Solstice Workshop Fun and Help Needed

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Solstice Workshop Fun and Help Needed
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By Robert Bernstein

Here are my latest photos from the exciting and fun Solstice Workshop! The theme this year: Shine!

Solstice is getting very close and things are very active at the Workshop! Help is still needed for final preparations and for the parade.

Pullers are needed to pull the floats up the parade route and back afterwards. That pays money and you get to be in the parade! You also get a free Solstice book valued at $45! Call 805-637-5930 for this opportunity!

Solstice is an event for the whole family! Here Claire and John posed with their baby as they took a break from creating their Fiddler Crab ensemble pieces!

Jensen (in white t-shirt) gathered their friends to help with this same ensemble.

Here Jensen's mother Laura (left) posed with John and other helpful people creating the crab claws.

Pali is back again creating a many-piece ensemble for the Grand Finale of the parade. Yes, there will be a giant inflatable art piece with aerial dancers inside! Yes, I will be riding my unicycle again with him! Here he posed with me trying out part of the costume he arranged for me.

Katreece (with red bib) and Irene posed with their cosmic creation that includes a giant moon. This was at the early stage before painting.

Here it is a bit further along with the help of these young women.

Here Nobuo and Mae posed in the mask shop as they fashioned a Hammer Head headpiece. The Hammer Heads always seem to return!David and Jeff posed with just one piece of their many-piece birdies ensemble.Greg Beeman is a famed local artist and musician. He worked in a somewhat precarious spot getting things ready for one of the music floats.Kimi and Kent (center) are coming back with the latest incarnation of their Pink Party ensemble.You don't have to be part of a big ensemble to participate in Solstice. Here Tessa posed inside of her one person ensemble that she is creating.It is not all work at the Solstice Workshop. Pascucci owner Laura Knight generously donated a delicious meal that everyone lined up to enjoy. On another day, Dusty (at left in this photo) created a magnificent sushi dinner for everyone!On the actual Solstice (June 21) Solstice Artistic Director Riccardo Morrison gathered everyone by blowing on a conch shell.

People gathered in advance of a Chumash ceremony that we were asked not to photograph. In this photo you can see Tessa in real life (orange top) and Raven (at left). Raven and Pali got married right in this spot in May on the day the Workshop opened!

Mariano Silva is back creating his Brazilian sound and getting help from a few friends to build the float for that ensemble.

There truly is a place for everyone in the community to be a part of this community event! And most ensembles can still use people in the parade as performers and also to help push floats!

The Workshop is at the corner of Ortega and Garden Street. It is open pretty much all the time now. Come by and see the excitement, energy and creativity! And feel free to lend a hand! Everyone is welcome!

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