Second Lompoc Inmate Dies of COVID-19

Second Lompoc Inmate Dies of COVID-19 title=
Second Lompoc Inmate Dies of COVID-19
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USP Lompoc (Photo: Federal Bureau of Prisons)

By edhat staff

The Bureau of Prisons is reporting a second inmate has died due to COVID-19 at the Lompoc facility.

Jimmie Lee Houston, a 75-years-old male with underlying health conditions, passed away on Wednesday, May 6.

 On April 8, Houston reported to the Health Services staff at the Satellite Prison Camp (SPC). He was evaluated by the institution medical staff and transported to a local hospital for treatment due to a low oxygen saturation level. 

While at the local hospital, Houston tested positive for COVID-19. On April 11, his condition declined and he was placed on a ventilator. On May 6, Houston, who had long-term, pre-existing medical conditions that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists as risk factors for developing more severe COVID-19 disease, was pronounced dead by hospital staff.

Houston was sentenced in the District of Alaska to a 120-month sentence for Possessing a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, Possessing a Firearm with Obliterated Serial Number, and Criminal Forfeiture Allegation. He had been in custody at the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) Lompoc since February 16, 2018, reports the Bureau of Prisons. 

SPC Lompoc is a Minimum security facility adjacent to the United States Penitentiary (USP) Lompoc and currently houses 502 male offenders.

Oliver M. Boling was the first inmate who died from COVID-19 at the Lompoc prison. He was 66 years old and passed on April 18.

The Bureau of Prisons currently reports 823 inmates and 25 staff members have confirmed active cases of COVID-19.

A Hospital Care Unit (HCU) was constructed inside prison walls to address the ongoing outbreak. 

The HCU is located within a decommissioned Prison Industry factory, inside the confines of the medium-security component of the Complex, otherwise known as USP Lompoc. The transformation from office space to working hospital included a complete renovation, gutting the existing floor and wall coverings, replacing duct work, upgrading electric lines, installing showers, and building a Nurses Station.

It is comprised of ten double-occupancy, acute care treatment rooms with negative pressure, Patient Intake Room, Nurses Station, Pharmacy, Linen Exchange Room, Biohazard Room, and Medical Supply & Storage. Several areas were retrofitted to accommodate an Officer’s Station, a Staff Lounge, and Staff Locker Room, complete with shower stalls for use to mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Medical personnel were contracted through the prison to staff the HCU. Cases that would normally be sent to local hospitals will now be sent to this field hospital to minimize the impact on the community and further ensuring public safety.

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