Solstice Art and Sullivan Goss Art at First Thursday

Solstice Art and Sullivan Goss Art at First Thursday title=
Solstice Art and Sullivan Goss Art at First Thursday
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By Robert Bernstein 

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice had their annual poster and tee shirt art contest at First Thursday at Cafe Ana. Here are my photos of some of the art that was submitted along with some of the art at Sullivan Goss.

It is not entirely clear if Summer Solstice will be able to happen on schedule or at all this year. The workshop is usually under construction starting at the end of April and opens in early May. It is a mad scramble every year to make floats and costumes before Solstice happens. For now, the parade is still scheduled for June 20.

The 2020 Solstice theme is "Beautiful Earth". The winning art entry was by local artist and illustrator Katreece Montgomery:

It was a difficult choice as there were so many excellent entries. I was partial to this one because it had a unicyclist!

My dear friend Pali had several entries that were totally in the Solstice spirit. Here is one that I would love to have seen on a poster or tee shirt:

My friend Mary Price has been Artist In Residence several times and has created some wonderful opportunities for me in her ensembles. She had this most unique art entry in fabric:

Here Mary posed with Solstice artists Joan Melendez and Megan Grubaums:

Fellow photographer Kenji Jacklio Fukudome posed with my friends Miles, Cindy and Martin as Kenji took a break from taking photos:

Here are a couple of more art entries that I enjoyed:

First Thursday is always a feast for the eyes and other senses. Sullivan Goss Gallery is always my first destination and it is usually my favorite destination as well. We live in a modest apartment or else I would love to buy a piece from them at every show!

Michael Jon Dvortcsak was the featured artist and his art was among my favorites ever on display. He lived in Ojai and died recently at the age of 81. Here are a few examples from the exhibit that are very amusing and perfectly executed. You have to look closely to see the details that make each of them so creative.

Please click here to see the rest of my photos of the Solstice and Sullivan Goss art.

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a-1585938254 Apr 03, 2020 11:24 AM
Solstice Art and Sullivan Goss Art at First Thursday

Robert: It's nice to see the group photos!!! I like that not everyone in SB is so afraid that they are compelled to stay clear of one another, and can physically touch/feel in public without reservation.

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