Senator Jackson Responds to Denial of Puente Power Plant

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(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) issued the following statement today in response to the unprecedented announcement late yesterday by two members of the California Energy Commission recommending denial of the Puente Power Plant proposal in Oxnard.

“Although our work is in no way finished, this represents a victory for all of us who have fought long and hard to stop the Puente Power Plant in Oxnard because of significant environmental and environmental justice concerns,” Jackson said. “This shows what we can accomplish when we all come together to put our community and a greener future first. I commend California Energy Commissioners Janea Scott and Karen Douglas for their courageous statement recommending denial of the Puente Power Project, and hope other commissioners will follow their wise lead. We must do a better job meeting our energy needs while accomplishing our important climate change goals.”

The statement issued late yesterday by two California Energy commissioners is available here.

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