Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19 title=
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19
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Source: City of Goleta

The City of Goleta is fortunate to have beautiful outdoor spaces that are providing places for our community members to get much needed mental and physical breaks. during the Stay at Home Order.  However, it’s important that our community practice social distancing even while using the City’s trails and open spaces.

Please follow important guidelines from the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) below, and visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) COVID-19 website at

  • Refrain from using parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms.
  • Follow the CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to and during use of parks or trails.
  • Prepare for limited access to public restrooms or water fountains.
  • While on trails, warn other users of your presence as you pass, and step aside to let others pass.
  • Observe CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of 6 feet from other individuals at all times. If this is not possible, users should find an alternate location or depart that space.
  • Consult local and state ordinances and guidelines for the most up to date recommendations on park and trail use.

As a reminder, to prevent further spread of COVID-19, access to the City’s play structures, exercise equipment and skatepark are prohibited.

The Stay at Home Order for California issued by Governor Newsom last week urges people to stay home as much as possible. People can go out for essential needs such as food, healthcare needs, caring for a relative or friend, and to get fresh air by going for a walk, run, or bike ride alone or with those you live with. Learn more about the Stay at Home Order here.

Outdoor areas are needed now more than ever to help us get through this time of uncertainty. Staff is working hard to maintain these spaces and keep them safe, accessible, and benefiting our communities during these challenging times. We are asking everyone do their part to use these areas in a way that respects each other and follows public health guidance. 

Learn more about how the City of Goleta is responding to COVID-19 at Please also visit the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department information portal for the latest information.

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surfergirl69 Apr 07, 2020 02:17 PM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

I saw a program on NHK...Japanese TV station (in English) , that showed , with special photography, that when people are talking and breathing there is a cloud of vapor formed , mostly directly in front of them, and this cloud doesn't immediately drop to the ground. It lingers in the air. The more forcefully someone is breathing or talking, the larger the cloud and the longer it lingers in the air. So, if you see this show, or take my word for it, it should expand your idea of social distancing.

a-1586295739 Apr 07, 2020 02:42 PM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

I love it when it rains, and give me a "breather" from worrying about covids "jumping" on me from God only knows where. I have not heard anything about seafood being affected by this covid business. I probably won't eat any seafood for a while (maybe the frozen Mrs. Pauls or Gorton's fish sticks would be covid-free). I had a Jack in the Box fish sandwich (combo, w/fries and drink) a few days ago, and it was reallllly good and quite filling.

a-1586297991 Apr 07, 2020 03:19 PM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

The article is about parks, trails, and open spaces, yes. For example, on weekends, we often go to East Alameda Park.....and get the most amazing home-made potato chips, incredible sno-cones, and delicious mangoes-on-a-stick. Wish I had some of them chips right about now with a cold American-style lager.

sacjon Apr 07, 2020 03:29 PM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

3:19 - Exactly! At parks, I've eaten all manner of snack, local and domestic, including and not limited to the following: chips (potato AND corn, but not tortilla), corned nuts, corned beef, meats on sticks, meat (and some veggie "meat") on buns as well, also turkey. I've also enjoyed different beverages, such as, juice in a box, milk, water, various soda varieties, juice in a bottle (sometimes mixed juices), non alcoholic (and yes alcoholic) beers, sometimes also tea. Don't get me started on what I eat at beaches.........

asitis Apr 07, 2020 02:56 PM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

I saw this in the news somewhere else but it really rang true to me:
Staying at home during this crisis is a simple sacrifice to make, compared to what our parents or grandparents did during WWII. So folks— I think we can handle this...

a-1586297896 Apr 07, 2020 03:18 PM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

The mountain roads are now seeing many more walkers, runners, bicyclists, skateboarders, etc, due to people seeking exercise while physical distancing. I live on one of these popular mountain roads. One of these “outdoor enthusiasts” left the roadway & came onto our property to relieve themselves on the ground next to our Marborg bins. The tank top placement drew my attention to it. Very disrespectful, disgusting, & puts my family & pets at risk. Please, people, think of others & use some discretion while tending to your health & fitness.

a-1586362739 Apr 08, 2020 09:18 AM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

If a person has no idea that they have the Wuhan Virus, and cough/gag/spew 10/30/50 yards upwind of you, it's unlikely, but entirely possible that you could become infected. Stay away people. Turning your heads while passing each other isn't going to cut it and some of you WILL become infected. This is not best practice. God have mercy on those of you who do not listen, and may God help us who get this ugly thing from "social distancers" who are not following the guidelines just to fulfill their selfish desires and "needs."

sacjon Apr 08, 2020 10:22 AM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

9:18 - "Selfish needs?" Do you have kids? Do you have any idea how important it is for the human mind, both young and old, to get outdoors and get fresh air? And the whole 50 yards away thing is unfounded and irresponsible. You are not going to get it from a cough 50 yards away, even if the wind blows directly at you. Air particles (and moisture droplets) disperse quickly. They're not going to catch a ride on the wind directly into your face. That is absurd and has never once been suggested. If that were truly a concern, then people wouldn't be allowed to even go outside and get their mail. Heck, most peoples' mailboxes are less than 50 yards apart (closer to 10 in most places). I'll be outside again today, letting my kids run in the grass and breath fresh clean air, while keeping beyond even shouting distance from others. ALSO, it's not called the "Wuhan Virus".

a-1586367406 Apr 08, 2020 10:36 AM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

PM: Brush fires are named after the places they originated, same with diseases, etc. You call it poe-tay-toe, I call it Wuhan Virus (although it goes by several other names). For example, my super-smart friend was telling me about the Quercus agrifolia in their back yard and I had no idea that they were talking about an oak tree (a California Live Oak tree to be specific). In the end we all know what we're talking about. Stay at home, and stay safe, but above all else, let's get along with one another during these trying times without lashing out over the trivial non-important stuff. It's a beautiful day indeed. Namaste.

gnusman Apr 08, 2020 10:28 AM
Social Distancing on Trails and Open Spaces During COVID-19

Our local Sierra Club's front page says "NATURE IS OPEN" and it is, despite parks and beaches and some campgrounds and trails. We are lucky to have a vast network of trails. To keep apprised and find links to what's open and not, check out the latest issue of Condor Call, the Los Padres Chapter's bi-monthly newspaper. Here's the link, enjoy:


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