Several Vehicle Accidents on Highway 101

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Several traffic accidents on Highway 101:

  • Highway 101 northbound at Los Carneros
  • Highway 101 northbound at Patterson

More reported in the comments below.

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a-1591191736 Feb 02, 2019 09:06 PM
Several Vehicle Accidents on Highway 101

of course CHP incident site was insane today! Thank you, CHP, County & City Fire, SB Police and everyone else. I sent this to an out of state friend so I kept the abbreviation translations. CHP = CA Highway Patrol. MONT Fire is Montecito Fire Dept. NB = northbound. JSO = just S. of 9:25 AM 3 [4] [CHP]-MONT FIRE ADSVD PEOPLE ARE ABANDONING THEIR VEHS AND RUNNING ON THE FRWY 9:25 AM 2 [3] SB CLOSURE AT MILPAS // ENTIRE FRWY NB NO SHEFF HARD CLOSURE TRF DIV OFF AT SHEFF JSO SAN YSIDO 3 VEHS STUCK CT = Cal Trans, state roads dept. CD = center divider. Dunno what "OM" is, OR is off ramp. 10:58 AM CT REQ ASSIST TO GET GRADER THROUGH CD SB MILPAS // S1 WILL HANDLE FRM NB OM 10:29 AM 5 [7] ALSO BAD FEEDER LINE OF TRAFFIC COMING DOWN FROM ORTEGA HILL. 10:27 AM 4 [6] FOR INFO, LONG LINE OF DIVERTED TRAFFIC COMING DOWN SHEFFIELD, THEN BEING DIVERTED TO SB 101. THAT'S BACKED UP. EVERYONE STOPS WHEN THEY GET TO THE ACTUAL MAN AT THE CLOSURE, WHERE SHEFFIELD/N. JAMESON, 101 MEET AND OF COURSE ASKS A BUCH OF QUESTIONS. OF COURSE a bunch of questions! LOL! I got SUCH a kick out of this! Must love those public servants. (I used to work a public counter for SB County)

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