Scanner Reports 11-27-17

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Wow, was watching the Ten P.M. News on FRYday Evening and saw the neighborhood anger toward the Marijuana dispensary in the 100 Block of North Milpas. The NIMBY's were downright angry and out in force, I have little doubt in my mind that something bad will happen to that place if it opens. I hope it has an alarm system. One woman from the Milpas association said. "We tell our children not to drink and do drugs and here we open a DRUG house in a neighborhood within walking distance of schools." I never heard of liquid marijuana, I guess maybe she was including alcohol in her little rant. There is no liquor store in that dispensary. I guess after they bully the dispensary out of the HOOD they will be going after the liquor stores in the HOOD too. Like Chapala market selling alcohol right across the parking lot of Santa Barbara junior high, the NERVE! That is a lot closer than the dispensary is to any school. What about the liquor store near Canon Perdido and Milpas? And Speedy Mart don't they have beer there right around the corner from Santa Barbara High School? WHAT MESSAGE ARE WE SENDING OUR CHILDREN? When alcohol is sold right around the corner from a learning institution?. How many other liquor stores are there on Milpas street? Trader Joes sells alcohol not too far from Franklin School. DOG FORBID! ALL THESE HOUSES OF SIN MUST BE CLOSED!

I mean if the Marijuana Dispensary cannot open, all the stores selling alcohol must go too, it's only right according to the representative of the Milpas Association. I can tell that the message their actions are sending toward other business owners in town cannot be good, some of them might back the actions of the "Milpas NIMBYS." Bullying a marijuana dispensary out of "Their HOOD." But if I was a business owner in Santa Barbara I would think twice about doing business here because one little hair in the wrong place with some folks can ruin a business. No wonder why storefronts are empty on State Street, maybe some reasons are the High Rents and the Homeless, but some reasons might be bad business. To let a business owner move into a structure, remodel it, approve all the permits and then condemn it from opening is BAD BUSINESS but I'm sure some of you know that. You're not stupid, but I bet you're counting on residents in Santa Barbara to be.

I hope if the owner of the Marijuana Dispensary is bullied out of the HOOD every cent he put into that building and is business is returned to him if not it would be theft. As far as my personal stake I have none. I cannot afford to see a doctor to get a prescription for the medication of my choice so that is that/ They might run me out next after losing what I lost/ I really don't give a shit anymore...I would feel the same way if this was a Toy store, I don't like Bullys, NIMBYS are a fact of life, they are everywhere/ Why am I not surprised the district city councilman flipped on this issue?

Scanner reports FRYday:

  • Sewage Spill 1500 Block of West Valerio.
  • Coyote sighting on St. James Drive heading towards Elings Park.
  • Rape investigation Cottage Hospital
  • Subject with suicidal thoughts at MTD WMA in his 60's.
  • Disturbance behind Carls 7 South Milpas.
  • Camper 630 Garden street.
  • Theft of clothing and food at the Grocery Outlet on DLV 2800 Block.
  • Fight In the street on East Ortega 500 Block between a male and a female.
  • Subject from PHF fleeing from the AMR Ambulance I think I would too. I will never forget the time I was standing outside social services about 25 years ago smoking a cigarette and some guy in jail clothing ran up and hit me up for a smoke. I gave him a cigarette and a light he took off a couple seconds later came the Guards and Sheriffs officers looking for him he and others had just broke out of jail.
  • Subject down 500 Block of West Main in Santa Maria knife by his side Never heard any more about that.
  • The clubhouse at Foxen wood Traffic accident involving motorcyclist.
  • California at Flagstone Drive Traffic Accident.
  • Theft Investigation on Monterey Pines 3700 Block part from a vehicle.
  • Drunk Driver tan GMC 1500 Driving over curbs 1200 Block of Via Alta.
  • A subject with a backpack asked a resident if they could stay with them in the 400 Block of East DLG.
  • Medical call ill subject 1000 Block of Casitas Pass forced entry into residence.
  • Medical call fall victim inside Circle K 200 South Milpas.
  • Subject jumping into traffic Carrillo Underpass 500 Block of West Carrillo.
  • Check the Welfare of an elderly male at the bus stop Pueblo at State street.
  • Possible Drug sales from a van on Broadmoore Plaza male and female in van involved.


