Shared Mobility Ordinance Adopted

Shared Mobility Ordinance Adopted title=
Shared Mobility Ordinance Adopted
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

On Tuesday, May 7, the City Council adopted changes to the Shared Mobility Ordinance, which regulates programs for scooter and bike sharing on City streets. These amendments ban scooter share in the City until the emerging technology is proven safe.

The amended ordinance also paves the way for a bike share pilot program in Santa Barbara. A bike share program would allow people to rent bikes throughout the City quickly and easily via a phone app. A potential benefit to Santa Barbara will be the “grab and go” ease of taking a shared bike for a short trip through town. A bike share pilot program trial will help the City see if bike share is a good fit for the community.

Bike share vendor selection will depend upon the ability to deliver a right-size, Santa Barbara-style program. City staff are currently developing selection criteria to solicit a Request for Proposals from qualified vendors.

Questions about shared mobility may be directed to Sam Furtner, Mobility Coordinator, at [email protected] or (805) 897-2669.

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a-1593890875 May 21, 2019 07:45 PM
Shared Mobility Ordinance Adopted

The City of Santa Cruz partnered with Jump Bikes:

Factotum May 21, 2019 04:06 PM
Shared Mobility Ordinance Adopted

Shared bikes was not a good fit for Seattle - they were left trashed all over. Don't use any company that has start-up cash to burn. They don't care about real operating costs; just making a splash, while they enjoy spending other people's investment dollars. Use a company that has already proven itself to be a solid, conservative for-profit player. Good luck on finding one.

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