Search & Rescue K9 Mac Passes From Cancer

Search & Rescue K9 Mac Passes From Cancer title=
Mac and his handler Rick Stein (courtesy photo)
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Source: Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue (SBCSAR)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of SBCSAR K9 MacGyver “Mac” after a hard fought battle with Lymphoma. MacGyver crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon (6/14/22) with his handler Rick Stein and family by his side.

Mac will be remembered always by those that worked alongside him and his handler Rick with very fond memories and positive search outcomes. Mac was well known not only on SBCSAR but also with the handlers of CARDA, the California Rescue Dog Association. He served the team many a time on callouts most notably during the Montecito Debris Flow and following months. Mac was also a welcomed sight at team trainings and get togethers and would host pool parties after trainings for his fellow K9 pals.

A few words from Mac’s handler Rick, “ We are sad, but grateful to have had MacGyver in our lives. He was our perfect companion and partner.

Mac on duty following the 1/9 Debris Flow in Montecito (courtesy photo)

We will miss him dearly and forever. We are sure that Kody (Rick’s prior working K9 with SBCSAR/CARDA) has met him on the other side of the rainbow bridge.”

MacGyver will be remembered but never forgotten for the contributions he and his handler Rick made to the local community and entire state of California on mutual aid callouts searching for lost or missing people.

Mac (courtesy photo)

Be free and go be your playful self with Kody on the other side. A last command from handler to K9, “free dog.”

Santa Barbara County Search & Rescue is a professional, all volunteer and unpaid 501(c)3 organization that is community supported by generous giving to provide services to the County of Santa Barbara under the direction of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. To learn about supporting SBCSAR, please visit our website or reach out to us.

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ZeroHawk Jun 16, 2022 09:55 AM
Search & Rescue K9 Mac Passes From Cancer

Mac, thank you dearly for your service. Good boy. Run across the bridge and find your peace. You will be remembered for your selfless service, rescuing and searching for lost souls. Rest In Peace.
Trust in me my friend for I am
your comrade. I will protect you
with my last breath When all
others have left you And the
loneliness of the night closes
in, I will be at your side.

Together we will conquer all
obstacles, And search out
those who might wish harm to
others. All I ask of you is
compassion, The caring touch
of your hands. It is for you that I
will unselfishly give my life And
spend my nights unrested.
Although our days together
May be marked by the passing
of the seasons Know that each
day at your side is my reward.

My days are measured by The
coming and going of your
footsteps. I anticipate them at
every opening of the door. You
are the voice of caring when I
am ill. The voice of authority
when I've done wrong.

Do not chastise me unduly For
I am your right arm, The sword
at your side. I attempt to do
only what you bid of me. I seek
only to please you and remain
in your favor.

Together you and I shall
experience A bond only others
like us will understand When
outsiders see us together Their
envy will be measured by their

I will quietly listen to you And
pass no judgment, Nor will your
spoken words be repeated I will
remain ever silent, Ever vigilant,
ever loyal. And when our time
together is done And you move
on in the world Remember me
with kind thoughts and tales,
For a time we were unbeatable,
Nothing passed among us

If we should meet again on
another street I will gladly take
up your fight, I am a SAR
Working Dog and together We
are guardians of the night.

montecito_matt Jun 16, 2022 09:26 AM
Search & Rescue K9 Mac Passes From Cancer

Job well done Mac, a true K9 hero, rest easy and be free! Thoughts are with the Stein family going through this difficult time.

CloudsInSky Jun 15, 2022 10:05 PM
Search & Rescue K9 Mac Passes From Cancer

Your dedication to hard and essential work is SO appreciated, Mac! You've set a good example for other dogs AND humans to give all that we've got to leave our campground cleaner than we found it!

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