Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County title=
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County
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Source: SB County Public Health Deapartment

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) has confirmed one additional case of measles in a local resident reporting international travel. The person with measles is an unvaccinated adult exposed to measles outside of Santa Barbara County. The individual has been in isolation since June 5, 2019. Further information about the individual will not be released for reasons of medical privacy.

Individuals who are not immune to measles AND who visited the sites below at the dates and times indicated may be at risk of developing measles due to exposure and should watch for symptoms of the illness. Common symptoms of measles include fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes, and a rash, which can appear 7 to 21 days after the exposure. If you develop these symptoms, call your doctor right away. It is very important to call ahead to any medical facility before going there and to tell them that you may have been exposed to measles so that the facility can take measures to protect other patients and visitors.

The Public Health Department is asking people who may have been at the following locations on the dates and times indicated to check whether they are immune and to consult their primary care provider if they may be at risk:

Friday, May 31, 2019
• 12 – 3 p.m. | Norvell Bass Cleaners, 3323 State St., Santa Barbara
• 2 – 5 p.m. | Macy’s, 3805 State St., Santa Barbara
• 3 – 5:30 p.m. | Skin Deep Spa, 3405 State St., Santa Barbara
• 6 – 10 p.m. | Helena Bakery / Les Marchands, 131 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara
• 8 – 11 p.m. | Santa Barbara Wine Therapy, 732 State St., Santa Barbara

Individuals who received two doses of measles vaccine (“MMR vaccine”) are considered to be protected against measles. However, unvaccinated persons and those with weakened immune systems are advised to review the list of sites and times individuals may have been exposed.

The Public Health Department urges community members to locate their measles immunization records and/or work with their healthcare provider to determine if measles vaccination is necessary.

The PHD investigates all contacts the person may have had to prevent any additional spread of measles. PHD also communicates with local healthcare providers to ensure timely identification of illness and to prevent the spread of disease.

For more information about measles, please visit

To see Edhat's article on the first case of measles click here.

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sbmale Jun 08, 2019 12:13 PM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

Considering a woman literally turned and coughed in my face while I was standing at my doctor's reception desk on Wednesday, it does not surprise me the rudeness of other people that spreads disease. Maybe this 2nd person with the measles did not know, however the symptoms appear early and mimic the flu - in which case they should not have been out partying. This person put everyone's health in jeopardy (and yes, 24 hours later I came down with what I hope is just the flu but quarantining myself until I know)

Luvaduck Jun 07, 2019 01:09 PM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

If you are not vaccinated, you are a potential "Typhoid Mary". That means that you may be spreading whatever the disease is wherever you go. Since some are unable to pay for their own care and become a lifelong public expense, public health becomes the issue and the public has a right to demand vaccination or absence from all public venues which would be uninforceable.

a-1568957405 Jun 07, 2019 11:13 AM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

Terminating a pregnancy is a personal decision. Not getting vaccinated puts others at risk. The logic of your argument doesn't quite hold up. There are more vaccines now then there were in the 50's. The progression of science is a wonderful thing. In 2011, the WHO estimated that 158,000 deaths were caused by measles. This is down from 630,000 deaths in 1990. As of 2018, measles remains a leading cause of vaccine-preventable deaths in the world. If we weren't better immunized we'd have rates like those around the world. You can choose not to vaccinate your children - just don't send them to public school where they can be a danger to others. You can discuss your opinions with your doctor or pediatrician, but you are likely to be told you are wrong. I'm sorry but no one is buying the big pharma conspiracy issue who is actually educated on the subject and not relying on shock data from unverified sources or non peer reviewed studies.

Flicka Jun 06, 2019 05:11 PM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

Not getting vaccinated makes no sense to me. Often the "childhood diseases" hit adults much harder than kids although children can suffer horribly as measles can cause blindness and even death. Mumps can cause sterility in men and with chicken pox the virus stays in the body and can cause shingles (horrible thing) in adults, especially older folks.

Factotum Jun 10, 2019 08:23 AM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

The autism myth doctor, who lost is license in the UK, based his conclusions upon observation of 12 children. How a 12 person "study" became viral is one for the record books. What created this deeply receptive passion to trust his arbitrary and now proven erroneous conclusions. Wanting to be a perfect and protective parent? Fear of being an unwitting victim to big government, big business? Fuzzy understandings and over-diagnosis of this illusive thing called "autism" of late.

Factotum Jun 08, 2019 12:21 PM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

The autism hoax apparently found a very willing audience who passionately need to believe this is true. What motivated the tenacity of that junk science hoax. Got to dig deep to understand what was really at stake.

Luvaduck Jun 07, 2019 01:12 PM
Second Case of Measles Confirmed in Santa Barbara County

The autism myth was sparked by one scientist who fittled his results to gain fame and has done terrible things to children unable to insist on their right to be innoculated against life-long disabilities.

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