School District Seeks Locals for Oversight Committee

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Source: Santa Barbara Unified School District

Santa Barbara Unified School District is seeking qualified, interested individuals to serve on a committee of community leaders, a part of the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee. The committee oversees the ongoing bond expenditure of  Measures Q, R, I and J.

On November 8, 2016, voters residing within the Santa Barbara Unified School District attendance boundaries passed Measure I and Measure J. Measure I is a $135,000,000 bond measure and Measure J is a $58,000,000 bond measure that authorized funding for needed repairs, upgrades, and new construction projects to the District’s schools. Santa Barbara Unified School District Board of Education appointed an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee to work with the District to help inform the public concerning the District’s expenditure of bond proceeds, review expenditure reports produced by the District to ensure that bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth by the measures and to present to the Board of Education an annual written report outlining activities and conclusions regarding the expenditure of bond proceeds.

To serve on the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee an applicant must be at least 18 years of age. Each member of the committee serves a term of two (2) years, commencing as the date of appointment by the Board of Education. The Committee meets four times a year. Employees of the District or any vendor, contractor or consultant are not eligible to serve.

To apply, applicants are encouraged to review the committee’s bylaws available on the District’s website at and complete the application. For questions about the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee, please contact Alma Flores, Santa Barbara Unified School District’s Fiscal Administrative Assistant at (805) 963-4338 ext 6222 or

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Factotum Apr 28, 2018 12:00 PM
School District Seeks Locals for Oversight Committee

Bond oversight committees are always touted as providing protective local control when voters are asked to pass more bond issues. In reality, bond oversight committees made up of lay people quickly become mere rubber stamps for data submitted by the district itself. Any questions about dubious bond issue spending gets obfuscated by the complexly technical jargon of public finance regulations.

RHS Apr 29, 2018 08:44 AM
School District Seeks Locals for Oversight Committee

Factotum, with whom I generally disagree, is absolutely right about this. "Oversight committees" are just cover. They never have the resources needed to evaluate what the institution is doing. Members go to a meeting with an agenda set by the agency and with data provided by the agency to validate decisions already made by the agency. To be a true oversight committee it should have a budget to retain independent experts and should have sufficient time to actually research what is being proposed. If you become a member of one of these groups you are just being used.

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