“Sexy Sue” Seen at the SB Airport

By Max Rosenberg

1944 A-26 at the SB Airport on Sunday.


Written by MaxPilot

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  1. The First Amendment is a double-edge sword yet essential…if someone
    finds this offensive, then don’t look. Can I be put off sometimes, sure.
    I remember the muffler shop on Chapala that had, painted on the exterior
    of the building…”No muff to tuff…no pipe too tight”….or a huge rock hauling
    truck from a Goleta Business that said…”My name is (can’t remember her name
    just now)…and I haul big rocks for my daddy” with two mudflats with chrome
    naked ladies in seductive profile…was I offended, hmmm, no so much offended
    as surprised to see these proudly displayed in this so-called enlightened and
    PC age.

    • “Like many glamorous gals over the years,’ Sue’ had a ‘nose job’ to further her career, one of her many cosmetic procedures for life in the civilian world and an easy give‐away to her lineage. The extended nose conferred not just a sleeker look but also boosted the baggage storage space, improved the aerodynamics slightly and offered a suitable location for the optional weather‐radar.”

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