Shooting Investigation in Santa Maria

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Source: Santa Maria Police Department

On Monday, January 10th at about 7:04 pm, the Santa Maria Police Department received calls to our dispatch center regarding shots being fired in a parking lot, in the 1800 block of N. Broadway.  Upon officers’ arrival, they located several witnesses who provided information on the shooting and located evidence confirming that a shooting occurred.  Officers did not locate a victim or a suspect at the time. 

While Officers were investigating the reported shooting in the 1800 block of N. Broadway, another call for service came into our dispatch center about a shooting victim located in the 1000 block of S. Russell.  Officers arrived on scene shortly after and located an 18 year old Hispanic male suffering from several gunshot wounds. 

As the investigation continued, information was gathered which led officers to believe the gunshot victim was related to the shooting investigation in the 1800 block of N. Broadway. 

The victim of the shooting was transported to Marian Medical Center and eventually flown to Cottage Hospital for treatment.  The victim’s status is currently unknown.

The Santa Maria Police Department Detective Bureau responded to both scenes and are investigating the shooting. The Santa Maria Police Department Detective Bureau is asking that any witnesses to the shooting contact them at 805-928-3781, extension 2277.

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Channelfog Jan 15, 2022 09:34 AM
Shooting Investigation in Santa Maria

Having been brought up with firearms since childhood I support the 2nd Amendment to The Bill of Individual Rights completely. I supported the NRA for decades, until I finally realized that I always voted 180º apart from whom they supported. Between that and my spouse tossing my NRA renewals in the trash, I was done with them.
Here in Uruguay gun control is out of control, yet there are some aspects that I can appreciate and recommend. One must have a valid license to posses a firearm here and I hate to say that most of the process is a good idea. There is a physical exam, a psychological exam, instruction on law and safety followed by written tests, a firing line practical test as well. All of these seem reasonable to me and I believe they would severely reduce the injuries caused by ignorance as well as prevent obviously unfit people from getting a license. The registration of individual arms is both onerous and futile as illicit manufacture and smuggling of arms means a perpetual flood of arms. Focus on the owners and their competence is the best, pardon the pun, Bang for your (taxpayer)Buck!

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