Scanner Reports 8-15-18

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

MONday was one of those days people crossed my path and violated my rights, it happens to all of us. I'm not the only one, but now in my older age, it's painful. In the past I kept my mouth shut and did not protest, but I can no longer do that and I won't.

I was walking North on Milpas approaching the Milpas UNDERPANTS when I noticed the sidewalk was completely blocked by 2 men in wheelchairs: a dog, a woman standing up talking to the 2 men, and a patio umbrella. The only way through was where the dog was laying and I cannot lift my feet up far anymore. If the dog was to get nippy my leg is in bad shape and one little nip could take it out so I walked on the curb next to the bike path on the outside of the rail. As I walked by the woman was complaining about, what else, but residents of Santa Barbara being unaccepting toward their needs, Typical. When I got to the otter side of the UNDERPANTS I pulled out my cheap ass non-Obama phone I paid for myself and pushed in the numbers 1-805-897-2300. It answered "You have reached the non-Emergency number of The Santa Barbara Police Department If this is an Emergency dial 911." I hung up.

I went into Rite Aide grabbed a cart put my cane in it and rolled to the pharmacy to get my medication then I picked up a few things, then I headed for the line. You know the line where you wait to have a cashier check your items and you pay and leave the store? Yea well that was where I was waiting, in line there were 2 women in front of me so though my leg was in rough shape I really did not mind waiting though it took a few moments and those moments felt like a lot longer and I was in agony. I do not use pain killers as I hate what they do to my body, they really don't do much for the pain either. So there I was waiting and holding myself up with the grocery cart. I looked behind me and there were a few other people waiting, another cashier was opening up to get us out of there quicker then I noticed her, a woman cutting the line not looking my way but at all the people in line then back at the cashier with a sly smirk on her mug. I snapped, it happens sometimes, it cannot be helped in my Beast North West Indiana accent my voice boomed, "Lady there are people in line here, you're cutting in front of all of them!!!" She squeaked out "The cashier is helping me." I said "OK." But it wasn't OK for her to cut in front of everyone, not OK at all especially when some of the people were older and limping like myself and she was Bright Eyed and Bushy-tailed in youth and perfectness.

I got my stuff checked through and paid for it. I took the cart back to where it came from near the front door and was taking my stuff out of it when I noticed little Ms. Sneaky out of the corner of my eye looking at me and doing these Spastic Hokey Pokey Psycho movements women do just before they melt down into an NBD or Nervous Breakdown Land. Some people really hate to be wrong. I left the store and headed home when I got to the Carpinteria Roundabout I looked down the street Eastbound because even though I had the right of way I did not want to get run over. There she was running sideways almost in a Gallop looking back at me in Fear as if I was going to reach 150 feet down the street like Godzilla and grab her. Funny how someone violates others, gets caught then somehow becomes the victim. I noticed her floating toward my bank, I had seen her there before then I realized "Shit there goes my account." I thought aloud. When you're young everything seems wonderful, when you're old everything seems to turn to shit. That's my Milpas UNDERPANTS and I'm sticking to them, more so nowadays.

Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • 484 Shoplifter at CVS Pharmacy in the 3900 Block of State street walked out and went into the bushes alongside of the freeway on ramp.
  • SBPD Footsie patrol at the Bird Refuge.
  • SBPD requested at MTD on a 415 Incident Fire department and Medics on scene.
  • Suspicious vehicle in the 100 Block of Olive Mill Lane grey sedan Utah Plates.
  • 261 Rape investigation Franklin Clinic.
  • 242 Assault family 415 the Son is the suspect.
  • 242 Assault near Marshalls 900 Block of State AMR transport to Cottage occurred Sunday night.
  • 242 Assault 833 State street homeless subject assaulted a Santa Barbara Ambassador.
  • 484 Shoplifter from Marshalls fit description of suspect who assaulted the Ambassador. Give them an inch they will take a mile.
  • Suicidal subject 1000 Block of Castillo.
  • Family 415 at the Zoo  500 Block of Ninos.
  • 154 at Windy Gap accident over the side called in turned out to be an old accident.
  • Drunk driver left Gelsons in the 3300 Block of State street in a black SUV,  dp94???.
  • Check the welfare of 2 subjects possibly under the influence of drugs near a silver Cadillac in the parking lot of Montecito Bank and Trust in the 5600 Block of Calle Real.
  • 415 Domestic 100 Block of Oceano.
  • Check the Cacique Footsie Bridge for loiterers.
  • 23152 White Mercedes 3800 Block of State driver seen tossing empty container in trash subject 30's-40's, 6'5 wearing a blue ball cap last seen heading toward Foothill.
  • Check the welfare of someone living in the 200 Block of West Victoria who hasn't been seen in a while
  • 415 Family issue 600 Block of San Pascual.
  • 415 Brandishing bicycle handlebars in a hostile manner Anacapa at Yanonali...It really cracks me up how bullys do that then someone calls the police and the poor little bully runs away and hides.
  • 415 Male harassing female at work asking for her phone number in the 100 Block of North Fairview.
  • 20002 Investigation 1300 Block of West Valerio happened elsewhere


