Scanner Reports 7-3-17

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I took quite a spill on FRYday. I had to go to the store to get a few things, though I did not have much money because I was overdrawn at the bank. When all was said and done, I had 15.00 for food over the weekend. That is enough for eggs, bread, butter, bottled water. I went to the store nearest to me, I got a cart anyway and was going through the store. I noticed a lot of people in the first aisle which is a combination of fruit, vegetables, and dry foods. I went around all these people when suddenly I was aware things were not exactly right. I looked down and saw a case of fruit low to the ground and I was over it. I got air, I was flying. I thought what many people would think in that situation; "Oh SHIT!" and I might have yelled it somewhere during this impending doom. My body took over; the front of the grocery cart went up like it was popping a wheelie, then the cart flew away from me and I was going down, down, down. Everything went in slo-mo, things like that usually do. I saw the floor coming up to meet me and it hit me hard. Suddenly there were people around me, a woman telling me not to move, a store manager. I was laying there thinking what stupid idiot puts a case of fruit on the floor in the way of shoppers. My hands hurt like hell. Somehow just before my face was going to meet the floor, my hands got in front of me. They took the brunt of that pain, otherwise I'm pretty sure it would have been "Clean up on Aisle 1, dead man in the middle of the floor." I hit that hard. I could hear the gasps of other shoppers, and a man nearby said "Oh No!" It sounded funny, but I could not laugh. I started pushing myself up, I was very angry. I started cussing very loud. I wanted to know who in the Hell put that case of fruit on the floor. I got up saying, "I ain't going to the [expletive] hospital!” Although everything hurt, and some things were numb. I got up and limped around the store. The manager gave me someone's card and kept asking me if I was all right. I was very angry and kept cussing and telling him I wanted to know who left that case of fruit on the floor. I paid for my stuff, gave him my card, wrote down my name and left.

On Saturday when I woke up I was in agony. I was dizzy, I tried to get through my day but ended up calling for an ambulance and being transported to our local hospital. I sat in the waiting room in a wheelchair for hours; the hospital was packed. When I finally got in, the doctor who looked like a Barbie doll told me I had to do the CT scan. I don't do CT scans. I have anxiety. I told Doctor Barbie, she started treating me indifferent. I got many x-rays. Though I was dizzy and Doctor Barbie told me she was going to give me a neck brace, she didn't after all. From the x-rays, she told me she really could not tell if anything was broken or not. I know that to be bull manure, because I'm much older than her and I was born BCS, or born before CT scans. Doctors used to be able to tell what bones were broken looking at x-rays before, so why not now. Either way, someone else who looked at the x-rays told me I had both arthritis and injuries to my lower spine from the fall. Doctor Barbie did not get her way, got all huffy and puffy about it and punished me for it. Not a good doctor in my book. I say things to my doctor, he doesn't care. He still does his job but that is because Doctor Neil Sullivan is the greatest doctor in the world.

Scanner Reports, FRYday:

• Subjects stealing bicycle parts out of the bicycle yard, Olive at Gutierrez.
• Medical call for back pain in the 2200 block of Bath.
• Fall victim at Val Verde, medical call.
• Robbery reported now at or near 7-11 in the 6500 block of Trigo in Isla Vista.
• Armed robbery, Mi Fiesta Market, 4500 block of Carpinteria Ave in Carpinteria.
• Loud machinery disturbing in the 500 block of East Micheltorena.
• Subject yelling and talking to himself in the 1100 block of State Street, Peets Coffee.
• Wanted subject in Vera Cruz Park.
• Stephen P. digging holes in the park, Santa Barbara Street at Micheltorena.
• Vehicle vs shopping cart, 500 block of North Milpas. I know how the shopping cart feels.
• Stolen auto 1400 block of La Vista Del Oceano.
• Suspicious subject and vehicle, 200 block of East Anapamu.
• 5150 on the corner of Cota and State Street.
• Suspicious package in front of O'Mallys.
• School bus vs vehicle, Union Valley at Orcutt Road, one injury. Thank the Great Spirit on that one.
• AMR unit transporting patient to Cottage from Lompoc, pulled over at Refugio, patient going code blue requesting assistance.
• Hanging suicide north end of Santa Barbara County.
• Bicyclist down on the Linden overpass, Carpinteria, medical.
• A shoplifting mother who was caught at one of the local Rite Aids, I did not hear which one, hit her crying baby in the mouth. That does not sound like a very good mother to me.
• Threats investigation, 300 block of De Paul.
• Fall victim in the street who thought she got hit by a vehicle, Castillo at Mission.
• Drunk driver, 1400 block of Sycamore Canyon Road, associated with a gold van.

