Sourdough or French Bread Referral

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By Greg

For a long time have sought a thick crusted, chewy, good Sourdough or French bread - any input from Edhat readers?

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edney Jan 26, 2021 10:16 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Savoy Cafe on Figueroa had Xtea which is made from an old recipe and starter by French Basques. It is fantastic. The family has been baking bread for over a century

mp805 Jan 26, 2021 09:01 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

D'Angelos Bakery is probably your best bet. Address: 25 W Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-3449 Phone: +1 805 962 5460

AwareHuman Jan 26, 2021 10:03 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

There's a policeman, Keld Have, who makes amazing sour dough bread...he has been donating loavess to the Covid-19 unemployed. Ask at Anderson's or find him on Facebook for more info.

a-1611713564 Jan 26, 2021 06:12 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Santa Barbara's angel of restorative policing, Mr. Keld Hove.
I was lucky enough to once see him in action and thank him and shake his hand. The first thing he did was buy a sandwich for the person he would introduce himself to. This is Officer Hove's "policing." (the person was homeless and afflicted with an untreatable neuro-degenerative disease.)

AwareHuman Jan 26, 2021 10:08 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

The best commercial sour dough bread is actually at Valley Fresh market in Solvang (formerly Nielsen's mkt.). It is only $4.99/loaf and bak d fresh daily. Great texture & taste. I have gone to every bakery locally , without being satisfied.

Seabird Jan 26, 2021 04:49 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

I second Valley Fresh. They also have these amazing housemade french rolls sold in a bag of 4 or 6, a perfect little sandwich size. They are absolutely the closest I've come to a good East Coast style bread (which for some reason is very hard to do way out west?). They freeze well, too.

doulie Jan 26, 2021 10:17 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Too bad Vior's Bakery is no longer in business as that was definitely the place to go for top notch sour dough and French bread. A nice loaf of Indian bread, warmed with butter was also outstanding. RIP Roy.....

a-1611713579 Jan 26, 2021 06:12 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Vior's was really pedestrian bread. It was pretty tasteless and faded quickly. Hence its demise. Let's not get too sentimental over things that used to be.

a-1611716836 Jan 26, 2021 07:07 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Yes. My parents' first attempts at bread had more personality, taste and texture. Vior's is nostalgia.
I'm not a huge bread eater, as I prefer pasta and potatoes, and a good multi-grain, non-sour loaf. I just get San Luis Sourdough at the store. I do miss their rosemary & olive oil though.

patrick Jan 26, 2021 02:01 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Visit the Roan Mills booth at the Farmers’ Market, Saturday SB, Tuesday SB, Sunday Goleta. I just had some of their sourdough toasted for lunch. They have other good breads, too.

Minibeast Jan 26, 2021 03:49 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

My housemate buys baguettes all the time. Today he brought home one from Bristol Farms. BF bakes fresh bread and ------------ the baguettes are really, really good. About $4.00, I think.

Minibeast Jan 26, 2021 04:04 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

In the interest of being thorough: Housemate says it's a three-way tie between Renaud's, D'Angelo's and Bristol Farms-----for the baguette.

Basicinfo805 Jan 26, 2021 05:43 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

One word folks : VIOR'S

Ever heard of it? Doulie and Mini have, and I'm sure there's a lot of other readers out there that have eaten the Vior's bread.

It was the best of times, was the best of times. The old Vior's Italian bakery was something really special. I cannot describe it to do it justice, but I will try.

The bakery was down on Gutierrez st/Anacapa. (I think there's a smoke shop or something like that there now. And that's sad.) Anyways, when I was a kid we would drive down daily to pick up our shop's sandwich bread (Ye Old Butcher Shop) before mom would drop me at school. You walk into a hole in the wall and enter into a beautifully-smelling, dark, mysterious bakery-cavern lined on all sides with stacks of freshly-baked (freshly, I mean that, like right outta the oven) bread. Everywhere. Bread, bread, everywhere. Yeasty, in the best of ways. There are hundreds, no thousands, of loaves sacked neatly into large brown bags with all the ends sticking out. But wait..then there were the sourdough and squaw loaves. Stacks of them. Roy and his chief baker - a thin, older gentleman - would provide the best bread the city of Santa Barbara has ever seen.

There's nothing even close in SB or anywhere near here

a-1611716926 Jan 26, 2021 07:08 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

I too regularly suffer from deeply felt nostalgia attacks. It's just a sign of getting older. :-) Best!

Minibeast Jan 27, 2021 11:12 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

"Lalo" was Roy's helper that I recall from the '80s. Pretty sure Vior's bakery was on Haley, south side of street, in between Olive and Laguna.

a-1611716531 Jan 26, 2021 07:02 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

It's not bread, but given that Noemi Pizza closed, this looks tasty:
(I am NOT aligned with them in any way; I read about them yesterday on John Dickson's Restaurant Guy site)

a-1611792158 Jan 27, 2021 04:02 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

We had a smoked anchovy pie from Barb’s this past weekend, and it was yummy. I’m not big on dipping sauces, but enjoyed the crusts as is (sans sauce).

Shasta Guy Jan 26, 2021 07:24 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

You can make your own sourdough bread. As a COVID-19 home project, I learned how to do it from this website:

It walks you through how make your own sourdough starter, which took me four days, and how to make NO KNEAD delicious crusty loaves. It was so much easier than I thought. The Clever Carrot recipe resulted in super soft, crusty bread with a wonderful aroma. Making the starter was an adventure, and at one point it smelled like nasty abandoned junior high school gym clothes.

salsa guy Jan 27, 2021 09:59 AM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

A-1611713579 pedestrian Viors bread? What world are you living in? The baguettes, sour dough and french were incredible. Yes the bread had a short shelf life, but that is what you get when there are no enhancers or preservatives in the Viors bread. They were in business for over 50 years. That is a long time to demise-dont you think. The family decided to close the bakery after Roy Vior died. There sourdough starter was over 100 years old. The domed ovens were brick not steel. They injected steam into the ovens which gave the brad that crunchy crust. They were the best---no question about it.
How can a RTB [ready to back frozen bread] Bristol Farm be in a tie for anything. Their bread is like Wonder Bread of the 60's, If you want a good RTB bread try Gelsons Rustic. I would say that D'angleos is pretty good bread. Have heard some good things about Helena bakery also, they are the same peeps that own Ruby Begonias. Looking forward to trying Bre-osh
viva Viors!

jak Jan 27, 2021 12:36 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Vior’s was great. Minimal shelf life but the same can be said for most good bread and even bed bread is pretty good hot from the oven.

My wife’s latest hobby has been watching people from around the world baking bread on YouTube. She then tries to duplicate and fine tune their efforts. I am going to end up with a coronabelly but I’ll have fun doing it.

Carey2 Jan 27, 2021 02:36 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Ahh, want to drool?
Larraburu Brothers Bakery - San Francisco sour dough.
You never cut it, you rip it with plenty of butter, a big dungeness crab and a cold beer.
It's the water. San Francisco has water straight from the Sierras. Sour dough starter is a pain to make and maintain, and can be very old. Bread, flapjacks, and pizza with sour dough is to die for.

a-1611791277 Jan 27, 2021 03:47 PM
Sourdough or French Bread Referral

Three Flies on a Knife in Lompoc! A friend brought me some from the Lompoc farmer's market. Best bread I've ever had!

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