Southern California Public Health Departments Urge Staying Home

Southern California Public Health Departments Urge Staying Home title=
Southern California Public Health Departments Urge Staying Home
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Source: Public Health Department

As a coalition of 10 neighboring California local health departments, we thank everyone for doing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As the first doses of the vaccine are being administered across our communities, we can finally see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. As that light gets closer, we are hopeful that we are one step closer to getting back to doing the things and seeing the people we all miss the most.

In spite of this good news, we know that the next few weeks and months are critical. We are now experiencing the worst time of the pandemic. Our case counts, deaths, and hospitalizations are the highest we have seen so far. Our ICU capacity is the lowest. We are breaking records every day, and not in a good way. Our systems are being overwhelmed, and the virus is spreading everywhere.

The impacts of this pandemic are starkest among our community members most vulnerable to this virus, including our older adult family and friends, our community members working essential jobs to ensure we all have the basic goods that we need, and those living in our communities who have the least opportunities for health. The pandemic has taken a large toll and exacerbated health impacts within these communities. We cannot continue on our current path without facing serious consequences for our families, friends, and the local businesses that make our communities such special places to live.

This is a critical time when everyone needs to do their part to defeat COVID-19. We understand that people are tired, but public health measures are not the enemy — they are the roadmap for a faster and more sustainable recovery. We must all commit to taking precautions and heeding public health protocols, including the current Stay-at-Home Order, to reopen businesses and schools, to travel to see our families and friends in person, and to celebrate that next important event.

We can do all these things again, but only if we all follow effective, fact-based public health measures like wearing face masks, washing hands, practicing social distancing, and only traveling for essential trips. Many of us are spreading the virus without knowing it—over 50% of exposures come from people who don’t have symptoms—so we all need to avoid social gatherings and activities with those outside our household. If we do these things, in a few weeks we could start to see the numbers slow and the curve bend. We will help our systems increase their capacity to manage and end this pandemic. If we fail, our finest medical researchers are clear: there will be even worse consequences for our families and our economy.

We have all had to alter our lives this difficult year and we all want this difficult time to be behind us. But the virus is not done with us yet. If we can all just come together in this moment to eradicate the virus, and recommit to protecting ourselves and one another, we will get back to normal day-to-day activities more quickly. The roadmap to a faster, more equitable, and sustainable recovery for all of us means committing and coming together to follow recommended public health measures.

We are all neighbors in California, even if we live in different cities and counties. The virus knows no borders and continues to severely impact us all, especially at this moment. The end is in sight, and the light at the end of this dark tunnel will keep getting brighter but only if we all do our part right now. We all have a personal and collective responsibility to slow the spread of the pandemic and eliminate the virus as quickly as possible. Let’s come together now for a brighter and healthier 2021.


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42224242244424224 Dec 28, 2020 12:05 AM
Southern California Public Health Departments Urge Staying Home

Is that website biased? Sure. But these fact-checks are laughable at best and Orwellian at worse.
The first "failed fact check" is about an article that wasn't even published by lifesitenews.
The second "failed fact check" only corrects a claim that an act was already implemented, not about to be implemented, before going on to say that the rest of the article's suggestions are accurate.
The third "failed fact check" is about claims that girl scout cookies fund planned parenthood, though the snopes article says that lifesitenews never made that claim.
The fourth "failed fact check" is about a lifesitenews article that claims that a study by JHU was unpublished. The first correction is that it wasn't a study, but a presentation. However, the word "study" never appears on the lifesitenews article. The second correction is semantic.

macpuzl Dec 28, 2020 11:51 AM
Southern California Public Health Departments Urge Staying Home

This article from an actual medical source refers to the study being cited:

"Asymptomatic" means people who never developed symptoms, even though they were infected, as opposed to "presymptomatic" people who later did develop symptoms. Before symptoms appear, the two groups are indistinguishable.

To quote from the summary:

"The asymptomatic positive rate was lowest in participants aged under 17 and highest in those over 60. Further swab testing of 1174 close contacts of the 300 asymptomatic positive cases were all negative. The study population included 34 424 people with a history of covid-19, 107 of whom (0.310%) had been re-infected.

Findings not generally applicable
The researchers said that their findings did not show that the virus couldn’t be passed on by asymptomatic carriers, and they didn’t suggest that their findings were generalisable.

They said that strict measures—such as mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, and lockdown—were successful in reducing the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan and that asymptomatic people in Wuhan may have low viral loads. This means that the finding cannot be applied to countries where outbreaks have not been successfully brought under control."

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