School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

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By an Edhat reader:

I'm hoping we can open up a civil dialogue here to discuss it further.

I just attended this school board meeting (9/25). More than a dozen concerned citizens spoke in favor of the non-profit Just Communities. A group apparently has threatened the school board with a lawsuit if an MOU with Just Communities were to be continued. It sparked my interest because my son, who just graduated high school, was an active participant of Just Communities. It is because of this program that he went from a very timid and shy kid and into an active member of society-earning the County School District's Champion of the year award and nominated for various other prestigious recognition for his work in representing underprivileged children in society. Teachers from young and old, high school students and various concerned citizens from all background made up the over two dozens of people that spoke highly of the program and in support of extending the MOU.

There were a couple that spoke against it but it remains unclear what their concerns were to warrant terminating the board's support of this seemingly amazing program.

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EastBeach Sep 29, 2018 12:18 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

Looks like the anonymous group has doctored Just Communities' documents to make it look like they're anti-white/anti-Christian. Download the PDF at the Independent to see the before/after versions .......... .......... Unfortunately, the doctored material is being spread by far-right blog websites.

sbdude Sep 27, 2018 10:58 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

I'd like to see a grand total of how much dough the district spends on not just Just Communities but all of the consultants and agencies they hire, what they are getting for their money, and how they are determining the success or failure of these expenditures.

UCSB98 Sep 27, 2018 04:11 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

A-1538088926...... my previous comment applies as response to your posting as well... Just Communities was awarded the contract in a fair and legal process and judging by the over two dozen people that spoke in support, the mass majority of people that voted for those members supported that decision as well..... like I said, we are in progressive California that leads the country... perhaps a different decision might have been done in other states that holds this nation back from you get what I mean?

UCSB98 Sep 28, 2018 07:30 AM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

a-1538144829...Yes, their organization was contracted legally and was never the issue....why are you claiming it be? The legal complaint was the supposed constitutional compliant of what the organization teaches and how they do it....please stay on topic!

a-1538090423 Sep 27, 2018 04:20 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

UCSB98 are you an attorney or professor. You write a Just Communities awarded “legally”. Please elaborate on your reply. Do you mean legally awarded public monies? Legally awarded exclusive access to students on campus without parental consent? Something else? I don’t recall a seeing a public noticed Request For Proposal. BTW: Thank you for promoting this dialogue.

UCSB98 Sep 27, 2018 04:01 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

the board decided to support Just Communities with the backing of the citizens that voted for these members.... and not a program for "Young Americans for Freedom". ... maybe if we were in rural Kentucky, decisions may be different..... but the fact is that we're not....we are in civilized California... that is why we're ranked the 5th largest economy in the world... up from 7th just a couple years ago...

a-1538278160 Sep 29, 2018 08:29 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

What? American education is not failing? You’re kiddin’ or smoked too much. CA ranks 48th with 40 Million people requiring the best and brightest be produced by our public schools. To your VISA immigration comment: Cesar Chavez wanted closed borders to protect workers to enable wage and working condition improvements. Democrats, such as Bloomberg disagree: Dems want dependent workers. No one disagrees that mega-corp execs like cheap foreign obedient dependent labor. CA majority votes to keep workers poor and dependent so taxpayers can subsidize the masses for the benefit of politicians and corporations. Hannah-Beth is our leading oppressor. It’s Jeff Beto’s Amazon Playbook that worked for other Corp giants with majority voter support. Keep ‘um poor and ignorant and dependent.

RHS Sep 28, 2018 10:07 AM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

American education is not failing. You are being used by corporate propaganda in support of their greed. The reason these companies want visas for non-US graduates (many from US schools!) is because they can underpay them, keep them from organizing or demanding better working conditions, threaten them with termination of their residency and otherwise mess them over. How can you or anyone think that the grotesque salaries and wealth of new business entrepreneurs is merited more than the fair sharing of such success with the employees and other workers!

a-1538090008 Sep 27, 2018 04:13 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

CA Education raked 48th. Stay on topic. CA students are not prepared to compete. As Mike Bloomberg states at this week’s NYC Bloomberg Global Business Forum with international leaders gathered st UN: ‘Attach a Green Card to every university diploma earned by an Asian foreign student’ from Communist Chinese and to Indian because America education is failing.

a-1538087220 Sep 27, 2018 03:27 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

Perhaps this article describes local concerns: New CA State Mandates for all public schools.

