Solstice Parade & Drum Count Winner

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In typical edhat fashion, the Solstice Parade dazzled crowds along State Street to mark the beginning of summer on Saturday. 

Earlier this week we asked the edhat community to guess how many drums will be in this year's parade, as we do every summer. A member of the dedicated edhat staff diligently counted the anticipated number of drums, but this year it was shockingly low. It wasn't until we compared drum numbers to previous years that we realized, this was the lowest number of drums in the Solstice Parade since we started counting in 2005!

And what is that low drum number? Just 27 drums made an appearance in this year's parade. The second lowest being 36 in the 2015 parade while the highest number was 141 in 2010.

Congratulations to edhat reader MickiD for getting the closest guess of 52 drums. You win an edhat t-shirt and edhat bag to show off all year round! 

(Below photos by John Wiley)


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June 22, 2017 - Solstice Drum Counting Contest

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