Byzantium Aug 12, 2021 07:08 PM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

ZH: took a college semester in bacteriology. Not virology per se, but close enough to understand the microbial world, infection and sterilization protocol. One leaves with the principle, "bugs" are more our friends than our enemies. The world would have been buried under chicken feathers eons ago, were there not chicken feather eating microbes doing a yeoman's' clean up job every day. Funny what sticks with you from long ago college course work.

bosco Aug 12, 2021 04:26 PM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

I got a haircut today and some crazy woman next to me was ranting and raving about mask wearing to the stylist. She kept asking "how can you do my hair with a mask on?". The stylist repeatedly told her they do it all the time and it's no big deal. She gave in and stayed calm but still managed to mumble " I hope I don't suffocate and die while sitting here" (an ironic choice of words if you ask me). Generally, I felt really bad for the stylists and others working there as they still have to deal with this crap. You don't like masks? Fine, but don't take it out on the people just trying to do their jobs.

ZeroHawk Aug 13, 2021 11:36 AM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

Bosc, these are the ppl i'm referring to as well. yeah you're going to suffocate and die for wearing a mask..... FFS that's just dumb no matter how you look at it and really, if we as a race of beings are truly that ignorant and dumb, after so many centuries on the globe, perhaps mother nature should take most of us out and reboot the system....

Rypert Johnson Aug 12, 2021 04:31 PM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

Would you look at this tool, has all the makings of a POS. Look at him, see that look on his face? He was looking for a confrontation from the moment he arrived. Either that or he likes like an angry jackass at all times.
Great parenting there tough guy, way to show your kids how to treat ladies. They're going to follow in your steps and be just as much of a pain in the rear as you are. We're witnessing the creation of entitled brats.
I hope they get this guy. The folks at A-Frame are nice, hard working people, always willing to help where they can and along comes this jerk. If they catch him, I hope the owners press full charges against him.

SBSand Aug 12, 2021 04:44 PM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

I hope he is a local and that he is turned in and shamed for this. Yeah wearing a mask sucks but so do the repercussions of getting sick and his behavior was totally overblown, out of line, dangerous and a bad example for those kids.

Luvaduck Aug 13, 2021 08:07 AM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

I've run into this type: They are usually middle-aged males but some are females: <insanely> angry people who feel perfectly justified to put others in danger of serious disease, life-long problems or even death. Do they think randomly shooting a gun up in the air is OK b/c they aren't aiming at anyone so when a falling bullet kills someone it's not their fault? This is way past being a political issue. I'm not kidding when I say "insanely" angry.

bosco Aug 13, 2021 10:39 AM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

I would put it a different way. It's an egotistical and narcissistic attitude that is currently being promoted as acceptable and encouraged. Regardless of the issue at hand, this anti-social behavior worries me greatly and it keeps getting fueled and reinforced by our social media/reality tv culture. Conflict has become valued in our society rather than discouraged.

SB_TAHOE Aug 13, 2021 10:55 AM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

Bosco I agree and what I've been saying lately is, why is stupid behavior being elevated and celebrated? The anti-intellectualism is getting worse. "If I don't wear a mask and get vaccinated, I'll die from COVID but at least I'll have owned the Libs! Haha, LOL."

m2457 Aug 25, 2021 08:00 AM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

My young daughter works in LA at a Claire's in the mall. She is getting insulted daily by non-mask wearing individuals, and it is usually women, actually the mothers of the kids that want to get their ears pierced. It is unreal the stories she tells me. As if she made the rules?? People really need to stop and think, the rudeness to employees and store owners is too much. I agree 100% with Bosco and SB Tahoe.

SB_TAHOE Aug 13, 2021 08:27 AM
Surf Shop Customer Vandalizes Store Over Mask Mandate

As a business owner, I will add: the mask mandate was imposed by the county of SB, not the store owner or employees. We didn’t make the rules, we are just following them. That jerk had no right to be angry period but really didn’t have the right to assault and vandalize the business over a county mandate. Hope he gets caught and he definitely shouldn’t be displaying that behavior in front of his kids.

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