Street Sweeping Resumes June 15

Source: City of Santa Barbara

Street sweeping will resume on June 15, 2020.  Street Sweeping not only keep our streets looking good, but also improves air quality, and keeps trash and debris out of storm drains, creeks and the ocean. Public Works is deploying an array of signage in communities to notify the public.  

Parking enforcement associated with street sweeping will also resume.  Please observe all posted parking restrictions.


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  1. Pit, thanks. I live two blocks west of Macys down Ortega. It’s a non stop problem. I’ve lived here over 15-20 years. Constantly harassed by the parking folks. Constantly having to park blocks away since everyone that comes downtown and doesn’t want to pay, parks on my block. The parking enforcement cherry picks. They hit us on street sweeping days, but are no where to be found during farmers market tuesday, saturdays. My block is still mostly unemployed. So no, that is the answer. We need those spots for our vehicles and frankly, the street sweeper just makes mud and kicks the debris around the street and sidewalk. it’s a joke…
    i am constantly targeted by them, because i tend to fight every ticket and have never paid one in my life. they ticket me even with a parking permit!

  2. We sweep our street ourselves, because, although within The City, our street doesn’t get the benefit of street sweeping machines. That said, we appreciate greatly that the machines keep trash and motor oil (not just leaves) out of our ocean. Stating that the machines “improve air quality,” however, is a bit of a stretch. Every time we ride our bikes past an active street sweeping machine, we can smell the dirt and dust being kicked up. The machines run on gasoline or diesel? Not sure which, but the fumes put out certainly are NOT improving air quality.

  3. Just in time too.. I noticed that the streets are absolutely filthy, NOT!
    It is only about the revenue. Parking enforcement is in full swing now and they need someone to write tickets to cover their paychecks. It is the only department that actually turns a net profit, when the street sweeping is in force.

  4. All these weeks of no street sweeping and the streets sill look great. As noted down thread, it would seem that the street sweeping indirectly generates a huge amount of $$$ due to parking tickets. This is a terrible, sneaky, insidious way for the City to get revenue.

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