Scanner Reports 7-27-18

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

So the Big Old Full Moon is Tonight, the Thunder Moon. I doubt there will be any Thunder but it sure would be nice along with a big load of rain after this heat we've been having. I think we lucked out on the last one, while it was hot it wasn't quite oven hot, it was comfortable. I was kinda freaking out after the heat we had a couple weeks back. I went out and bought all kinds of water-based food products got about a dozen gallons of water, wasn't going to take any chances. I'd rather be safe than sorry if I can. I was listening to the scanner on WEDnesday evening heard this medical call go out for a guy at the Laundry Mat in the 2800 Block of DLV, said he was having a hard time breathing. The dispatcher sent a couple police officers with Fire department and medics because she said the guy had left Cottage earlier that day, he had Sepsis and Organ Failure one of them calls that gets to you. Poor guy all alone, probably scared out of his wits. I'm glad she sent the police to help the guy out I would not want to be alone like that either. I hope the guy pulls through.

I wonder if there will be Crazy things going on this Weekend cause of the Full Moon or if it will be mellow? It seems like the Crazy stuff was here last week it got here kinda early we all expected that heat to and didn't get that either. Maybe something else is right around the corner Got Fiestas coming up every year, I say I'm going to the Church up the street, never go, Maybe this year lol. I used to go to Fiesta all the time every year now I'm just a Lazy middle-aged guy with hurt bones. I miss the old Fiestas though, getting drunk and waking up somewhere other than home. I bet alot of people are going to leave their keys in their cars during Fiesta and valuables inside actually people do that all the time. People do dumb things all the time thinking things will NEVER HAPPEN TO THEM, But then it does and they think HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN TO ME I'M SO CAREFUL. Not careful enough. Remember someone is always watching and waiting for the Opportunity to make money the easy way by stealing it. When vehicles get stolen now people are embarrassed to tell the police "I left the keys in the ignition because they know Roger is listening and it's going in the Scanner Reports. A real simple fix is to NEVER LEAVE YOUR KEYS IN YOUR CAR. You might be just away for a second but if someone steals your car it's going to take days to get everything back you lost that was left in the vehicle Believe me if it aien't nailed down it's GONE! Someone hot wired my neighbors car a couple months back a 79 Chevy wagon had all kinds of stuff in it rust on it looked bad but with a decent engine that car was found part way in a Hobo Jungle in Ventura, beer cans all over the inside. If you want to lose it leave the keys in it if you want to keep it LOCK IT UP take the Keys with you. Here are your Scanner Reports.

Scanner Reports, Wednesday:

  • Argon at East Valley complaint of construction noise at 6am.
  • Check the Welfare of a man down San Remo at Hope streets.
  • Audible alarm at the Blue Water Grill 15 East Cabrillo, no crime.
  • Subject on Labor Line 400 Block of East Yanonali threw a can at the reporting partys vehicle.
  • Code 60 vehicle blocking 1500 Block of DLV.- 10851 Stolen Toyota Tundra heading for State street from Guiterrez Ca 6233?65, 2002
  • Mission and Castillo injury accident.
  • Combative subject on his way to County Jail.
  • Check the welfare of a man and a dog in the 8100 -8200  Block of Calle Real the dog is tied to the bicycle and there are heavy bags on the bike.
  • Check the welfare of a man down in the 600 Block of Anacapa.
  • Fire Alarms went  off at SMHS 4750 Hollister a fireman noticed smoke coming from a ground squirrel hole and thought it somehow set the alarm off poor squirrels.
  • Suspicious circumstances subjects transferring unknown materials from one box truck to another in the 200 Block of West Guiterrez.
  • Amtrak Radio-Dispatcher was talking about a report of a man walking near the rail road tracks with an assault rifle somewhere in SB County few minutes later they said he was hunting for Coyote.-
  • Medical call at the Biltmore for a Fall victim.
  • Suspicious subject in a vehicle being 415 Did not say how exactly a Black 2017 Chevy Malibu at East Victora and Laguna.
  • Alcohol overdose 333 Mc Murry Motel 6.
  • A female broke the window of a gold van and was found sleeping inside at 92 Fairview.
  • Subjects blocking City Hall Ramp De La Guerra side at 735 Anacapa.
  • Med call 2 Year old having seizures on Chase Drive.
  • Med Call near the Vollyball courts on the grass subject with seizures 1200 East Cabrillo
  • Suicidal subject Lobby of the Salvation Army 423 Chapala.
  • 415 Homeless subject 415 Disturbing ongoing issue parking lot of the .99 Cent store.
  • 415 Homeless subject blocking the sidewalk at Ralphs 100 West Carrillo.
  • Theft of bags from a U-Haul truck on San Ysidro did not get address.
  • Heard acouple calls involving  check the welfare calls from the Coast Guard involving overdue subjects on boat trips heard 2 of these.
  • 242 Assault at the Little Door 129 East Anapamu involving an employee.
  • 415 Fight involving 2 subjects one with a knife at 59 Nectarine in Goleta they were both gone when the SO Got there.
  • 100 Block of Commerce loose puppy dog Animal Control called SBSO afraid the little puppy would get run over.
  • 417 Brandishing a broken bottle city lot 12 on Guiterrez.
  • 400 Block of East Haley code 40 Drunk.
  • Domestic violence wife struck husband 400 Block of North Alisos.


