Scanner Reports 6-17-20

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

I am a Boomer in the sense of age, not wealth as in materialism. I have never had an interest in being rich, I was interested in making a difference, that is once I got on track and worked through the anger of having been a victim of child abuse physical, sexual, and mental. I never quite got over those things, though I am a Survivor,  I don't feel as though I am. Hatched in 1958 I got my first beating at the hands of my Father on Christmas Eve 1962 at 4 years old for not eating my Dinner which was too hot at the time. My father pummeled me with his fist on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Morning he dressed as Santa Claus told me I was a good boy and gave me gifts. I got more of the same until he died when I was 12. The one thing I loved about my Father was that he was not racist and he taught me not to judge others based on their color, he hated Hippies though. My Mom, having gone through his wrath of anger, rage, and rape forced to have children she did not, want put me in a Military School camp in Wheaten, Illinois where I got raped the first time. In 1972 I was enrolled in another Military School in Howe, Indiana where I got raped a second time. I was thrown out several months later for several acts of violence. I went home and was enrolled in public school ditching every day I joined a street gang, committed crimes, fought, and got stabbed for spitting in the leader's face. I ran away from home hitching and got picked up by a child molester, while trying to get away and ended his life. I told my stepdad about it a couple months later he and my Mom dumped me in a psych ward. A few months later I was made Ward of the court in Indiana and never knew until a few months ago I was sentenced to a State Mental Hospital for the Criminally insane for 11 Years, they don't tell you shit when your a kid. One of the Aides in the State Hospital told others including my Mother I did not belong there, she got me an interview in a Boys Home in Fort Wayne, Indiana and in January of 1974 I was transferred to this Boys Home. I ran away a lot spent a lot of time on the streets met a lot of different people some were Assholes, most were not half of the Boys Home I was in was Black, the other half White there was one Mexican kid there the House Father was Black he was our Foster Father. I had my differences when I got there but after a while, Po was my Father and every kid in that home was my Brother. I had dreams of making a difference when I was going to receive a scholarship to Indiana University. I had dreams but a fucking mosquito had other plans as if I had not gone through enough shit in my life that dirty little sonofabitch had to bite me at the base of my skull and give me encephalitis meningitis.  I was unable to do much after the brain illness but I did work many, many, minimum wage jobs. I helped others throughout my life and they helped me. As I age and my health worsens I hope that I will go to a place and be with all my old friends and loved ones. Here are your Scanner Reports...

Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • Somewheres on Hollister overdose male unresponsive, female UI.
  • Mattress on Fire 4430 Calle Real not far from the county jail.
  • Check the welfare of a guy in a wheelchair with blood running down his leg on Calle Real, SO officer put the call off he is too busy. This really is turning into hell for some people and others don't care.
  • Wires down 1700 Robbins.
  • Carp High School blue School District Truck stolen.
  • Fight brewing gazebo at Alameda park.
  • 415 "Yeller" 100 Block of East Gutierrez.
  • Campers below the Clark Estate 1100 East Cabrillo has anyone seem the mountain lion recently I'm starting to wonder because I have not heard anything for a long time.
  • Stolen Lexus 1500 Block of Miramonte.
  • Donut thief 3700 Block of State street HMA South on State red shirt, black panties with a donut hole.
  • Hot Honda in the parking lot of La Quinta Inn in the 1600 Block of State street.
  • Check the welfare of a subject not seen in a week 400 East Cota.
  • 200 Block of West Cabrillo near the waterline, medical call.
  • 816 Cacique PATH Medical call.
  • Westbound 118 at Rocky Peak Brush Fire Ventura County.
  • Check the welfare of a female 100 Block of West Carrillo.
  • Fire reported out on a porch address on Oceanview.
  • 300 Block of De Paul threats investigation.
  • Check the welfare of a male down (fall victim ) 40 South Milpas.
  • Commercial burglary 1500 Block of State street.
  • Non injury hit and run Quarantina at East Montecito.
  • Robbery in the city reported by Land Line.



Scanner Reports, Tuesday:

  • 415 Family Domestic 1100 Block of East Haley.
  • North Ontare Watermain break.
  • 2100 Block of Rose Avenue behind Vons in Ventura structure fire.
  • 1300 Block of East Cabrillo HMA making lewd comments to people at the volleyball courts.
  • 14 Charles on a detail at Pershing Park.
  • 415pc Aggressive panhandler at Ralphs flying a sign.
  • Vandalism to a vehicle young people throwing water bottles at a car.
  • Traffic Accident 900 Block of West Mission.
  • 400 Block of Transfer 415 Family domestic
  • 415pc Patient starting shit at my favorite med center Not Cool man 319 North Milpas.
  • Guy taking a dump 1100 Block of San Andres or maybe he was draining his lizard.
  • PD On a subject in the city lot 6 breezeway.
  • 14 Charles on the Silly Council meeting.
  • Brush Fire W. Pozo Road at Las Pilitas Road in Templeton.
  • Traffic Collision Santa Lucia Canyon at Vandenberg AFB.
  • Female arguing with the manager of Public storage on Overpass barricaded her self in her unit.
  • Voluntario at Carpinteria Public Assist driver with disabled vehicle.
  • Emergency response 800 Block of East Yanonali.
  • Wires down 900 Block of Mission Canyon Road.
  • Check the Welfare of an elderly man who left Mechanics Bank at 914 Carpinteria Ave on foot after withdrawing money with a subject following him. Good people who care about others work at that bank. That is my bank has been for many years.


