Sexual Assault Investigation in Isla Vista

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Source: UCSB Timely Warning Alert System

Sexual Assault Report On October 11th, 2021, the UCSB Police Department received a report of an aggravated sexual assault which occurred at a campus-affiliated property in the Isla Vista community on Saturday, October 9th, 2021, at an unknown time.

The victim was prevented from leaving a room by multiple unknown suspects who took her phone, and gave her an unknown beverage to drink. The victim woke up hours later and discovered she had been sexually assaulted. It is unknown whether the suspects are affiliated with the campus.

If you have information that might assist in the investigation, please contact the UCSB Police Department at (805) 893-3446, or report crime information anonymously at

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Rypert Johnson Oct 13, 2021 12:43 PM
Sexual Assault Investigation in Isla Vista

Absolutely disgusting behavior. The lessening of someone's life for whatever sick mindset, definitely one of the definitions of criminal behavior.
The most interesting part to this is there are on-campus groups such as UCSB FTP and Bonfire Collective that want to get rid of cops on campus. Go for it, let's see how that works!
By the way, just for the record, the groups that want to "defund" the police, that's not the end goal. The individuals in those groups call themselves abolitionists, therfore implying the abolition of law enforcement. If that were the case and lawlessness ensues, then innocent citizens can take the law into their own hands.
Regardless, despicable treatment of a human being and I hope the UCPD and District Attorney's office come down on the guilty parties HARD!
I also have to add here, the only reason tis incident has been brought to light is because of the Clery Act and by said law, the UCSB Daily Nexus must report about it to the community.
If it wasn't for the Clery Act, this incident would've been swept under the rug by the Nexus, as they're in line with organizations such as UCSB FTP and Bonfire Collective.

a-1634216245 Oct 14, 2021 05:57 AM
Sexual Assault Investigation in Isla Vista

Your post, Mr. Johnson, is also incorrect. The Clery Act does NOT apply to campus newspapers.

"The Clery Act requires colleges and universities to report campus crime data, support victims of violence, and publicly outline the policies and procedures they have put into place to improve campus safety."

Sail380 Oct 14, 2021 12:24 PM
Sexual Assault Investigation in Isla Vista

So sad how far down the cliff society has tumbled.
Defund the Police? 3 simple words each with short definitions.. If you want it to have a different meaning, change the wording.

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