Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

City staff is performing speed surveys to establish new speed limits on Las Positas and Modoc Roads. The study is currently in the data collection phase and should be complete later this spring.

Roadway construction for the Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multi-Use Path, which was completed last month, prompted the need to update the speed surveys. Staff had to wait until construction wrapped before starting the speed survey. California law requires speed surveys to establish enforceable speed limits on public roadways.

Once the speed survey is complete, updated speed limit signs can be posted for both Las Positas and Modoc Roads. Until then, the basic speed law applies, which is that motorists should not drive at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent.

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Transparent Apr 07, 2022 10:42 AM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes. Forget crypto, my friends, the beautiful future for SB has two wheels!

Especially with rise and ease of e-bikes , we need to push away from the chaos, danger, congestion, and pollution of these interchanges to ones that are safe and enjoyably traversable for bikes.

If we truly want to "Keep LA a Hundred Miles Away," we need to move our "car first" mindset to a "bikes first" mindset. Cheaper, less-congestive, greener, healthier, scalable, beautiful, enjoyable.

As the infrastructure stands now, you'd have to have a death wish to bike across the Las Positas exchange every day. Same stands for Carrillo, Castillo, Garden, and all of our other 101 interchanges. We need vision to change that, vision matching the vision that gave Santa Barbara it's uniqueness and beauty a century ago, when we got ARBs and understood the importance of city-wide planning, design, aesthetic and intention.

E-bikes vastly expand the purview of how bikes can meet our transit needs (to older, or less fit, or larger 'grocery' size loads). In Santa Barbara, we are blessed with the weather to accommodate too. :)

sacjon Apr 07, 2022 12:19 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

Ah, I see. I was confused I guess. So keep the LA characteristics out, yeah? I'm totally for that. We have a special place here, let's keep it that way! I wish we could do the same out in Goleta, but at least we have the beautiful west Goleta rural area. Now if only those farmers would let us hike up the canyons behind our homes!

Transparent Apr 07, 2022 12:11 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

Traffic gridlock and sprawl are what define the LA metro-area these days. SB has been heading more and more direction... let's turn that tide!

Yes, nicer infrastructure will always raise property values and attract more tourists. That's no good reason not to improve things! I personally love the idea of tourists and residents cycling around what should be a beautiful coast and modern, eco- and human-friendly city.

letmego Apr 07, 2022 05:27 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

I also had to pull out of there in my car when meeting a friend (I used to live in Hidden Valley, 20 years ago). And...it's kind of weird to pull out in a car too. I ended up stopping behind the bike path to wait, and luckily I could see in both directions.

SBTownie Apr 07, 2022 04:57 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

LetMeGo - Yes, but they are the minority of users. In the meantime 95% of people passing through on the path (maybe more) are NOT from Hidden Valley and now have to stop every 50 feet to use the path safely? I get that it was a difficult design decision and I guess there was no good solution because what they did sucks but I do see the safety concerns the other way, too.

letmego Apr 07, 2022 12:22 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

Good point, but I am guessing because of the pedestrians and bikes that need to come OUT of the Hidden Valley area - it's safer for them to get on the bike path if it's on their side of the street.

a-1649213057 Apr 05, 2022 07:44 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

Can you believe they have no speed limit signs posted on Los Positas between Modoc and Cliff-Probably not the Citys bike path project managers job or job description? -they are probably short handed in City of Santa Barbara signage dept for speed limit wannabe asst,asst in training,mini asst,jr asst asst and head person in charge of speed limit signs

tagdes Apr 05, 2022 08:59 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

There has been over half a dozen that have been there for about 2 years all of which say the same....35-35-35-35 -35. Oh, yeah...guess what, it's under construction and so it's... wait for it. 35. Try reading this article and you'll find that they are going to do a survey and up date it. Maybe the mini asst jr whiner should learn to read....and wait.

SBTownie Apr 05, 2022 04:46 PM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

Good. I have been wondering about this. As a cyclist, love the new path to Hendry's. High quality and well done. Haven't taken the Modoc path yet. Doesn't seem that great as I counted something like 17 "intersections" for the path - meaning stop signs into streets or major driveways like the retirement communities or even just private driveways. Seems like kind of a nightmare to ride safely. Guess I'll need to get a rear view mirror otherwise will be stopping every 100 feet. Then dumped out onto the end of Modoc before the stop sign to Hope Ranch - no more Class 1 bike path to connect to the path to Goleta. Hope they're planning to connect these as part of the master plan.

SBTownie Apr 07, 2022 09:15 AM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

PSTARSR - I could not agree more. I truly have not even been tempted to ride it due to this. I don't understand the planning at all on that. It seems deeply flawed. I think the number of riders going straight through vast exceeds the number who need to turn or cross the street to get into Hidden Valley or the individual driveways so one really has to wonder why they put it where they did.

pstarSR Apr 06, 2022 07:44 AM
Speed Survey Underway at Las Positas and Modoc Roads

I took my 2 daughters to ride the Modoc side, I regret that. Something like ~17 driveways, literally couldn't ride smoothly. constantly stopping and looking out for residents jetting out.

its beautiful, but the planning for those driveways was ill advised. its not like a bike path on the street where the driveway is not part of the path. this design makes the driveways part of the path, so when residents wait to exit their houses they block the path.

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