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By edhat staff

We've reviewed a list of comedic short films from the 2021 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Fucking Great Assault
Directed by Ricardo García-Nateras
Runtime: 9 min

This short film focuses on two friends sitting outside a gas station talking about robbing it to finance their film production. One character is hesitant and hilariously stalls the operation until a police officer intervenes about an unpaid parking meter. They muster up the courage in a very funny ending. The film production and acting were fun to watch and the punchlines were on point.

In White Places
Directed by Keith Powell
Runtime: 11 min

Set in an upscale neighborhood that abounds with white privilege, this short film features a Black courier making a delivery to a fancy home. The courier and the home's owner, also a Black man, were met by several instances of and nosy middle-aged white women checking to see "what they were up to." The film depicts an interesting social commentary with an unexpecting twist at the end.

Project H
Directed by Maharaki
Runtime: 5 min

This 5-minute film packs in a political and thought-provoking punch in each second of viewing. It also has a surprise ending but left us thinking. Well worth watching.

Directed by Bobby Barbacioru
Runtime: 12 min

A COVID-19 themed short focused on the "magical powers" of Remisivir. While funny, it was a bit hard to get into as we're still currently in a pandemic.

Directed by Kirsten Kearse
Runtime: 12 min

This was a short film we felt could easily be made into a feature film. It was well written, acted, produced, and edited. Plus the topic of a lesbian couple propositioning the males they know for their sperm is interesting and chock full of humor in itself. A funny and clever watch.

Sweet Dreams
Directed by Navid Saedi
Runtime: 7 min

The whole film took part in a marital bed after a husband was caught dirty sleep-talking by his wife. When he awoke it opened up the conversation about their sexual relationship and boundaries, leading to funny awkwardness. 

The 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, presented by UGG, will take place March 31st through April 10th, 2021 online and at two free ocean-front drive-in theatres. More information, festival passes and tickets are available at

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