Sheriff’s Office Requests Montecito Residents in Disaster Zone Secure Property

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Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with our County partners, remains steadfast in its commitment to help return the community of Montecito to normalcy as soon as possible. While there will be a significant Sheriff’s Office presence in Montecito for the foreseeable future, we request that property owners take action to secure their property. While no specific date has been selected for the lifting of the disaster declaration, preparations for that event should begin. 

The provision of security is the primary focus of the Sheriff’s Office. Nevertheless, it is up to property owners to ensure that their property and valuables are safe. There are many steps you can take to secure your property including:

  • The installation of fencing with the following reminders:
    • Fencing taller than 8 feet requires a County permit
    • Keep fencing close to structures to avoid creating a dam effect in future storms
    • Keep fencing out of and away from waterways
  • installing security cameras
  • installing motion activated outdoor lighting
  • removing/moving valuables and storing them in a safe place
  • boarding up windows, doors and other access points

Additional disaster zone and property security information can be found in the Declared Disaster Zone FAQ available at and

Most importantly, we urge Montecito residents to look out for each other especially during this recovery process and help safeguard each other’s property. No one should be in the area without a legitimate and lawful reason to be there. Report any suspicious people or activity to law enforcement right away.

The Sheriff’s Office is here to help Montecito residents as they go through this challenging recovery and restoration process. For guidance on the best ways to secure your property, please consult your contractor, contact the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce at (805) 965-3023, or visit the Contractors State License Board website at for recommendations on contractors specializing in property security.

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Luvaduck Feb 09, 2018 05:16 PM
Sheriff’s Office Requests Montecito Residents in Disaster Zone Secure Property

If I lived in that area and was one of the people who own other property somewhere else, I'd move the goods I cared about elsewhere for the duration. Otherwise, if I could afford it, I'd put stuff in storage or in a bank box. Not only to avoid robbers, but b/c of the possibility of another slide would worry me.

sbbulldog Feb 08, 2018 10:08 AM
Sheriff’s Office Requests Montecito Residents in Disaster Zone Secure Property

Hopefully, you don't need a weapon to stifle burglary. Keep doors and windows locked when not at home. A furry friend who likes to bark at the doors is a plus, and just like your car, avoid leaving valuable objects in plain sight. A concealed carry permit is not needed in your home but be aware: having a loaded firearm statistically increases your own chances of death. Being involved in a shooting is a life changing even and never a good one.

Channelfog Feb 08, 2018 11:01 AM
Sheriff’s Office Requests Montecito Residents in Disaster Zone Secure Property

Yes owning a firearm does statistically increase your chances of dying from a firearm as over 50% of gun deaths are suicide not murder. May we always have freedom of choice. This advice from the Sherriff's office is sound as community watch programs are not too effective when most people are forced out of their homes by disaster. Law enforcement can only do but so much, and need for property owners to take responsibility and not simply rely on them.

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