MOU stands for Memoradum of Understanding. If School District finds a MOU vs a contract, thete’s no public circulated RFP Request For Proposal thereby no level playing field, no equal opportunity for other group to get the $250,000. Wonder if 9/11 legal threat asked for a RFP open access selection process and contract? Looks like District inside trading to award Just Communities Public dollars and access to students without public noticed RFP, equal opportunity to apply. Can outside groups or persons legally access and instruct minor aged students on campus without parental consent?

SBWoman Sep 27, 2018 02:09 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

Welcome to Wild West 2018! Divided we fall.
Stanford Based author describes well divisiveness of Identity Politics. Do we want our schools to encourage, to form, Identities beyond American male, American female, American immigrant, American guest, American foreign student, undocumented? What happened to MLK Content of Character, not skin color?

CA laws, CA mandates from our leaders Hannah-Beth and Monique are rapidly changing our community and state. With mandatory Ethnic Studies to graduate high school, registering minors those aged 16-17 year olds in high school classrooms whether citizens or undocumented adds millions of unlawful residents to our voting rolls at age 18. CA law reads any person, (DACAs and other unlawful, undocumented persons) registered by an Authority cannot be charged with a felony for registering despite being ineligible to register to vote. Authorities now register Non-citizens to vote . Special DMV Centers were created to issue licenses and for an Authority to register ineligibles to vote to circumvent felony. Times are changing. CA is a state of identities not Americans or Californians. SB Schools part of this movement the way I see it.

a-1538076890 Sep 27, 2018 12:34 PM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

There’s essentially a 2-way division between parents and community on the purpose of school, and needed outcomes for America whose citizens pay the tab. 1. Academic, vocational, instruction to prepare for adulthood & participation in our Constitutional Republic, as opposed to those prioritizing 2. Social emotional equity training to empower students, such as you described helped your son. Time is very limited for the handful of high achieving students in local public high schools who allready know how the system works and are working it. Some of their middle class peers are clueless, or don’t care; while the lower classes are aware of socio-economic differences wanting to rise above their current lot in life- but how? All the while our Pulic schools want the CA State supplemental funding to the Average Daily Attendance rate for hardship and Ethnic student empowerment to train them that their lot in life is due to their ‘systemic oppression’ . Some call this the blame game. The high achieving students are on the playing field wanting academic instruction, music, performing arts, tech and sports to get into elite universities to network their way to successful careers and financial security. They learned the game from birth through elementary school: Excel in school, push yourself, make friends (network), get that stellar resume because you won’t get minority preference. This subgroup working the system does not support their tax dollars being spent to teach students “systemic oppression’ which is divisive and can make trainees angry and lead to violence. Rather the goal is to get ALL students on the playing field and to elevate ALL through academic, skill achievement to put each student on a path for life satisfaction, lifelong learning, and civic participation within our Constitutional framework.
I’m against my tax dollars being spent to teach the system is bad or structurally inequitable. I support teaching how it works, was designed to work, should work, and how to fix it! Civics, current events, reading and discussion of multiple perspectives on how to improve what’s broken.

PitMix Sep 27, 2018 11:20 AM
School Board Threatened with Lawsuit Over Just Communities

Just Communities tackles contentious issues regarding race and class and the impact they have on our town, and some people are very uncomfortable having those things discussed. They figure that anything like that must be tainted by liberal bias and therefore should not be associated with our public schools and agencies. I guess the issue is, if we allow Just Communities to have an MOU with our schools, how would we feel about letting the Young Americans for Freedom have something similar?

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