Shooting and Robbery Suspects Arrested

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

Multi-Agency Collaboration Nets Santa Barbara Shooter and Accomplice: The two were involved in a crime spree spanning two counties.

Esteban Nieto Oseguera, age 29, a resident of Carpinteria and Ernesto Alonso Solis, age 29, described as a Ventura County transient, are in-custody in Ventura County after a months-long crime spree that spanned Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

The pair are linked to multiple armed robberies in Ventura County as well as last month’s robbery at Evolution Lending on North Milpas Street in the City of Santa Barbara. The two are connected to a burglary and vehicle theft in the City, and Solis is accused of a gunpoint robbery in Santa Barbara’s Westside in late October. 

Early last week, as separate crime investigations converged into a common theme, evidence pointed to Oseguera and Solis being the alleged suspects in the shooting at Cleveland Elementary School on November 8th. The two were arrested without incident in the City of Ventura on November 27th.

The Santa Barbara Police Department in conjunction with the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against the duo including attempted murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and auto theft.

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Luvaduck Dec 05, 2018 10:38 AM
Shooting and Robbery Suspects Arrested

They are on the way to being life-long predators: Prison with a chain gang--they need to earn their living twice-over by hard labor while they are able-bodied and given some other task to earn it when they are no longer able. They cannot be release: They would do the same things and cause more harm. They have already proven that murder is on their menu.

a-1571049856 Dec 05, 2018 09:36 PM
Shooting and Robbery Suspects Arrested

Well no, the road to predator starts way earlier - usually in the early teenage years, but sometimes in the later teens or early 20's - and is usually solidified after a stretch or two in our shameful excuse for a criminal justice system. The likelihood that a person will continue to commit violent or reckless crimes drops significantly once they get into their 30's. Of course there are plenty of exceptions - especially when a person's circumstances are coupled with gang membership, mental illness, and/or an extremely desperate situation - but this trend has been clearly established in many research studies. Yes, these guys deserve a hefty sentence, but it would be nonsensical and wasteful to keep them locked up until they are 70 when they clearly wouldn't present a threat to society (especially if they had taken steps to get their life on a better path). This fear-driven and vindictive "tough on crime" approach to law enforcement and incarceration has already failed us spectacularly. It may be a tall order for a nation that has so many cowardly, moronic, brainwashed, and nonsensical people, but America needs to grow up and get smarter - our future depends on it!

Flicka Dec 04, 2018 05:51 PM
Shooting and Robbery Suspects Arrested

Maybe I've misunderstood but it seems if they were involved with the incident at Cleveland School a man was killed, and they stole his car. Why "attempted" murder?

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