Scanner Reports 9-1-17

I was looking at the folks running for mayor. There are two possibilities for me at this point. One fella mentions updating the police department. I’d like to see it rebuilt altogether. Let the other one stand. It would make a decent museum. I was born in 1958, the same year as that police station. I’m old as dirt too!  There needs to be a brand new updated police department. It would take a lot of work to update the old police department, which is like the outdated pipes under our feet with water main breaks every few days in different parts of the city. Putting Band-Aids on this old building is only making the structure spring leaks elsewhere.

Someone is angry about the burglaries in the City. Lately there has been many, and by saying that, I mean a lot. I would look into getting an alarm system if I had a business, and insurance for my possessions. For renters look into renters insurance. The only way I can advise people to prevent becoming a victim of a crime is to insure to the best of their abilities that they use the tools necessary to prevent those crimes; alarms, insurance, decent locks on their doors. Never leave windows open even a crack when you’re gone, even for 5 minutes. I have heard of burglaries committed when someone was gone for 5 minutes. It happened in the apartments on San Remo a few years back. It could happen when you’re checking the mail. Crime is going to happen. By taking a few simple steps toward prevention, you are less likely to become a victim of a crime.

Sexual assault committed, not on State Street but near the 3400 block of State Street on Wednesday night. Suspect described as a Hispanic male adult wearing a black tee shirt and jeans in his 40’s with short brown hair. He ran behind Gelson’s Market and possibly drove away in a green Ford Taurus. Weird, he was parked a block away from where the crime was committed. I wonder if he was looking for a victim. Keeping that in mind, prevention is the key, and tools are available.

Years ago there was a County employee who worked with the homeless and he would provide rape whistles for homeless women. I’m not sure where whistles can be bought locally, maybe Big 5, but I know Amazon has them. There is also pepper spray, stun guns, maybe look into some self-defense classes. There is nothing an idiot hates more than to good kick to their mid-section. Learn how to do it right and you will get your point across, especially if you are wearing pointy shoes.

Anyway, here is thy Blessed Scanner Roni reports, Wednesday:

  • Premises check 200 block of East Cota.
  • Burglary investigation, 500 block of Bath.
  • Subject disturbing and refusing to leave the East Beach Bath House.
  • Report of one male choking another male at the MTD, 1020 Chapala.
  • Under the influence couple in a white Mercedes parked in Leadbetter Beach parking lot.
  • Burglary to a vehicle, Mesa at Middle Road and Oak, HMA or Middle Eastern male with tats, dark hair.
  • Neighbors fighting over trash cans, 5100 block of Cathedral Oaks.
  • Transient disturbing at Tino’s.
  • Burglary, “hot prowl” 400 block of Santa Ynez. Victim came in the front door, suspect was going out the back door.
  • Graffiti artists, juveniles, West Side Center, 423 West Victoria. I know at least one of the little boogers was caught because I heard a call where their Mama called the police department. If I had a kid and they got caught doing that, I would volunteer them to clean up more graffiti than just their offense.
  • Medical emergency for internal bleeding at the Med Center, 2900 block of State Street.
  • Fall victim at Oak Park.
  • Medical emergency at PATH, 816 Cacique, this sounded bad. I think the person went Code Blue. I heard when they were transported to the hospital there were two firefighters riding in the ambulance. I hope the person survived.
  • CHP had a stolen vehicle recovery and requested the SBSO cover them on it.
  • Suspicious vehicle 500 block of Sea Ranch, WMA in a white Dodge Ram, reporting party approached subject he took off.
  • Hit and run suspect in a tan van, 1000 block of Cliff Drive. I think this was someone that the reporting party was reporting as a recent hit and run driver that hit their vehicle.
  • There was a check the welfare of a subject who recently left Cottage hospital and was hanging around downtown S.B. but hadn’t returned home, a 70 year old white male adult.
  • Keep the peace over child custody at Transition House.
  • Assault occurred at Dwight Murphy Park, victim wanted to meet with police in the 200 block of North Milpas.
  • Sexual assault on the North Side of Santa Barbara.
  • Possible assault with or without a weapon, one victim suffered a possible head injury, there were witnesses, victim was at Santa Barbara Brewing Company, 500 block of State Street. Sounds like it occurred on the street. Potential suspects 2 WMAs wearing backpacks, with dogs, in front of Metro 4.
  • Neighbors not getting along in the 300 block of North Voluntario.

Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • Transient disturbed near the Alameda Park gazebo.
  • Indecent exposure at Hendry’s Beach, a male with a boogie board walking west on the beach.
  • Camino Del Remedio, 300 block, SBSO response on a medical for a potentially combative subject.
  • Dogs in a hot car in Magnolia Shopping Center.
  • Medical call for an ill female outside the rescue mission.
  • Mary 3 on traffic, first West Ortega, white Subaru, out of state plates, I think he gave out a warning.
  • SBPD on a group at Dwight Murphy Park.
  • Unconscious subject in the 1900 block of Mission in Solvang.
  • Audible alarm at a residence on Surf View Drive. Many homes in Santa Barbara have silent as well as audible alarms. Thieves may find that alarming, but it’s true.
  • Medical call, ill subject at Mission Terrace Nursing home.
  • Loud music, 821 State Street.
  • Medical call 5100 block of Carpinteria Ave.
  • Highway 101 northbound at Cabrillo, dead coyote and plastic debris in the roadway.
  • Mary 3 on 2 electric trikes in the 1300 block of State Street.
  • Check the welfare of a female down near a palm tree, 202 West Cabrillo.
  • Check the welfare of a female heard screaming for help on Camino De Vida.
  • Minor injury traffic accident 1000 block of Cliff Drive.
  • Keep the peace at Chase Bank in the 1300 block of State Street for the reporting party who accidently left money at the teller. Not sure I really understood that call.
  • Subject down, Allure at Quinientos.
  • Subject on Quinientos at Milpas following women around asking for money, near the liquor store. Subject with a tall beard.
  • 5150 walk away at the horseshoe pits.
  • 5150 voluntarily going back to the hospital with a police officer.

Will that is all outta me for now. Getting hot in here. I may need an old office chair with metal legs pretty soon if anyone knows where I can buy one used cheap, let me know. Thank You. Have a great weekend. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Carl, Stan, Brad, Billy, Kent, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., ELMO, Rambo, Sherry, Marty, Cop John, Diana, Jim, Magruder, Edwin, Don, Cory, Christy, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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