Scenic Photos to Help You Relax

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Scenic Photos to Help You Relax
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Edhat readers share relaxing photos of our local area, nature, and wildlife to help calm fears during COVID-19 social distancing.

By Wendy Manning

Good Morning, I wanted to share some pictures of the Santa Ynez Valley. Rode my Ebike Mountain Bike up Happy Canyon and through Solvang with nobody on the streets.

By Gilbert

Native blooms on 3/21/20 at Pt. Conception.

By Ann Eldridge

Wildlife antics outside the kitchen window.

By Bonnie Carroll

Peaceful Creatures at Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden.

By MiniBeast

Here’s a photo of a two-foot in length Coral-bellied ringneck snake my friend took this morning near APS. The photo was taken back behind The Old Mission. Despite the fact that he is always on the lookout for snakes and has seen many on local trails, this is my friend's first sighting of this particular species. He did not try to touch the snake, as his policy is to photograph and admire only.

Click here for online photos to better see the size and coloring of these gorgeous little snakes. If you should happen to see one yourself, the snake is thin, with a matte (not shiny) olive drab color on top with its head just a bit darker than the rest of the body. Some “coral” red on the underbelly and similar red ring on the neck may be visible, too.


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Curmudgeon Mar 23, 2020 02:54 PM
Scenic Photos to Help You Relax

Thank you Edhat and contributors to this thread. A pleasant diversion during time of stress.

Mo-leta Mar 23, 2020 12:10 PM
Scenic Photos to Help You Relax

You saw it. The way the snake is curled to the shape of the stone walkway... camouflage working. Nice!

LCP112233 Mar 23, 2020 12:08 PM
Scenic Photos to Help You Relax

Beautiful shots! Went hiking this weekend and there was a lot of wildlife and beautiful flowers!

sacjon Mar 23, 2020 12:25 PM
Scenic Photos to Help You Relax

LCP112233 -One good side effect of all this might be that pollution levels go down and allow for more wildlife to prosper. Let's hope the world learns from this!

Minibeast Mar 23, 2020 12:06 PM
Scenic Photos to Help You Relax

Thank you for posting "my" snake photo, Edhat Staff. /////// Ann Elridge: That pic of the Acorn woodpecker in flight is ***wonderful***. I love it.

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