Scanner reports, Saturday

  • Daily at South Fairview found 94 Ford Explorer with the ignition punched out possible 10851 Hot registered to an address in Santa Barbara.
  • Assault Or a shove Skaters Point 100 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • At the Old Mission 2201 Laguna an audible alarm in the Mausoleum, someone must have woke up.
  • SBPD were trying to locate a subject in the 1800 Block of San Andres.
  • Subject causing a disturbance and refusing to leave Starbucks 208 West Carrillo Black male adult wearing a Pittsburg Steelers Jersey.
  • Fight Domestic ex-wife Out of Control 500 Block of West Montecito. When ever I hear a someone "Out of Control" call I think maybe their remote control is broken.
  • Check the welfare of a subject out of a wheelchair on the ground at Milpas and Quinientos
  • Theft of a black mountain bike last seen Westbound on Sola from Chapala.
  • Report of a hang glider down near Rattle Snake trail head with a foot injury.
  • Small vegetarian fire Black road 5000 Block in Santa Maria.
  • Animal Abuser Black male adult with a fro at Cathedral Oaks and Brandon according to a witness was choking a small dog who "Might still be alive" was what the witness said Animal Control called and responded I also heard SBSO was unable to locate a suspect all I heard of that but would like to know more.
  • BOLO on 2 subjects in a tan Toyota pickup truck with .22 Rifles possibly shooting at the reporting party last seen on Alisal toward Solvang.
  • Missed which church but sounded like it was on Hollister in Goleta a naked man was found to be in the "Hugging Room" of a Christian church on Hollister. He was around 6 foot, 250 pounds.
  • Subject disturbing at Fantastic Sams in the 5700 Block of Calle Real.
  • Loud Potty Cacique at South Canada hmmmmm I wonder whom that was? I know people in that area I'm important, I know people.
  • Solo vehicle rollover in a field Philbric road at Betteravia, the vehicle landed on its wheels.
  • Code 40 ex Husband disturbing in the 1200 Block of State street has his dog with him.
  • Fight Between a male and a female parked alongside on highway 101 at Padaro both driving Jeeps he is standing outside of the vehicle she is locked inside her Jeep. Road Rage? Domestic who knows? Sounds like it could be a movie shoot to me.
  • Loud Party 800 Block of East Anapamu.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject in the 100 Block of Dearborn who has health issues. Seen later a listing for a medical call there so it's a good thing there was a check the welfare call there.


Scanner Reports, Sunday

  • Camper in the 1300 Block of Santa Barbara street in a carport.
  • Reckless driver in a Majastic RV West on Cabrillo in the 200 Block almost hitting pedestrians has a kayak on the back of the RV.
  • Water Flow alarm going off at the Harbor View Inn 28 West Cabrillo.
  • Check the Welfare of a female down Camino Calma at Red Rose.
  • Alston at Hot Springs road illegal vendor selling ice.
  • South Fairview at Hollister 415 Domestic.
  • Fall victim 4200 Block of Calle Real in a residence.
  • Fall victim at Val Verde head injury.
  • Homeless subject harassing passer-bys and sticking his hands in stopped vehicles at Carrillo and State street. Last seen sitting on a wall in front of Saks, like a naughty little elf on a shelf.
  • Subject tried to board a bus in the 1100 Block of East Cabrillo without paying....This is Santa Barbara nothing is free.
  • Assault investigation GVCH occurred in Santa Barbara.-
  • nother 242 Investigation 1100 Block of Indio Muerto.
  • Medical Emergency at Casa Esperanza for a diabetic problem.
  • Medical emergency DB County Jail seizures.
  • UNknown type 415 4400 Block of Elm street. Subject with a loud amp 600 Block of West Montecito.
  • Rape investigation Undisclosed location heard something about the LAPD so am wondering if maybe the victim was a tourist but don't know
  • Medical call SB County Jail unknown type medical.
  • Injury traffic accident vehicle vs bicyclists one in the 900 Block of West Mission the other Milpas at the Rail Road Tracks.


