Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark

Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark title=
Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark
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Source: Ventura County Sheriff's Office 

On November 26 at about 11:33 AM, Amtrak Passenger Train #14 en route from Los Angeles to Seattle Washington was traveling through Moorpark at about 70 MPH.  The train struck an adult male on the railroad tracks in the area of Avenida Colonia and Nogales Ave.  The train came to an emergency stop approximately 526’ down the tracks.
Moorpark Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel responded to the scene. The adult male was pronounced dead at the scene by Fire Personnel. Witnesses at the scene were contacted. According to witness statements, it appears the adult male victim was on the railroad tracks placing flowers for the previous train victim from Saturday, 11/24/2018. Witnesses advised the adult male tried to step off the tracks before the train came through but did not get off the tracks in time.  
The train consisted of two lead engines, ten passenger cars, and one baggage car. Two hundred and twenty-six passengers and a crew of three were aboard the train. No one onboard the train was injured in this incident.  The railroad tracks were shut down in both directions for about two hours and fifteen minutes for this investigation.
This incident is being investigated by the Moorpark Police Department. Anyone who may have been in the area and/or witnessed this incident is encouraged to contact Deputy Cochran at the Moorpark Police Station.
The Moorpark Police Department would like to remind the public how dangerous it is to walk on or near the railroad tracks. The Moorpark Police Department would also like to advise the public that it is a crime to trespass on railroad property by walking on the tracks or on the right-of-way on either side of the railroad tracks. The Moorpark Police Department does enforce railroad trespassing violations.

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Luvaduck Nov 27, 2018 01:58 PM
Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark

Private memorials in public spaces are inappropriate and sometimes distracting. They belong in a home, on a tombstone or memorial plaques. If you're rich, donate a room or building and they'll put your loved one's name on it. If you're poor or homeless, choose a something meaningful and portable. Photo, bottle cap, car key--whatever reminds you of love. Or save up for a tattoo.

a-1590368206 Nov 27, 2018 10:58 AM
Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark

glad to read that moorpark enforces trespassing in their UP easements. if SB did this and cleared out the dozens of homeless encampments in montecito, sb and goleta area along the tracks, much of the local homeless problem would be solved. the guys that panhandle at las positas off ramps, in both directions, would maybe go to a shelter. i saw one guy urinating into the offramp bushes yesterday in full view of all the drivers. great for the school kids to watch.

a-1590368206 Nov 27, 2018 10:25 AM
Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark

He was placing flowers? And witnesses warned him repeatedly? Sounds like a suicide, not an accident. What a shame, and sad for all involved.

Flicka Nov 27, 2018 09:31 AM
Second Pedestrian Struck by Train in Moorpark

I can't imagine the horns being any quieter. We hear them loud and clear at our house. Even with ear plugs they would blast you out of your socks.

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