Seeking Milpas Hit and Run Information

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This incident took place on Sunday, July 18th at 6:10 PM.

A white Honda, possibly Civic, struck and injured a 32-year-old male bicyclist on the corner of Milpas and E. Figueroa as the bicyclist was preparing to make a left turn onto E. Figueroa.  The driver, a female with maroon/red/purple hair, reversed and drove away, in the direction of the Santa Barbara Bowl.  There were at least three witnesses to the accident that assisted the bicyclist off the street and onto the sidewalk.  Multiple 911 calls were placed.

Unfortunately, the cops were not able to come as they were tied up with different emergencies.  Bicyclist's partner came to the attention of the bicyclist while waiting for police.  Bicyclist made a subsequent call to 911 at 6:52 was advised that police are still tied up with another emergency.   After 35 minutes of waiting on the sidewalk, bicyclist was taken to the hospital by his partner as the cops were still unavailable.  

Cops met the bicyclist at the hospital to take down a statement. 

I'm hoping to raise awareness and possibly find the driver of a white Honda, possibly Civic, partial plate number 7GPW83.

Thank you,
Damian Warchol

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