Scanner Reports, Thursday:

  • Premises check Ortega Park.
  • Loud Music 300 Block of Shirley Lane.
  • 415 Neighbors 500 Block of West Figourea.
  • Illegal burn Smoke check Highway one at Jalama Road in Lompoc.
  • City vehicle involved accident non injury Hendrys Beach.
  • Female refusing to leave a chocolate store in the 1100 Block of State street, Typical.
  • Med call at the Veterans clinic 4440 Calle Real.
  • Possible Burglary in the 800 Block of LaPatera Lane suspect was HMA, 5'6 there was a pursuit involved and he got away at least for now.
  • Trespassing in the 500 Block of Wentworth Avenue.
  • Premises check Cacique and Milpas
  • Illegal campers 21 North Milpas, sleep on one side pee across the street.
  • Illegal camper 920 De La Vina refusing to leave.
  • Fired employee threatening to 242 Assault boss 129 East Anapamu The Little Door.
  • On Going Shoplifting issue at Alpha Thrift Store 700 Block of North Milpas WFA in store wearing white top beige shorts possibly 484 thieving now.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject on the grounds of New Life Church 50 East Anapamu, code 2 Medics heat exhaustion.
  • Check the Welfare of a male in a white van in the middle lane Patterson at Hollister appeared to be ill. Pulled into a Parking lot 160 South Patterson.
  • 415 Subject in a residence in the 100 Block of East Micheltorena throwing items.
  • Theft from a vehicle 700 Block of State street.
  • Assist the reporting party at Los Olivos and Chapala with a lost elderly woman 2 units volunteered Angels with badges.


I went to Little Caesars Pizza to get a pizza gotta have one once in a while the Panhandlers Oh My Dog! Young able bodied and angry when you say "No" the houseless of today are much different then they were in my day they are aggressive now and just to let people know They will have to pry my cold dead hands away to get my Little Caesars Pizza! Will Have a Great Weekend and Watch out for that Full Moon...Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Clancy, Thomicina, Tom Cat, Tiger, Midnight, Merlin, Lola, Poncho, Jerry, Fish Head One, Jonathan, C.J., Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Carl, Kent, Stan, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, David Cox, Poe, Marty, Cop John, Bengy, Ricky, Pat, Mavis, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY!  Debbie, Ken, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris Willing we will see you on MONday-MONday.  Later, Roger  

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TWOSCOOPS Jul 27, 2018 12:06 PM
Scanner Reports 7-27-18

Maybe somebody will donate a generator for you, Roger.

Roger Jul 27, 2018 01:03 PM
Scanner Reports 7-27-18

I'd rather have an air conditioner and a Megaphone...

Roger Jul 27, 2018 11:43 AM
Scanner Reports 7-27-18

I'm not sure I don't have a generator I can get a megaphone though and climb up on the roof and yell in it do you think that would help?...I did not know that Flicka one would think people that leave their keys in the car would...

Flicka Jul 27, 2018 11:02 AM
Scanner Reports 7-27-18

A real trouble with having an unlocked car stolen with the keys in is the insurance company won't pay off, because, I guess, the keys were an invitation to steal.

a-1582910915 Jul 27, 2018 10:53 AM
Scanner Reports 7-27-18

Roger, does Edhat have a generator to keep our wildfire information flowing when Edison turns off our power during high wind events? Pre-emptive power shutoffs by Edison during fire danger announcement:

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