A Solution for Homelessness?

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By an edhat reader

I recently stumbled upon the below video that shows how the city of Fort Worth, Texas is handling their homeless population. The city is hiring them to clean up the streets and it appears to be working. Other cities have caught on: Denver, Portland, Albuquerque.

Do edhat readers think this would this work in Santa Barbara?

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Factotum Jun 10, 2019 09:15 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Why shouldn't the vagrants try it? Get a job and do something productive. It is not the obligation of the city to make it okay to continue to be a vagrant here.

monkeyboy Jun 10, 2019 09:17 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

"Will work for food" is a lie. Many of these folks will make more money begging at an offramp than they would picking up trash. The types of homeless we have are mostly different...out of towners who come here for the easy pickin's and nice weather.

NostraChumash Jun 10, 2019 10:23 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

The city of Santa Barbara receives very generous federal grants & private donations which pad the pockets of city government et al..
There is NO WAY on god's-green-earth that Santa Barbara is going to kill it's golden-egg goose.

PitMix Jun 10, 2019 11:05 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

It might work for cities where the main problem is a lack of jobs and housing affordability is not an issue. For cities with people that have drug or mental health issues and affordability is a big problem, probably not.

d8vanilla Jun 10, 2019 11:13 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Blame Reagan for closing down all the State run mental hospitals..... like Camarillo State Hospital

CoastWatch Jun 10, 2019 11:41 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

@D8VANILLA- Really...? Reagan 40 yrs ago...? Reagan's hands were tied and "State Government" had no choice BUT to close facilities like Camarillo State Hospital... Have you ever heard of this group called THE ACLU...? THEY are the REASON that we can no longer kept these walking dead off the Streets. It's Unconstitutional don't you know, they have rights... ALSO, The State of California has been under Democratic / Liberal RULE for more than 25 yrs... They have had plenty of time to deal with these mentally ill folks, but NO- They (DEMS) would rather PANDER to illegals by giving Nationals from Mexico-and Central America free medical, food debit cards, Section 8 housing and free education.

a-1560193432 Jun 10, 2019 12:03 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Prior to Reagan, the mental hospitals were in abysmal condition. Should they have been closed? Maybe. Should they have been revamped/reworked? Absolutely. 40 years is not that long.

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 12:09 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

ACLU and the drug industry closed down state care institutions; not Reagan. Please stop misrepresenting this fact. It gets to traction. Nor is decades old "blame" a solution for anything today.

Roger Jun 10, 2019 12:44 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Reagan closed the state hospitals down when he was gov. of California and as president he did not believe that people could be mentally ill, nor did he believe money should be spent on it...The ACLU had nothing to do with what Reagan did then..Maybe now but not then.

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 12:57 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

How "abysmal" are the conditions on the streets, in the gutters, in the creek beds now compared to the lovely campus setting of Camarillo State Hospital? One Flew Over the CooCoo's Nest was not a documentary. This is a tough group to house and treat. But no tougher than trashing up our cities, parks and waterways. Get serious about this; no more game's playing. No more welcoming the growth of this population in California. There are resources ready to fund court supervised lock-down sanitariums for those who obviously cannot live outside an institutional setting. We chose to fund MHSA and we now want results or it is time to stop this cash flow that has demonstrated no results.

Roger Jun 10, 2019 03:37 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Reagan closed them down in the day Please Nothing I was around then I remember...At all turns thy blessed ones refuse to cop to this fact they blame the liberals the democrats Good have fun with that...

Roger Jun 10, 2019 05:07 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

That was what got the whole ball of shit rolling downhill 50 years ago till what we have now..But just wait your boy now is going to really screw things up. The drug industry Ha! Who runs the Drug Industry? Money that is who...The ACLU is the new excuse..

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 12:12 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

2004, voters passed the Mental Health Services Act and expected the billions this new "tax on the rich" would take mentally challenged off the streets. What happened to that money. Monique Limon and Hannah-Beth Jackson need to provide a public accounting for all the monies raised from 2004 to the present - 15 years later. Anyone seen any improvement that targeted the mentally challenged street population? Or did all we buy was more "task forces" and group facilitator organizers.

Shasta Guy Jun 10, 2019 12:39 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Just like a reflex: Blame Reagan. He only did what the ACLU wanted at the time concerning the abysmal treatment of the mentally ill at the state hospitals. All the articles on that topic were documented at a previous Edhat thread.

Lucky 777 Jun 10, 2019 12:50 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

I've been saying for decades that they ought to offer the vagrants a trade-in program, for x many pounds of trash and dog poo you bring in you get nutritious food. Giving them money supports drug and alcohol abuse. And lower State needs proctors empowered to "move along" the riffraff.

macpuzl Jun 10, 2019 12:54 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Reagan's role:

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 01:06 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Moratorium on the hoary Blame Reagan falsehood. That does nothing to halt this destructive situation today. New rules and new populations to get off the streets. The promised drug therapy ACLU promised would eliminate the use of state care institutions failed. There no non-institutionalized option available. Do what every other country does - confine this population group to sanitariums. No, providing a team of five government workers to monitor each street vagrant 24/7 is not a solution. The numbers on the streets today exceeds any individualized handling of the remainder of this service-resistant population. In the meantime, they can park in the lobby of any ACLU offices until ACLU figures out their next steps.

