Scanner Reports 3-14-18

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Crazy story on the internet where some dude involved in a Police standoff in my home state after committing murder slipped through the perimeter and went shopping at Walmart. He returned only to be shot dead by police, I guess he just wanted to go shopping at Walmart one last time. After reading that I thought of all the crazy infamous criminals from my Home State. There are quite a few, many of them serial or mass murderers. Rev Jim Jones who poisoned the grape Kool-Aid and gave it to his followers many years ago, people have been cracking jokes about "Drinking the kool-aid" ever since. John Dillinger was another infamous criminal and killer from my home state. Belle Gunness was a female serial killer who had a farm in La Porte, Indiana advertised for husbands and killed them among others. There are many, many others a lot of serial killers I did not know about many of them as I left Indiana in 1980 and most were caught later on.

For all the crazy and infamous criminals, there are many well known famous folks who are from Indiana too, including our vice president, and one of my favorites like Dan Quayle the Potatoe man who I met many years ago. The Jackson Family of Gary, Indiana and Ernie Pyle the well-known photographer from WW2, there are others. I bet we all have famous as well as Infamous people where we come from all you gotta do is Google. Still I think some of the crazier people come from Indiana. After reading the story about the guy involved in a Stand Off going to Walmart I thought about where I would go if I slipped through a Police Stand-Off. For one if I was involved in a Police Stand-Off it would not be because I was wanted for murder because I would not commit murder unless it was self-defense. Been there Done that. I'm no psycho killer although I am a little nuts. If I was in a police standoff it would be because someone, (no names mentioned) in my family called the police and either SWATTED me or told them something that isn't true. If I was able to slip through a Police Stand-Off I would go to the local Waffle House and eat everything on the menu then go home and turn myself in. I don't know if I'd get any time because there would be no reason for me to be in a police standoff in the first place but they might charge me with 148 (Obstruction of justice) just for making them look foolish after sneaking through a perimeter to go to a Waffle house. Very small chance of it ever happening here because there is no waffle house. Anything we have here does not ever come close to a REAL WAFFLE HOUSE. Many years ago I was almost in a standoff here. Thank God my old friend and neighbor Laura Betz saved my rump or I might be toasting Ramen Waffles in the Joint today...Anyway Here is your Scanner Reports.

Scanner Reports, Monday:

  • Camper in a tent at Ortega Park 600 Block of East Ortega now there is camping in tents in Ortega park? Interesting
  • Homeless subject harassing patrons at 2830 DLV.
  • Vandalism investigation 900 Block of Chapala in parking lot 2.
  • 459 Burglary to a construction site in the 3700 Block of State street.
  • Report of a large group of students walking out of SMHS not too long after that was fireworks. Then Lock Down lots of police investigating ongoing threats toward students...It used to be this kinda thing would get you some vacation time from school maybe a little time in juvenile hall nowadays you're labeled a 5150 and put in a psych ward and that is only if your folks get a good lawyer.
  • There was a 62-Year-old woman missing for a bit in the 2500 Block of Gibraltar she was found a few moments after the call went out.
  • Burglary to a vehicle 500 Block of North Alisos.
  • Medical call at the Veterans clinic 4440 Calle Real unknown type.
  • Drunk stacking beer cans up in the 3000 Block of State Street between the Shell station and a bicycle shop.
  • Fall victim in a driveway 100 Block of Remido Road.
  • Minor injury vehicle accident East Broadway at Clark.
  • Vehicle vs bicyclist Milpas at Cacique or possibly the Northbound on-ramp at Milpas code 2 medics were called but I think the call was cancelled after the officer responded and met with the victim.
  • Non injury traffic accident 3700 State involved parties having difficulty exchanging info.
  • Water Flow fire alarm 3805 State street no fire.
  • 415 Domestic in Marina 3.
  • Medical call MTD 1020 Chapala possible fall victim.
  • Elder Abuse call with history of Elder Abuse in the city of Santa Barbara in a private home location blocked to protect the victim. The police know about it and that is what is important.
  • 200 Block of West DLG  415 Domestic.
  • Unknown type medical call in the 3400 Block of State street.
  • Road Rage Excessive Honking down State street in a white Lexus female driver.
  • Suspicious circumstances Possible kidnapping involved at the Wells Fargo on North Fairview in Goleta. Female with a cell phone asked a teller not to call police., A male caller on the line calling from Mexico said he had the woman's mother. SBSO responded and that was all I heard of that.-
  • 242 Assault father beaten up by son in the 400 Block of North Alisos Monday Evening.


