Sedgwick Reserve Research Burn on Wednesday

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Source: Air Pollution Control District

WHAT: Research burn of 2 acres of grasses.

WHEN: June 23, depending on conditions. Burning operations will occur on a permissive burn day. 

WHERE: Sedgwick Reserve, Santa Ynez Valley, just east of and adjacent to Figueroa Creek.

WHY: This one-day burn will study the effects of fire behavior on varying rangeland vegetation types and vegetative loads. Prescribed, or planned, fires typically burn less intensely than wildfires. Prescribed burns can help prevent the spread of wildfires and can reduce impacts to watersheds that can result in soil loss and sedimentation. The burn will be conducted when the meteorological conditions are highly favorable to direct smoke away from population centers. 

WHO: This prescribed burn is planned and coordinated by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department with Santa Barbara County APCD, San Luis Obispo County APCD, San Joaquin Valley APCD, Ventura County APCD, and the California Air Resources Board in order to minimize impacts on air quality on surrounding communities. 

HEALTH PRECAUTIONS: If you smell smoke, take precautions and use common sense to reduce any harmful health effects by limiting outdoor activities. When you can smell smoke or when it is visible in your area, avoid strenuous outdoor activity and remain indoors as much as possible. These precautions are especially important to children, older adults, and those with heart and lung conditions. If you are sensitive to smoke, consider temporarily relocating and closing all doors and windows on the day of the burn. Symptoms of smoke exposure can include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chest tightness or pain, nausea, and unusual fatigue or lightheadedness. Use caution when driving near prescribed burns. 

This burn depends on weather and air quality conditions that are favorable for smoke dispersal. If the conditions are not as desired, the burn will be rescheduled.

To view a statewide prescribed burn map and other features, visit the Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System (PFIRS) website:

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condorhiker Jun 23, 2021 12:01 PM
Sedgwick Reserve Research Burn on Wednesday

I heard about this prescribed burn on the radio, KCLU, this morning. I went to the SB County Fire website to try to find an update, but there was no information at all about this burn. Unfortunately, this is typical for SBCF. Providing information to the public has been inadequate for years and doesn't seem to be improving.

SouthCoastPhoto Jun 23, 2021 07:29 AM
Sedgwick Reserve Research Burn on Wednesday

Let's hope that this one doesn't get out of control and burn down half the forest. Is high fire season the best time to be having a prescribed burn? Numerous other fires are already burning in the state and stressing resources along with extremely dry fuel moisture. This is a recipe for disaster with recent local prescribed burns getting out of control, later being chalked up to "providing good practice." I think we have all dealt with too much wildfire in recent years.

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