Shasta Guy Jun 10, 2019 01:55 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Thanks. I got the brisket at “Cousins Barbeque” which I do every time. Real slow smoked wood fired BBQ. Cousins just used to be a sandwich joint, now it’s a full on BBQ restaurant. It’s spectacular!

a-1560198846 Jun 10, 2019 01:34 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Let's assume Reagan shut them all down for whatever reason. Jerry Brown had 16 years to resurrect the system, and now Gavin is driving the crazy train. Why weren't and why can't state mental hospitals be opened again. (My guess is has something to do with Republicans.)

Icre84U Jun 10, 2019 01:42 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Been brought up before in other CA cities: SEIU threatened lawsuit over use of non-union labor encroachment to municipal contracts. Other groups fought perceived humiliation, self-dignity and/or lack of haz-waste training (when cleaning homeless encampments).
I have more sympathy for guy selling oranges at end of off-ramp than the person holding cardboard sign.

Shasta Guy Jun 10, 2019 01:49 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

It’s been ~50 years since those facilities were closed, and there has been no solution out of Sacramento. It doesn’t matter who is in power in the capitol, there appears to be no political will to find a humane solution to this problem. We’re long past the time for blame because everyone is at fault by this point.

a-1560200406 Jun 10, 2019 02:00 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Yes, there are some homeless that are having a temporary bit of bad luck and need a hand getting on back on their feet. I am extremely empathic to this group. But in my experience, the rest of the homeless are suffering from 1) addiction, 2) mental disease, and/or 3) they're just slackers. Picking up trash for a few bucks won't change a thing for most homeless.

Ahchooo Jun 10, 2019 03:45 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

I like seeing ideas like this, even if it is suitable for only a fraction of the homeless people. This could be a great opportunity for the person who got off track and is looking for a way back to being a participating, working member of society. It's so hard to climb up out of a hole, and I don't mind giving a helping hand. Not sure how we would fund the administration of a program like this--that's always the issue.

Shasta Guy Jun 10, 2019 07:27 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

We discussed this Nov 19, 2018 as reported by Roger Reports: Transients Terrorze Downtown Employees. Here’s one of my comments from then. Reagan only finished what started under Pat Brown which was put into motion by Washington politicians and the ACLU.

Here’s a New York Times article from 1984 discussing the issue of deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill. https://www.nytimes.com/1984/10/30/science/how-release-of-mental-patients-began.html It looks like the process started under Reagan’s predecessor, Edmund “Pat” Brown. At the Fed level, the initiation looks to be an Eisenhower-Kennedy-Johnson thing with pressure from groups like the ACLU (perhaps). We can all blame politicians and others from the 50s and 60s, but what are we going to now? Making Reagan the Uber Bogey Man is just a cop out.

Roger Jun 10, 2019 07:55 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

No it's not a cop out in 1967 as Gov. of California Ronald Reagan signed into law the Lanteran Petis-Short act with made forced institutionalzation or medicating people who might be suffering from mental illness significantly more difficult. That still stands today..You can say it's a cop out all you want but the proof is in the pudding he got the balls rolling...And thanks to Ronald Reagan's pioneering action we have what we have today So there really is no solution Some day it will be from the 12 year solution to end homelessness to the twenty then Hundred years...Someone saw an opportunity now it's a business and our founder Ronald Reagan...

Shasta Guy Jun 10, 2019 08:23 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

52 years have passed without the legislature coming up with a replacement plan. That’s a long time. Blame Reagan all you want, but everyone’s been sitting on their hands ever since. What he did then is no longer material. All that matters now is what we are not doing.

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 08:25 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Has Hannah-Beth Jackson or Das Williams or Monique Limon demanded reviewing the negative long-term effects of Lantermann-Perris? Deal with the impacts now, not who was forced to technically sign legislative actions under threat of a veto over-ride. I agree, Landermann-Perris needs serious review.

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 08:29 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Thank you Roger for bringing up Lantermann-Perris Act: (There still remain public guardian conservatorships) The Lanterman-Perris Act went into full effect on July 1, 1972. It cited seven articles of intent:

---To end the inappropriate, indefinite, and involuntary commitment of mentally disordered persons, people with developmental disabilities, and persons impaired by chronic alcoholism, and to eliminate legal disabilities;
---To provide prompt evaluation and treatment of persons with serious mental disorders or impaired by chronic alcoholism;
---To guarantee and protect public safety;
---To safeguard individual rights through judicial review;
---To provide individualized treatment, supervision, and placement services by a conservatorship program for gravely disabled persons;
---To encourage the full use of all existing agencies, professional personnel and public funds to accomplish these objectives and to prevent duplication of services and unnecessary expenditures;
---To protect mentally disordered persons and developmentally disabled persons from criminal acts.
The Act in effect ended all hospital commitments by the judiciary system, except in the case of criminal sentencing, e.g., convicted sexual offenders, and those who were "gravely disabled", defined as unable to obtain food, clothing, or housing. It did not, however, impede the right of voluntary commitments. It expanded the evaluative power of psychiatrists and created provisions and criteria for holds.

