Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to Public Health Emergency

Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to Public Health Emergency title=
Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to Public Health Emergency
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Photo: Fritz Olenberger

Source: Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration

To protect the health of our community due to the current public health emergency, the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration has decided to go virtual with our annual Solstice community workshop and 3-day festival at Alameda Park. While we are certainly heartbroken to make this announcement, we feel it is in the best interest and welfare of our community.

We are, however, committed to keeping the Solstice spirit alive and thriving.  We are in the process of planning a plethora of free and donation-based online classes and gatherings in May and June and possibly beyond. We invite the community to apply to join us in hosting these online offerings. Artists, performers, costumers, musicians, storytellers, dancers and creative makers, we invite you to share your creative Solstice spirit with our community. 

These classes, gatherings and virtual concerts will open up many opportunities for artists, organizations and people, from around the world and will offer Solstice and our community new creative connections that we believe will enhance our parade, community and organization for many years to come. 

"The schedule of activities is set to be announced the first week of May," said Robin Elander, Executive Director of Summer Solstice Celebration.

"We know you hold the Solstice Parade near and dear to your hearts. Our team is exploring alternative dates to host a parade later this year, in lieu of our Summer Solstice Parade previously scheduled for June 20th, should conditions allow.  We will keep you posted!" said Summer Solstice Celebration board member, Stacie Bouffard. 

Summer Solstice Celebration is also happy to announce a partnership with the UCSB Museum of Art, Architecture and Design for an online Solstice "parade of history," to showcase a sampling of the organization's 45-year history started by Michael Gonzalez in 1974.

We can't wait to see you at one of our online workshop gatherings," said Artistic Director, Riccardo Morrison. We will make the best of this challenging situation, have some fun and make new connections in the process!"  

For more information on Summer Solstice Celebration's modified plans and how you can participate see the below opportunities, email [email protected] or visit

Opportunities for Participation
Deadline to Apply, April 24
Artists and Performers
If you'd like to teach an online class as part of the Solstice Virtual Workshop, please fill out the form at this link:
Musicians and Bands
If you are interested in streaming live music as part of our virtual festival, please fill out the form at this link:
Online Gathering Proposal
If you would like to host an online gathering as part of Summer Solstice's Virtual Workshop and Festival, please fill out the form at this link:
Vendors, Exhibitors and Artists
If you'd like to showcase your retail business or artwork as part of our virtual vendor court, please fill out the form at this link:
If you'd like to showcase your restaurant as part of our virtual food court, please fill out the form at this link:


Applications will be vetted on a first come first serve basis with a priority on local contributors.  
If you would like to sponsor a class, live-stream event or online gathering, please contact us at [email protected] Your sponsorship will support our beloved Solstice Celebration during these dark times, and help it survive beyond the 2020 crisis.
Please help the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration continue to offer artistic programming during this challenging time! A huge portion of workshop, parade and festival funding has been lost due to COVID-19. Your support will go to pay the creative individuals who are making it all possible. Donations can be made via our website at the link below. Every little bit helps.
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a-1587145163 Apr 17, 2020 10:39 AM
Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to Public Health Emergency

That might be very much better than the tourist extravaganza it has become. Most people I know have stopped attending it rather than have to deal with the folks monopolizing the sidewalks with chairs set out the day before and professional photographers blocking the views, running in front of or among the participants. It used to be great when it was by AND for Santa Barbarans. Maybe it will become that again, at least this year!

ZeroHawk Apr 17, 2020 10:08 AM
Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to Public Health Emergency

this just flat out sucks! i have been a part of this event since I was 19. Every year. Virtual solstice and online??? this is the day we are NOT supposed to be online, but outside enjoying summer. This is another stupid knee jerk reaction. They are opening things up in May. So why blow one of our massive annual events almost 2 months later? So we are going to continue to cancel our lives and fear monger ourselves back inside and back online? I want off of this planet...

JoeSixPack Apr 19, 2020 07:43 AM
Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to Public Health Emergency

I say it is a good time to stop caging people up in the “Beer Garden” at Solstice. It probably is a virus pit...
I say get rid of it. It brings in lot’s of money to fund the event, but it seriously detracts from the original spirit of the celebration..
From a former Solstice Parade Workshop Director

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