Anyway having another rough non-pain-free day, I guess that is the way it goes when you get old. Have a Wonderful HUMP DAY.. Peter, Molly, Belinda, Midnight, Merlin, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Lola, PoPo, Tom Cat, Tomicina, Tiger, Clancy, Shadow, FREDDIE!, Maxwell, Liza, Zoey, Tiny, Andy, FISH HEADS ONE AND TWO, Poncho, Zeke, Denny, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J.,Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Ross, Rambo, Sherry, Eddie, Bambi, Pat, Mavis, Mark, Willie, Lafayette, Ted, Mrs. MacAethur, Auntie Helen, Bengie, Ricky, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Roger, Father Zimmerman, Joseph, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Kona, Crazy Ed, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY! STOBE THE HOBO, KFC, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, John Havlick, Tom Petty, John Prime, Rich Mullins, Charley Bukowski my messiah, Little Mac, Lucky, John, Bill, Marianne, and Chris willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, ROGER...


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Phantom Blot Jun 18, 2020 10:29 AM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Roger, you are a credit to our community, and life in this town might be boring without you. Keep on telling it like it is. Please.
The Phantom Blot

MaryTN Jun 18, 2020 08:17 AM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Roger, You are a wonderful person and I love your writing. It makes me sad to hear what you’ve been through. For what it’s worth, you’re an inspiration to me.

Roger Jun 18, 2020 08:42 AM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Thank You I just told a member of my family I want them to leave me alone the rest of my life. I guess I have to get protection to protect me from them I'm sure enough not going to take anymore beatings I'd rather do life in prison. I'd get a cell and my cat could eat all the rats.

Roger Jun 17, 2020 02:57 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

My family continues to tear my life apart they kill me emotionally and I feel like I'm burning in hell..I give up..I guess like Charley Bukowski I should be grateful.

m-cubed Jun 17, 2020 12:12 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Love the scanner reports. Few comments!
Never take the troll bait!
Also I was born in 1981. Pushing 40. Front edge of the millennial generation. Some Gen Zers still call me an old man albeit jokingly (i hope?). Point is some day Generation Alpha (2010-2025) will give them theirs and the cycle will continue in perpetuity. It's a very small percentage of the population that really involves themselves in any sort of intergenerational disputes, generalizations and stereotypes, they just happen to be the most angry, outspoken and therefore visible. The vast majority of people see it on the same level as russian soccer hooligans engaging in mutual combat -- have fun with that. Finally, never take the troll bait!

m-cubed Jun 17, 2020 04:12 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

@2:10 i've seen definitions spanning from the year 1980 - 1982 .. never seen 83 though! I stick by my millennial status Generation X is weaksauce :P

Roger Jun 17, 2020 02:10 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

You are actually 2 years off that generation starts in 1983 the millennial's my niece is one and she never calls me Boomer. The reason the trolls get me when they do is I just to explain something and get deleted. I only type with one finger all of my fingers have been broken I have severe arthritis it's a real bummer when your old and not feeling well and the youngsters treat you like carp. Oh well I know what you mean and Thank You for the advice.

Roger Jun 17, 2020 12:04 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Wow yes not everyone survives without trouble it's very hard for me to write anything but the Scanner Reports thoughts shoot me down left and right...After my mom passed the ones who I thought were normal are abusive too I feel like my family is gone and I think of changing my name then I think I don't want to ruins anyone's good name by taking it....Negative thoughts suck....Peoria I used to know someone from there years ago...Thanks for sharing.

Roger Jun 17, 2020 04:38 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Not to fat off the beaten path I have some deep deep stories in my noggin I never wrote here I just stung for part of my inheritance I think I'm not going to see the rest there is a check floating around with my little Sisters name on it I'm the only one who can cash it Why did these weirdos do this crazy poop to me am I that much of an asshole? I know what someone is thinking. I was reading about Charley Bukowski's childhood he was beaten by his father he mentions something about the more depressed he got the better he wrote maybe that is my inheritance...Wow just wow.

Lem4058 Jun 17, 2020 04:00 PM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

I don't have the kind of family shite that you have. It hasn't always been easy, lots of addiction and mental illness and acting out. But for the most part now, we're supportive of each other. Lost my only brother too young, my mom passed when I was in my early 20's. My Dad went last year, and my step mom is in hospice. That will leave my 2 sisters, a brother in law and 3 nieces. When my Dad finally got custody of us kids my mother threatened to kill us all, so we had to leave CA. We bounced to Colorado, Canada and then back to Northern Illinois. Aurora to be exact, not that far from Wheaton. I loved there from 1971 till 191985. I split for Albuquerque a few days after I got a divorce and my maiden name back.Lol!! Lived there for about 6 years then moved to San Francisco for about 10years.. 4th of July weekend I will have called SB home for 18 years. Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Lem4058 Jun 17, 2020 11:33 AM
Scanner Reports 6-17-20

Roger you continue to make a difference with your writing. Our story lines are different , but similar in many ways. I was hatched in '58 too, in Peoria IL. I don't remember it though, we moved to San Bruno, CA when I was a year old. My mom was very mentally ill, extremely paranoid, extremely violent. After several attempts to kill my Dad he moved out and divorced her. Unheard of in 1961, he petitioned for full custody of 4 kids. Unfortunately it took the courts so long to decide, we ended up in foster care, because her psychological, physical and emotional abuse in us kids couldn't be ignored by the "authorities" any more. That's when we suffered sexual abuse plus the ongoing violence. Ironically those foster people claimed they were Christian and hauled us to church 3 times a week. And back at home they tortured us. I could go on for pages, but wanted to say I understand the deep, long lasting effects of childhood neglect and abuse. I'm sorry that was your experience . But we survivors are tuff so and so's. Here's to you and here's to me!!

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