Street Sweeping to Resume Wednesday

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The City’s residential street sweeping service will resume Wednesday, December 13, as part of an effort to minimize the impact of ash produced by the Thomas Fire and prevent pollution and debris from flowing to the watersheds. This week, the City will not issue street sweeping parking citations.

Regular residential street sweeping, and enforcement of street sweeping violations, will resume on Monday, December 18.

In order to facilitate street sweeping operations, and improve the effectiveness of the street sweeping to clean up our streets, the City is asking residents to remove their parked cars from City streets according to the normal street sweeping schedule.

The residential street sweeping schedule can be found here:


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a-1548215944 Dec 13, 2017 09:16 PM
Street Sweeping to Resume Wednesday

The Air Pollution Control District just put out a public health notice NOT to use leaf blowers under ANY condition. The notice says the ash can contain heavy metals, asbestos, toxic chemicals. And what does the city do? Stir it up worse than all the leaf blowers put together. I watched it go down Gillespie today and some poor woman was walking down the street. The driver could have used his brain and stopped the truck but NOOOOOOOOO. Here is the link:

a-1548215944 Dec 13, 2017 12:05 PM
Street Sweeping to Resume Wednesday

The street sweeper I saw this morning around 11 AM on Arrellaga was stirring up a big light grey fine-dust cloud so much that it is hard to imagine a net gain. By "big" I mean the ash dust cloud was wider to the sides than the far edge of the side walk, about a car width into the street, and higher than the street sweeper vehicle. The cloud was thick enough to be opaque; that is, could not see through it. Driving on the other side of the street I passed thru the edge of the dust cloud but could see the road well enough so it was not as wide as the whole street. The sweeper was about half way down the block but the cloud it left in its wake was still thick in its path all the way to the end of the block. Maybe there are different kinds of sweepers and the one the OP saw used more water spray? Or maybe SB just has more ash to stir up than Goleta? Just providing data. I will leave it to the experts to decide the benefits.

a-1548215944 Dec 13, 2017 06:26 AM
Street Sweeping to Resume Wednesday

I saw a street cleaner driving around in Goleta yesterday and it was a great sight to see! People are concerned about them blowing up the ashes but he was moving slow and they use water so it was actually helpful. I was walking near it and it did not blow up ashes into the air. In fact it did that less than the regular cars that were driving on the road so for all the people who are complaining in advance, it actually will help to get rid of some of the ash that we're all getting covered in. I sure do wish that they came into residential neighborhoods in Goleta, even though I don't miss the parking issues that experienced downtown with the street cleaners

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