Scanner Reports, Saturday:

• Hot prowl, burglary in a garage, 2800 block of Miradero, which went on to become a fight as a victim attempted to detain the subject. Victim was sprayed in face with bug spray, and a man hunt to which the suspect wasn't
found but will be at a later date.
• Two females shoplifting at CVS Turnpike.
• Check the welfare of a husband yelling in the front yard, in the 2600 block of State Street.
• Disturbance at the French Press, 500 block of Anacapa. Suspect left north wearing a body suit.
• Female yelling at McDonalds, 29 North Milpas.
• Burglary on Neptune. Well the president is not going to like that he was hoping to move to another planet soon. Of course this is Neptune Street.
• Reckless driver a tan Odyssey on Las Positas from State Street.
• Body found in a residence in the 800 block of Cliff Drive.
• Medical and traumatic injury, Zaca Station Motorcycle Park.
• Premises check, 2100 block of Oak Ave.
• Ill subject on Tunnel Road.
• Medical call, County Jail, 4436 Calle Real, inmate wearing neck brace, seen him at Cottage.
• Fall victim, 200 block of North Bradley.
• Shots heard, 2800 block of Puesta Del Sol.
• Medical call, 2300 block of Gillespie, unconscious female.
• Reckless driver in a white 2007 Chevy pickup on Calle Real at Patterson, pulling into the Nugget, registered in Isla Vista.
• Drunk driver, 900 block of San Pasqual, a blue Ford F-150 followed by the reporting party, willing to sign a complaint. There was a DUI investigation did not hear anything else.
• Vehicle rollover, unknown if injury, 5800 block of Calle Real in front of Albertsons.
• Calle Mariposa, shots heard.
• Head injury unknown reason, College at Betteravia.
• Domestic, 100 block of North Milpas, male yelling, female crying.
• Fall victim 227 East Anapamu.

Scanner Reports, Sunday:

• Las Carneros at Hollister, pallets stolen behind a company there. I have only heard a couple recent calls for theft of pallets. Usually they are free. Two subjects in a blue pickup truck made off with them.
• A wallet was stolen from someone at Goleta Beach.
• Ill subject drinking and taking pills, 4800 block of Carpinteria Ave.
• North County unlisted location 12 year old suicidal boy tearing up his home.
• Report of a man down in the dirt, Micheltorena and Almond.
• Man carrying a camo colored rifle northbound on De La Vina from Victoria. White male, dark hair, beard, khaki shorts, white tee shirt, ball cap.
• Suspicious subject in a silver Honda Civic eastbound on Mission from Chapala Street, offering women money to get in his car with him.
• Transport AMR Cottage Hospital to Vista Del Mar in Ventura.
• Keep the Peace on a child custody, 1100 Block of Las Canoas.
• Suicidal male eastside on North Voluntario.
• Suspicious male behind house in the 600 block of Castillo, fled EB on Cota.
• Premises check, Plaza Del Mar.
• Ill subject 600 block of North O Street.
• Medical, 800 block of West Cook.
• Verbal fight, 4500 block of Carpinteria Ave in Carpinteria.
• Prowlers behind a residence in the 200 block of Castillo. One at gunpoint detained, the other detained then in custody.
• Domestic, Rancho Granada Mobile Home Park, husband threatening wife, 5700 block of Via Real.
• AMR Transport level 2 patient transport from Marian to Cottage ER.
• Suspicious circumstances, a man in a vehicle following two women he had in his residence. He suspects they ripped off his laptop and money.
• Subject was refusing to leave Denny’s Restaurant but then had a medical problem. AMR was responding code 2.
• Five protesters disturbing inside Ralphs, 100 West Carrillo. Don't know why. Police responded it went code 4 right away.

Kind of a crazy weekend. Heard of a few fights, several robberies in the beginning. Of course the beginning of the month is usually rowdy; pay day for some folks. Lost a great friend and a Scanner reporter over the weekend. Diana Calles of Lompoc passed away over the weekend. Whenever I'm on Facebook, she reports things going on in Lompoc. She read Edhat and was on my personal Roger Facebook page. She was originally from Santa Barbara. She will be dearly missed by many people. Will have a wonderful Monday. Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, Fred, Walter, Magruder, Don, Cory, Jonathan, C.J., Edwin, Elmo, Rambo, Sherry, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, and Chris willing, we will see you on Wednesday. Later, Roger

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Flicka Jul 03, 2017 09:39 AM
Scanner Reports 7-3-17

Roger, I hope you don't have any serious injuries from your fall.

Sprigofsage Jul 03, 2017 11:01 AM
Scanner Reports 7-3-17

Just want to second your opinion of Dr. Sullivan!! I saw him when I went to a "free" clinic in the late 70s/early 80s. What a kind, smart, helpful guy.

Roger Jul 03, 2017 07:03 PM
Scanner Reports 7-3-17

Yeppers I'm hurting it goes back and forth but it hurts more than not I might have injured something bad the doctor did not tell me much but someone else told me there was an injury there so I really don't have any respect for Dr. Barbe. I'm going to have to make sure there is help when I need it I don't want to but I have to....Thanks for your comments.

a-1499180614 Jul 04, 2017 08:03 AM
Scanner Reports 7-3-17

Happy 4th of July, Roger! Just as we are celebrating independence, it looks like you are in the injury and dependence mode for now. There are those of us in similar situations who depend on you to keep us informed and safe. I hope you feel better today and aren't in so much pain.

Please report on your search for help with your situation. I'm interested in what's out there for assistance you seem to indicate is now needed. Let us know what you learn...good or bad.

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