Scanner Reports, Tuesday

  • Medical call fall victim head injury 400 Block of North Alisos.
  • Marijuana smoker under the overhang at Office Max in the 200 Block of East Ortega.
  • 3 Homeless subjects in front of Marshall's refusing to leave in the 900 Block of State street.
  • Smoke investigation inside a structure in the 1100 Block of Anacapa some gas problem I have a problem with gas too.
  • 415  Disabled Subject out of control at Home North Side of Santa Barbara.
  • 415 Between a male and female at 118 East Figueroa.
  • SBPD on a subject at the .99 Cent store 424 State street.
  • Medical call for a Traumatic injury at Look Out  Park.
  • Subject hitting cars with their hand 3900 Block of Via Lucero.
  • SBSO Officer requesting another unit for help searching a vehicle in Nookie Rock Park.
  • 5150 Committing vandalism at Los Banos pool near the Marina.
  • Check the Welfare of a female in a wheelchair talking to herself Palm at Carpinteria Ave in Carpinteria.
  • Wires down and arcing 6700 Block of Del Playa
  • Possible missing child from Washington School 290 LightHouse, child said she was going to leave the school and did has not made it home SBPD Called. Found out a family member picked up the child from school, All is well, that ends Well. Homeless issue 5300 Block of Hollister Did not hear the issue.
  • Mary 3 on Traffic First East Anapamu on a black Chevy Silverado Commercial plate
  • Threats investigation no location given SB City.
  • Vehicle accident unknown if injury Violet Lane at Calle Real.
  • Medical call at the Veterans clinic 4440 Calle real.


I had something else to say but I forgot what it was I'll remember later I always do like putting my glasses down then forgetting where I put them. I'm just a weird old Fart from Indiana... Will that is all outta me for now Have a great WEDnesday...Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Thomasina, Clancy, Midnight, Merlin, Fish Head One, Poncho, Jerry,  Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Kent, Stan, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Rambo, Sherry, Diana, Jim, Bengy, Ricky, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, David Cox, Poe, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, Pat, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris willing We will see you on FRYday...

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monkeyboy Mar 15, 2018 03:17 PM
Scanner Reports 3-14-18

The lady at Wells Fargo sounds like the victim of a kidnapping scam. Many people falling victim to this in my neighborhood...caller says your child or mother has been in an accident and needs money to get help or get home or get bailed out. These guys use public information so they know your address and family names. Never believe these types of can often verify the falseness by simply messaging the person supposedly in danger using another phone...

Roger Mar 15, 2018 05:27 PM
Scanner Reports 3-14-18

I heard 2 of those calls thus far both in Goleta the other one kinda confusing so I did not post it.

Roger Mar 14, 2018 10:34 AM
Scanner Reports 3-14-18

I couldn't beat up my Dad but almost chipped him with the fan belt when my footsie slipped on to the gas pedal accidentally on You @577...

tomtech Mar 14, 2018 07:48 AM
Scanner Reports 3-14-18

242 Assault father beaten up by son; I knew a couple of young studs that tried to take on the old man back in the day. It did not end well for the young toughs. lol

a-1545010428 Mar 14, 2018 07:34 AM
Scanner Reports 3-14-18

Roger, thank you. 809 paid subscribers today, 30,975 total subscribers. That’s 2.6% who are paying to support this entertaining and informative jewel that the other roughly more than 97% are using as a float. Make a difference. To send a check to Edhat: p.o. box 3846, S.B.. CA 93130. To subscribe online: $5 monthly. FIVE DOLLARS. $52 year.

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