Smoke Investigation Inside Building on Anacapa

Smoke Investigation Inside Building on Anacapa title=
Smoke Investigation Inside Building on Anacapa
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Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
2:30 p.m., March 13, 2018

Smoke investigation inside 1101 Anacapa suite 200 on the 3rd floor. Full SB City Fire Department response.

Report by an edhat reader
March 14, 2018
I am a building occupant. The Fire department showed up in force in less than two minutes from the time we called. Love our fire department! Everything was contained to an upstairs area where the HVAC equipment is contained.

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d8vanilla Mar 13, 2018 05:15 PM
Smoke Investigation Inside Building on Anacapa

I was on-scene from the beginning. I talked with the reporting party, and they said they heard an explosion, but a NOT giant-giant one, and they investigated and opened up the utility room, I believe he said it was the server room, and a bloom/plume of very strong smelling smoke came out, (no flames), so they quickly closed the door and made the call. It was across the street from the Courthouse, on the 1100 blk of Anacapa, cross street Figueroa. Several fire engines were on scene. They blocked-off Anacapa at Anapamu for a short duration. And, the exit from the City Parking Lot was also closed, but they removed the entrance barrier from the Figueroa side for people to exit from that side. Waived any pkg ticket late fee. The Fire dept set up a fan to blow all the fumes/smoke out. Never used any water. No fire. Too bad I'm unable to post pictures directly to this site, but you can see a lot of pictures on Facebook "Santa Barbara's 805 Oxnard&Ventura's Breaking News" page.

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