Scanner Reports, Tuesday: 

  • Check the Welfare of a subject in the 1000 Block of Castillo who wants to go back to the hospital.
  • Theft investigation at the Rescue Mission 535 East Yanonali grand theft.
  • Non injury accident Victoria at Anacapa parties need help exchanging info.
  • 415 Argument over a non-injury accident possibly DUI Involved Flora Vista at Cliff Drive.
  • Theft investigation 5 East Cottage Hospital.
  • Group of subjects camping at 27 East Guiterrez refusing to leave disturbing
  • Medical call code blue Carpinteria Library.
  • Walkaway from the Sober center
  • Suspicious circumstances 600 Block of East DLG.
  • 459 Burglary investigation the Harbor 132 Harbor Way.
  • Sexual Battery occurred between 2 Students of a public school in Santa Barbara both juveniles.
  • 3 Campers blocking the sidewalk 500 Anacapa street at parking lot 11. I did not think about it before but they probably block the sidewalk while panhandling anyway, that got my goat the other day.
  • Totally missed this address but it was a SBSO Call a gardener found a firearm in his yard. All I heard there.
  • Med call ill subject on Seaview in Montecito
  • Med call ill subject Vista Del Monte 3775 Modoc.
  • Family 415 Domestic 300 Block of West Pedregosa.
  • Camper 300 Block of West Carrillo.- Non injury 20002 Hit and Run, Junipero at Garden possible Dodge Ram involved.
  • Subject Disturbing at McDonalds 1213 State street WMA Grey hoodie
  • 10851 Stolen vehicle keys left inside 5100 Block of Walnut Place gold 2000 Toyota truck.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject in an alcove between Haley street and the .99 Cent store, after checking their welfare SBPD contacted AMR and had the person transported to Cottage Hospital.
  • Drunk down on a bench at MTD  1020 Chapala.
  • Code 40, Drunk crawling 429 DLV down the alley.


Well that is all for the Scanner Reports for now. I wanted to mention that I stopped going to therapy a while back, I really did not think I needed it compared to others who do. I get depressed but I'm not suicidal or Homicidal. I'm always talking to myself, and my cat, and fish. I don't feel weird at all, freaks the neighbors out some though, when I'm angry I talk like a hitman, blowing off steam is all. I'm completely comfortable in my insanity and I do not want to share. If you see me with a bottle of Vodka and a shovel then you can worry, by the way  Smirnoff is on sale at Rite Aide this week. Have a Great Wednesday my Edhat Anniversary :) Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Tom Cat, Thomicina, Tiger, Midnight, Merlin, Lola, Fish Head One, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Pat, Mavis, David Cox, Poe, Marty, Cop John, Ricky, Bengy, Eddie, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, Debbie, Ken, LUCY! John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on FRYday.. Later,  Roger 

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a-1534360622 Aug 15, 2018 12:17 PM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

Here we go again, 300 block of W Pedregosa! Things were quiet for awhile, after they were seemingly on the scanner reports regularly and we thought thank goodness maybe they got rid of the problem persons, but seems like either they didn't, or they're back, or someone else now is there. Maybe the Landlord is the problem-renting to undesirables.

REX OF SB Aug 15, 2018 12:41 PM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

And speaking thereof, you never read about dust-ups and fracases any more in the 1600 block of Chino Street. Maybe they took their drama to Pedregosa?

Flicka Aug 15, 2018 01:23 PM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

Roger, It's fine to talk to your cat and the fish, it's when they start to talk back and have a conversation you'll know may have a problem.

Roger Aug 15, 2018 02:15 PM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

We communicate well I know what they would be saying if they could say it better...

NamasteYogi Aug 15, 2018 07:05 PM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

They could be a full-time person to check the welfare all around the $.99 store, that place is insane I’ve never seen anything like it with the behavior of the individuals that go in to that store. I would deem that store unsafe for children and single women. As for the Milpas incidents I appreciate your story, I get it. People have no consideration whatsoever, are constantly starting the problems and playing the victim. Unfortunately they have no responsibility and apparently people are raised very poorly anymore.

CCHandyMan Aug 16, 2018 09:05 AM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

Hey Roger, glad to see your scanner reports back up. Missed you and your reports for a few days there. Keep up your humorous rants, love them.

Roger Aug 16, 2018 11:15 AM
Scanner Reports 8-15-18

They are up just getting posted later Thanks for your comment.

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