Students Plan to Walk Out of Class as Part of National Movement

Crowd of students protesting outside the White House on Wednesday morning (Photo: Bradley E. Williams)

Groups of local students are planning to walk out of class at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday as part of a national movement to honor those who died in school shootings.

Students from Dos Pueblos High, San Marcos High, and Santa Barbara High are expected to participate and meet at various locations for rallies.

One month ago, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15-style rifle in Parkland, Florida. The surviving students and their allies have banded together forming a movement of activism and advocacy. 

Wednesday’s national school walkout urges their peers across the country to join them in honoring those who have lost their lives in school shootings and to demand that Congress acts now on passing stricter gun control laws.

According to EMPOWER who is organizing the movement, among their demands participants want Congress to:
  • Ban assault weapons
  • Require universal background checks before gun sales
  • Pass a gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people who display warning signs of violent behavior

The walkout is expected to last 17 minutes, one minute for each person who lost their life last month.

Many schools are threatening detention, suspensions, and other disciplinary actions to students who participate in this walk out. It’s unknown if Santa Barbara area high schools will punish students who walk out of class. 

Edhat will update this article with more information about local students as soon as its available. 

Do you have photos or video of the protest? Send it to for us to post!

Reports from edhat readers

I happened to see students at Monroe Elementary join the 10:00 walkout today holding signs of support for the students in Florida and against guns being in schools. Some cars honked as they went by.

Walkout at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara:

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  1. Factotum, you seem to be a right wing shill. Quick google search shows:
    “If you add it all up — candidate and party contributions, independent expenditures, and lobbying — the NRA has spent $203.2 million on political activities since 1998.” They spent $30M getting Trump elected alone. If you think your facts are right, give a reference next time. Mine is politifact dot com.

  2. Good for these students getting involved and protesting the affair our country has with guns and the NRA. For one thing, there is absolutely no reason for assault rifles; when he 2nd was written there were “muskets”. The 2nd amendment says we have a right to bear guns “for a well armed militia”. What in heck do people think our armed (well armed) military forces are?

  3. These students are getting used for clearly partisan political purposes. Teachers unions donated $200 million to political campaigns while the NRA donated only $20 million. Who is really running the political agenda on gun issues, along with plenty of outside money including George Soros.

  4. Many (most?) of the student protest signs reflect a protest about the NRA. But as far as all the available news info shows that none of these shootings has been done by an NRA member. Why are they protesting NRA – is it a scapegoat for the real culprits? I’m confused by that.

  5. A-152, You are so right, none of the school shootings have been done by an NRA member. The NRA simply make sure anyone, no matter their mental capacity, has a right to unnecessary assault guns or any gun that can take out dozens of lives in the shortest period of time.

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