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 08:31 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Key provision of Lantermann-Perris Act: The Act in effect ended all hospital commitments by the judiciary system, except in the case of criminal sentencing, e.g., convicted sexual offenders, and ............ those who were "gravely disabled", defined as unable to obtain food, clothing, or housing.............

Shasta Guy Jun 11, 2019 05:16 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Thanks for the deep dive Factorum. Old legislation can be unwound with new legislation. Even amendments to the constitution can be modified or repealed with new ones. In California, if citizens don’t like the action or inaction of the legislature, we can initiate ballot propositions. What if an innovative ballot proposition was initiated right here in Santa Barbara to deal with this chronic problem? The SB area is one of the most innovative places on the planet. We should do this if only to bring an end to the whining on both sides.

Roger Jun 11, 2019 06:17 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

What are you calling me a whiner because I called you out for bringing up old news that is still in effect and was not put in law by a Democrat? Pretty funny glad I'm a member of my dysfunctional family and not yours....My uncle worked for Reagan when he was governor and quit over this issue I remember how angry he was. Better to shoot down everyone you disagree with so nothing ever gets done. I see FACOTUM is in the solution Thanks FACOTUM for bringing some sanity into the conversation.

Shasta Guy Jun 11, 2019 07:56 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Thanks for your perspective Roger. I didn’t mean to single you out, and i’m sorry. Everyone is tired of hypodermic needles where kids play, unpredictable ranters coming their way down the sidewalk, human waste in their front yards, cold people who’ve stopped caring about vulnerable people, and a dozen other things this situation has brought us. If you, me, and everyone on this forum could craft together a ballot proposition to fix this, what would it look like? We could change whole state if we come up with something that’s both compassionate and legally bombproof.

Roger Jun 11, 2019 08:36 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Thank You for your apology That would be nice to be able to do something like that I spent alittle bit of time in a state mental hospital when I was young and it was horrible. I look at videos of these places on You Tube and I remember though there are people who should be in places like that there should be more warmth to them, not as cold. I'm tired of those things too mostly for the children and I wonder how could the ACLU be so cold hearted toward children by protecting those who hurt children...

a-1560229347 Jun 10, 2019 10:02 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

It seems to me that the state could build a city on a stretch of waste land that could be used to house the homeless. The homeless should be helped but that does not mean that the current cities should be forced to be subjected to the homeless' squalor. Building housing for them in some of the most expensive land in the world makes no sense. Just because the taxpayers will be funding this doesn't mean that the homeless get to live where they want.

a-1560266281 Jun 11, 2019 08:18 AM
A Solution for Homelessness?

The spirit and intent of this idea - like the CCC
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilian_Conservation_Corps) is great and it is a start, and, certainly we all should be concerned about our fellow citizens, However, $10/hour does not support anyone living in SB. I have lived here for 45 years and always had a home - until this past six months, when, after the recession I lost everything. And, were it not for the kindness of strangers, I would still be living in my Jeep, parking in the Mission parking lot at night and sneaking into restaurants to use the Loo...along with the other 1000+ working women and men who cannot find affordable housing in SB. The Non-Homeless among us need to understand that Homelessness is no longer about uneducated drug addicts, alcoholics and the insane. Hard working educated people like myself are losing their homes. In cities like Dallas and any other (non-coastal) area $10/hour covers a lot - it barely pays for food in cities on the coast. Laurie, Realtor, Former Lecturer, UCSB.

a-1560312500 Jun 11, 2019 09:08 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

What is Gisher Industries going? Cottage, Pathways are paid a million for nothing. Everyone with CA incomes over a million pays an annual fee to care for mentally ill but 51% must go to minor children not to adults. So wrong!

a-1560307349 Jun 11, 2019 07:42 PM
A Solution for Homelessness?

Let’s try a widely promoted work program ! I saw my former homeless plumber and he welcomed the work: he lost everything , including his self-worth, in a divorce. To add to facts: Between 1955 and 1994, roughly 487,000 mentally ill patients were discharged from state hospitals. That lowered the number to only 72,000 patients. States closed most of their hospitals. That permanently reduced the availability of long-term, in-patient care facilities. The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 (MHSA) was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health centers. During the following Ronald Reaganadministration, the United States Congress repealed most of the law. “In California, for example, the number of patients in state mental hospitals reached a peak of 37,500 in 1959 when Edmund G. Brown was Governor, fell to 22,000 when Ronald Reagan attained that office in 1967, and continued to decline under his administration and that of his successor, Edmund G. Brown Jr. The senior Mr. Brown now expresses regret about the way the policy started and ultimately evolved. ''They've gone far, too far, in letting people out,'' he said in an interview.” CA failed to build community mental in-patient facilities in each of 58 counties as originally planned, when State Hospitals closed in response to LPS Least Restrictive Environment. NYTimes

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