Spot the Dolphin

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By Cody Westheimer

Spot the dolphin. 

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Minibeast Dec 02, 2022 04:27 PM
Spot the Dolphin

Nice shot, Cody. Gorgeous day. Spotting dolphins never gets old.

toot Dec 03, 2022 08:56 AM
Spot the Dolphin

Atop the second foothill from the left?

Harbor_Seal Dec 03, 2022 09:34 AM
Spot the Dolphin

Wow, that’s a good one… but are you sure that’s not a shark? ;-)

CreekMoe Dec 03, 2022 10:34 AM
Spot the Dolphin

do i need to eat a gummy first?

i see a doll face, a bomber, a bear paw and a leaping dolphin...

maybe more will appear after the gummies.

or is "dolphin" the name of a sail boat?

a-1670095469 Dec 03, 2022 11:24 AM
Spot the Dolphin

I didn't see it yesterday. Saw it immediately today, I think, close to shore.

But please, do tell!

Lina24 Dec 03, 2022 02:20 PM
Spot the Dolphin

I see a fin almost mid photo a little to the right closer to the shore.

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