Stabbing Near The Rescue Mission

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Update by the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission
June 10, 2022

The stabbing occurred outside of Rescue Mission property, and it was under the overpass on Calle Cesar Chavez where the incident occurred.

Thankfully, the victim was able to come to us for immediate attention. Our homeless guest services staff handled the situation by contacting the police, and Public Health happened to be on the premises to address the medical emergency.

By Scanner Andrew
4:30 p.m., June 9, 2022

Police are on scene for a stabbing that occurred at the Rescue Mission on Yanonali Street.


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ScannerAndrew Jun 09, 2022 04:43 PM
Stabbing Near The Rescue Mission

This occurred right when the 2nd watch units were starting their shifts. First call for them

Gimli Jun 10, 2022 10:41 AM
Stabbing Near The Rescue Mission

The two key words . . . "Rescue Mission". Based on Christianity. The first time I became homeless, I use to go there every night, and believe you me, many of them were heavy drug users, heavy alcohol drinkers, and many with serious mental issues. For me that was a horrible experience to be surrounded by these individuals. I use to work, rent a home, pay my bills, and have a good social life.

Gimli Jun 12, 2022 09:17 AM
Stabbing Near The Rescue Mission

EDNEY - If you are asking me how I am doing, I am doing better to say the least. I am fully retired, and I do have residency, and my social life is not what it use to be like, but I do go out on occasions with a few friends that I have met after I got my residency on April of 2015.

edney Jun 12, 2022 10:43 AM
Stabbing Near The Rescue Mission

Gimli Good to hear it.
I have a friend who was addicted to meth who went through their program, has two beautiful kids
It takes a lot of will and fight to change, and a lot of heart to stay sober.
You have my admiration

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