Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire

Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire title=
Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire
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Source: Office of Senator Diane Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on the deadly boat fire off Santa Cruz Island near Ventura, Calif.:

 “It’s inconceivable that with all the safety regulations we have in place today, a fire on a boat can lead to the loss of life we saw this morning near Santa Cruz Island.

“We need an immediate and robust interagency investigation. The Coast Guard, along with officials from Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, are already hard at work. Once personnel from the NTSB and FBI join the effort tomorrow, we must learn as much as possible about how this happened and how future tragedies can be prevented.

“We need to know whether all applicable safety regulations were being followed and whether additional regulations need to be applied, particularly regulations concerning boats that accommodate overnight passengers.

“We must know what fire-suppression systems and other emergency equipment are in place on these boats and whether they were in working order on the Conception.

“And we need to understand exactly how the crew was trained and, if they were awake and above-deck, why they were unable to alert or help rescue passengers.

“A tragedy of this nature is simply unimaginable, and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those involved. My thanks to the Coast Guard and local first responders for their diligence. Hopefully the lessons learned from this disaster will ensure that no more lives are needlessly lost.”

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a-1591181852 Sep 03, 2019 02:21 AM
Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire

There’s s concept in law called “res ipsa loquitur”- the thing speaks for itself. I don’t care who or what you know, this is a third world type of accident. For sure maintenance or procedures led to this incident, unless we get a video of a meteorite hitting the ship or sabotage.

GeneralTree Sep 02, 2019 05:11 PM
Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire

Do you have any direct knowledge of the incident? I do. The vessel maintained the equipment required by the coast guard in their previous inspections, which are frequent.

mrtrump Sep 02, 2019 03:20 PM
Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire

Of course it should be investigated. Questions should be asked. Why did the City of Santa Barbara give a business permit to Truth Aquatics when the city knew there was only one, very narrow, escape route out of the boat's bunk/sleeping area? Was propane used to cook food onboard the boat? Did the city inspect the galley area for safe conditions? Don't rush to criticize people for asking questions like these, since they are the very questions the victim's families will be asking.

Factotum Sep 02, 2019 08:37 PM
Sen. Feinstein Calls for Investigation After Boat Fire

From SFGate: Allegedly Coast Guard requires a generator and electric stoves for any passenger boats; not propane. There were allegedly also two exits. From SFGate: .........."I was recently on this boat - earlier this summer. A comprehensive safety briefing was conducted by the captain and all passengers aboard were required to be present. The captain shared the procedure for deploying life boats, basic emergency radio operation, the location of life jackets, and the location of two bunk room exits – a stairay towards the bow and an escape hatch near the stern of the boat. The briefing also discussed the alarms on board, underwater alarms, and location of fire extinguishers. It was done within the galley at the site of the emergency escape hatch, a roughly two-feet by two-feet square plank of wood with no lock or latch on it that leads to the bunks below....."


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