Students Offer Free Tutoring Service

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Source: SB Sunshine Tutors

Several local Santa Barbara high schoolers recently launched SB Sunshine Tutors to provide free tutoring services to K-12 students, helping as best they can during the pandemic

After reading the increasing amounts of depressing headlines, Cate School sophomore Lesley Drucker was inspired to connect with several of her friends across local schools including Santa Barbara High School and San Marcos High School to serve their community.

"I couldn't sit back and feel helpless knowing that there was something I could do, especially when everything seems so absolutely out of control during this time. So, I reached out to local Santa Barbara schools to see how I could help their students as classrooms went online," explained Drucker.  

What she learned was the switch to online classes is challenging and stressful for both students and parents, with a considerable loss of that crucial one-on-one contact with students and teachers. Losing school time and the resources to get needed help causes significant learning barriers, especially for families struggling financially.

“SB Sunshine Tutors was started to supplement this loss and help make learning flow more easily. Just because the Coronavirus has stopped the world doesn't mean it has to stop active learning,” Drucker continued. 

With hour-long sessions as frequent as the student requests, Drucker and others use Zoom to work through individual concepts and assignments. Already tutoring students across three different schools in its first week, SB Sunshine Tutors is in high demand. High schoolers Lesley Drucker (Cate School), Sofia Schuster (San Marcos High), Noah Silverberg (San Marcos High), Kate Sheldon (San Marcos High), Linnea Moe (Santa Barbara High), and more, are eager and ready to help just at the click of a button. 

Supported subjects include Spanish, mathematics up to pre-calculus, environmental science, physics, chemistry, biology, English, history (US and World) and many others. SB Sunshine Tutors aims to suit all the needs of its students. 

The process to sign up is simple. Parents can email or message the Facebook page to receive a quick response to set up a session.

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lovesbalot Apr 27, 2020 11:24 AM
Students Offer Free Tutoring Service

Wow. This is amazing demonstration of care for our community. One on one tutoring can be costly and is so needed. I know those struggling with literacy, like dyslexics and english language learners benefit immensely from one on one tutoring. I think the name "SB Sunshine Tutors" is perfect. Help with academics is like sunshine and makes so less stressful for these hardworking , bright students who learn differently or any students who needs support. Thanks you for your kindness and care.

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