Street work on Memorial Day?

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At 8am on Memorial Day we were awakened by jackhammers and crews working on Portesuello Avenue. It was not an emergency, as there had been signs announcing that the work will take place several days in advance. The cruelty of waking the neighbors up on a day they might have been planning to sleep in aside, how does the City determine what work takes place on holidays, given that labor costs a lot more?

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gizmo1 May 30, 2022 05:48 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

Quadruple time (the City has our $)The most interesting thing is I believe the City is doing the paving project on Cabrillo, if so its gonna take a long time

Sensibly Common May 31, 2022 10:35 AM
Street work on Memorial Day?

I was down there last week watching they’re moving quickly and it looks good.

a-1653959666 May 30, 2022 06:14 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

This is the free enterprise system at "work". Almost certainly the people doing this job were contracted by private companies which do not recognize holidays or any traditional labor rights. These cannot have been a union company as they would have had to pay double or triple salary to work on such a day. Don't complain about it unless you are willing to support some recognition of the workers' right to holidays and regular and fairly paid hours.

edney May 30, 2022 06:31 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

You do know that private companies are required to pay prevailing union wages, benefits and holidays?
You do know that the City of SB usually controls their start date by contract?
You do know that if they are working today it will be double time pay?
You do know that no private companies would pay people to start a job on a day that is double time unless contract terms or other circumstances required it?
No? Thought so.

Yeti May 30, 2022 06:47 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

Even more surprising is that the Postal Service was out TODAY on Memorial Day, delivering packages for Amazon.. Since we did not request delivery today, I can only assume that Amazon is not paying extra for the Double Time Pay that the postal employees are receiving for working during a national holiday!
Once again, the efficiencies of the government with our tax dollars is non-existent. :-(

edney May 31, 2022 11:14 AM
Street work on Memorial Day?

Amazon uses the USPS because the rates are subsidized by the taxpayer. Amazon isn't paying the full cost. The taxpayer is. "The postal service has lost money for 11 straight years, mostly because of pension and health care costs. In 2017, the service lost $800 million on $69.7 billion operating revenue."

Here is an in depth study by Citigroup. Pro USPS people quibble with how benefits are calculated as being "paid for", but businesses need to cover the full costs future health and pension obligations by charging enough to cover them now, right?

The USPS workers get holiday gigs on a seniority/voluntary basis. There are lots of people who would rather have extra money or to get an extra day off

a-1654026909 May 31, 2022 12:55 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

The US Postal Service was never meant to make a profit. It's a service, not a business. It's part of being a civilization instead of a predatory anarchy.

edney May 30, 2022 06:53 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

If it is a private company doing a sewer repair for a homeowner, go tell the homeowner that they should have hired a company that was going to charge them double time.
I am tired of these homeowners acting like it is the contractors fault when they clearly are more interested in the fastest job, on the fastest schedule, at cheapest price.
Next time you want something done, tell the contractor or your gardener you want to be charged a price that includes City of SB Public Works prevailing wage rates, benefit packages

Here is what you should be paying your laborer BY LAW in a city of SB public works project as of 8-21-2021
$62.03 per Hour
Sunday, Holiday $99.46 per hour

(Many people who are ignorant about prevailing wage law and its calculations make the mistake here of doubling the $ per hour number for overtime $62.03. The actual calculation is base rate X2 plus ?

a-1654004098 May 31, 2022 06:34 AM
Street work on Memorial Day?

There is a chart from the state that tells you what prevailing wage to pay each job category and also what benefits are to be paid. If you are a non-union shop you still have to comply and it's a pain. I'm a bookkeeper and lucking have only done pw jobs a few times because of the hassle. PW is not any kind of wage calculation based on current pay rate.

dukemunson May 30, 2022 08:55 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

The cruelty of being woken up at 8am…? That’s cruelty??? The humor of the characters in our bubble is sometimes quite good (and often times quite unintentional)!

doulie May 31, 2022 07:23 AM
Street work on Memorial Day?

Duke - Hear! Hear! The cruelty of it all, how is one expected to live like this?

Luvaduck May 31, 2022 01:34 PM
Street work on Memorial Day?

Add that to the cruelty of New Years Eve, July Fourth, Fiesta, soltice and any other gatherings or parties that has "night owls" being noisy when "larks" (who get awaken with the sun) want to sleep. We could bitch and moan or sigh, put the windows down and our pillows over our heads.

SBStoner May 31, 2022 08:30 AM
Street work on Memorial Day?

This is one of those posts that really makes you laugh and appreciate the town we live in.

I love my neighbors, even the total Karens.

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