Sierra Club Summerland Hike and Tour

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Sierra Club Summerland Hike and Tour
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By Robert Bernstein

Most Sierra Club hikes are in our local mountains and beyond. But occasionally we lead outings that mix "urban" hikes with nature. Recently, I led such an outing in Summerland that was created originally by hike leader Gerry Ching.

Here are all my photos from that recent Summerland outing!

We had a perfect group of ten eager hikers on a day of perfect weather! A family newly transplanted here from the Chicago area. Laura was up visiting in Santa Barbara from Orange County. Plus some of our regulars!

Our hike began at Oceanview Park, near the corner of Lillie Avenue and Greenwell Avenue.

We headed east on a path paved with wood chips, lined with flowers, past many beautiful homes with beautiful landscaping.

We then made a sharp left turn uphill on another wood chip path. A large building loomed on the right.

But as we climbed past the "building" it turned out not to be a building at all! It was a clever facade that concealed a power transfer station!

We continued uphill to the left on a rather steep trail

Which ended at a spectacular overlook of Summerland and the coast toward Santa Barbara!

Of course, we posed there!

We continued along that ridge and looked across the canyon with Greenwell Avenue below us. We could see a steep trail going up the other side of the canyon where we would soon be hiking.

Our ridge trail took us to a beautiful overlook of a farm

And we descended to walk along a trail next to that farm

Then we headed back on Asegra Road toward Greenwell Avenue, back toward our starting point. There were some apparently unused buildings. The last time I led this hike two years ago the buildings were being used by Growing Solutions to grow native plants for native plant restoration projects.

As we approached Greenwell Avenue a group of recreational cyclists rounded the corner in front of us

A short distance after that we saw the Trail sign on the right

Our group climbed that trail. It is quite steep, but it does not go on for too long

It gave us some beautiful views below!

We were on an official trail, but it passed very close to a house that seems to be used by artists. It made me nervous that two large dogs began hysterically barking on the deck of the house. But a woman came out and grabbed them. I am not sure how it would have turned out if she were not there. I explained that we were just passing through and she told us to pass on through.

Here is an art piece I photographed there two years ago. It was still there, but I was in too much of a hurry to "pass on through" to photograph it again this time.

We hurried on that trail past more vistas to a gate out to another road

The road is Whitney Avenue. A peaceful street with beautiful homes with beautiful landscaping.

And plenty of humorous little decorations, too!

Janice wanted to pose with this beautiful cactus garden

Eventually we came to a hidden trail on the right, squeezed between houses

Another steep but fairly short climb

To another set of spectacular views

Including this luxury estate in the distance

This bush was covered with seed pods

Then we slipped through a small passage out to Ortega Ranch Lane

Across the street to another small path over to Ortega Ridge Road, past some lovely flowers

After a peek at the views of Ortega Ridge Road...

We headed along a parallel path to the road

Past a farm

Past a house with some beautiful art in the yard

These guys on horseback were coming the other way on Ortega Ridge Road

Then we slipped down a driveway with an Ortega Ridge Road address...

Heading toward a marked trail...

Along the way we encountered a huge German Shepherd dog that was running free with no owner in sight. It did not attack us, but I found it unsettling that it barked loudly and jumped around.

 From the trail we had a view of the western end of Summerland

As we made our way down the trail steps to Lillie Avenue

We strolled down Lillie Avenue

Past this gorgeous flower

Down to Evans Avenue and the commercial boulevard of Ortega Hill Road

To the former Big Yellow House Restaurant

Then we slipped under the Freeway to Lookout Park

And just then an Amtrak train passed behind us!

Lookout Park is a small park with a playground

And beach access

And a coin-operated Dog Wash that was in use

Back at Ortega Hill Road we admired the huge mural near the Post Office

We detoured up to Varley Street where one house has pink flamingos that matched Esperanza's jacket!

And another house hosted a wonderful collection of odds and ends!

Back on Ortega Hill Road were interesting shops

And lodgings

And this beautiful church

A group of "Vesperados" cruised by

And we ended our Summerland hike and tour at "The Sacred Space" with beautiful grounds outside

And a lovely water garden inside

And a shop full of fascinating art, books and other goods to complement meditative practice

Some visitors left offerings as well

A joyful way to end our Summerland experience!

Please note: At you can see all of the Sierra Club hike listings!

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EastBeach Sep 16, 2018 12:21 PM
Sierra Club Summerland Hike and Tour

I had no idea such an "urban" hike/trail existed in Summerland. Will have to give it a try but might bring dog treats just in case. Was it the Eagles or Linda Ronstadt that sang "Vesperado"? :)

sbrobert Sep 18, 2018 04:36 PM
Sierra Club Summerland Hike and Tour

FLICKA, RICONER and EASTBEACH thank you for the kind words. It is a treat to see such beauty so close to civilization!
I just know the Linda Ronstadt version.
Either dog treats or pepper spray or mace as a backup. I consider such an encounter to be an assault under the legal definition.

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