Enough outta me for now I was thinking after the Milpas Street NIMBYS kick that guy out of his Dispensary in the 100 Block of North Milpas they could put a restaurant in there it has a nice little courtyard and it's a pretty big place. I bet they got plans for that place the guy paid for all the remodeling they don't have to lift a finger....Have a great MONday-MONday...Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Fish Head One, Clancy, Poncho, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Brad, Billy, Jonathan, C.J., Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO,Patrick, Christy, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cody, Diana, Jim, Marty, Cop John, Rambo, Sherry, Bommy, Poppy, Uncle Roger, Poe, David Cox, Isabelle, Jerry, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will see you on WEDnesday.

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Flicka Nov 28, 2017 08:54 AM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

Roger, When I started your essay I thought, "What about the liquor stores?" And you voiced my thoughts perfectly. Dumb fools! A medical dispensary is basically a pharmacy. Will this marijuana paranoia ever end? The laws against marijuana started after probation, they wanted to get rid of the Mexicans in the Southwest who were here to work. It was legal to have it if you had a permit, but to get one you had to have some marijuana first. Then "boom" you were illegal and out of luck.

Resident Nov 27, 2017 05:16 PM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

And that marijuana dispensary on Milpas is only for medical marijuana, supposedly only with a doctor's prescription, trying to help folks with medical issues that other drugs can't fix, like cancer treatments, etc.

What will the mob do when the open marijuana sales start?

Roger Nov 27, 2017 06:04 PM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

I believe that open marijuana sales in Santa Barbara will be blocked personally I would be surprised if any place would be allowed to open even this place for medical weed...On the other hand most of the crime committed here is under a combo of drugs which seem to include meth and alcohol more than others...I'm not surprised that the Milpas NIMBYS were mixing alcohol and marijuana in their little rant I have never been violent on medication alcohol however is a much different story...Course if alcohol was outlawed in Santa Barbara there would be much less of everything here crime, houseless people, not need for so many police officers alcohol is a business like everything else and don't even think about taking alcohol away from the Milpas Nimbys...

Bodyboarder73 Nov 27, 2017 02:47 PM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

It's a touchy subject. Sorry I called you a name. It's made me really angry that I can no longer smoke weed without worrying about losing my job. Maybe the next issue that this legalization movement should work on is legalizing it for everybody to use. Not just certain people. Employers need to ease up on marijuana when drug testing. As long as I'm not high at work. Why should they care?

Roger Nov 28, 2017 11:12 AM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

I'm not talking about someone on Edhat either Where the hell did you assume that?

Roger Nov 28, 2017 11:05 AM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

Why don't you learn how to spell so people can tell what you mean English is like another language if you cannot spell so your saying whaaaat that your submitting yourself to me by taking your hat off? Why Thank You how nice....:) I don't do things bad even though I'm angry especially when I just happen to find out the idiots who are making trouble for me are criminals themselves then I do research....Soon I may find out they are wanted then POOF! They disappear usually by running away like many criminals do some of them can't spell either should have stayed in school...

Roger Nov 27, 2017 04:15 PM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

That's all right I get called all kinds of names I just wish certain people would leave me alone before I do something bad but then again they say Older Folks are treated better in prison. Now my cat is under the weather and I'm thinking they dosed him. This weed thing sucks I can't afford the prescription and I can hardly move on the bright side someone told me I look good for 70 today, and I'm 59...

Roger Nov 27, 2017 12:07 PM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

No I had no idea anything like this was going to happen I guess I am a stupid fool, but you can change positions but instead you choose to call people names and blame others, Typical....Thank You Rex saw the boarded up 7-11 the other day maybe they should close it and turn it into a police sub station.

REX OF SB Nov 27, 2017 11:05 AM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

Roger—your assessment of the NIMBYs is absolutely spot-on! The sheer hypocrisy of those who complain about dispensaries, while conveniently forgetting about all the existing liquor stores, is amazing. (Or maybe not). The former dispensary on upper De la Vina Street seemed to function very well and never was the source of any neighborhood problems. If you want t see a "problem" business, look no further than the parking lot of the 7-Eleven on E. Montecito Street. And pot has nothing to do with it.

Bodyboarder73 Nov 27, 2017 10:05 AM
Scanner Reports 11-27-17

You knew this would happen if marijuana was legalized. It should never have happened. I smoked for 30 years and never got tested by my employer until this year. Now I get tested every few months. Stupid fools, you ruined it for the hard workers that liked to unwind after work. You deserve whatever you get from society now.

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