Scanner Reports 11-11-19

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Happy Veterans Day, Thank You for Your Service. Whenever I see someone that I know is a Veteran I thank them for their Service, I thank others too: Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Medic's other responders. There is a poll out there Cohen Veterans Network, C.V.N. According to an online article in Newsweek that 49 percent of Military Veterans are uncomfortable with people Thanking them for their service, they don't know what to say back. I have not experienced anyone not knowing what to say, anyone, I have said it to has said "Thank You" back to me. I guess it might be uncomfortable hearing it from a giant bearded Hippie but I haven't experienced it.

The other day, as I was walking and rolling home from Rite Aide a younger man passed me up, he was in his early 40's I'd say, with a salt and pepper buzz cut, wearing a red flannel shirt wearing a US Army backpack. I wanted to ask him if he was a Veteran as he looked as if he might be Homeless but he was going too quick for me and I felt uncomfortable yelling it down the street. I wanted to give him a few bucks if he was a Vet. It might not change anything in his life but sometimes a few bucks can help the spirit a little when it's offered with good intentions. I used to envy those who were in the Military as I failed miserably not just once but twice as a Military Man. I never could take orders very well but I tried. I tried to serve my Country when I got tossed out the 2nd Time I asked the Chief Warrant Officer "But what if the Draft comes back and I get Drafted." He says "If we are that hard up to have you back we will send you to the opposing country you can join their Military and F**k it up." I thought at the time that would be a very important position I was willing to go too, proving to them that it was the right decision on their part to toss me out. Not everyone is cut out for the Military. It takes Dedication, and Determination, for those who have served in the Military I Thank You for your Service...Happy Veterans Day...Here are your scanner reports.

Scanner Reports, Friday:

  • 1200 Block of Cacique Medical Call
  • Premises check McKenzie Park
  • Fire Alarms ringing no fire the Salvation Army 423 Chapala.
  • White tree trimming truck removed 2 street signs on Harborview Drive.
  • Truck One en route to the Tower 60 South Olive for Training.
  • Medical call 2300 Block of Edgewater Way.
  • Premises check Ortega Park.
  • 459 pc Audible alarm 3300 Block of Cappernil Drive.
  • Suspicious Circumstances at the Tow Yard 218 East Ortega.
  • 450pc Audible Alarm 200 Block of Helena.
  • Medical Call 1500 Block of San Pascual.
  • Med call 1000 Block of Placido.
  • Man running with cell phone in hand reported as a man with a gun Orcutt Burger, in Orcutt, the whole place went wild till the SBSO figured up it was a cell phone, not a gun the man had in his hand.-
  • Check the Welfare of a subject down Calle Granada at Calle Roselas.
  • Premises check Alameda Park.
  • Attempt to locate a subject in the 200 Block of West Victoria.
  • Female transient yelling 500 Block of Anacapa.
  • Burglary to a laundry room 510 West Arrellaga.
  • SBPD on a subject 400 Block of North Milpas street.
  • Suspicious circumstances Garden street at East DLG subject using a slim jim to enter a vehicle
  • Utility box knocked over wires exposed Eucalyptus Ave at Gillespie
  • 227 East Anapamu med call
  • Burglary Attempt 300 Block of South Voluntario.
  • 242pc Assault investigation Cottage Hospital.
  • Code 60 Vehicle Blocking 1500 Block of Dutton Avenue.


Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • 20002 Non injury hit and run Mission street at Modoc Driver jumper out of his vehicle running North after hitting a parked car. The Fire department responded to clean up leaking fluids from the vehicles. Not sure if the police caught up with the driver yet.
  • Vehicle accident several vehicles involved including a motorcycle Highway 166 at Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Fall victim possible head injury 700 Block of Garden street.
  • 200 Block of Ravenscroft Overdose.
  • Illegal Burn 1400 Block of Prell Road.
  • 415 Family Disturbance on La Cadena
  • Large Amount of Hair in the Roadway 1600 Block of Shoreline Drive
  • Premises check Vera Cruz Park
  • Oceano at Cliff Drives possible  DUI Driver in a silver BMW. A police Officer found and pulled over the vehicle at 101 West Carrillo A few Drunk and DUI drivers were yanked off the streets this weekend.
  • Possible 23152 Drunk Driver Carrillo at Chapala
  • Disabled vehicle 100 Block of East Pueblo a silver Honda.
  • Medical Emergency a Subject was bitten by an Ocean Creature at El Cap State Park. I'm grateful in all the days I skinny Dipped at Mora Mesa in my younger days that never happened to me though I got bit by a Snapping Turtle once in Fort Wayne.
  • 242pc Assault 600 Block of East Haley 2 Hispanic Male Juveniles Assaulted a White male adult they say took their money.
  • 20001 Felony hit and run investigation 15 East Haley the Faulding Hotel.
  • 100 Block of San Rafael Possible Elder Abuse.
  • Chase Palm Park Premises check
  • 323 East Cabrillo code 2 Medics.
  • Med call Trader Joes 3025 DLV.
  • 1221 Anacapa street Medical call with PD response subject in the stairwell Roof Top parking garage nothing was said about the Medical or why the police were needed.
  • Theft of a bicycle 900 Block of Garden street.
  • Keep the Peace 700 Block of Spring Street.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject stumbling into traffic.
  • 415 Domestic 800 Block of Bath street.
  • MTD Bus hit by a Chevy Truck Carillo at San Pascual streets non injury.
  • Heavy foot traffic on a white RV with blue stripe Kimball at Nopolitos.
  • 415 Domestic 1500 Block of San Pascual male refusing to leave kid is calling in for his Mother. Kick the bum out!!
  • Med call Alcohol detox 1000 Block of Veronica Springs.- Suspicious female knocking on doors in the 500 Block of West Montecito.
  • Female with 2 Children were refusing to leave Cottage Hospital per Security but left before police got there.
  • Unconscious subject at Panda Express 131 North Fairview.
  • Shots heard in the Ellwood Mesa Area.
  • Fire reported out Highway 101 at Santa Maria Way.-
  • Code 40, Drunk at Cottage Hospital.
  • Check the Welfare of a female on the ground and 2 Males standing over her 1330 State street.
  • South Alisos First Block Loud POTTY Several calls on these guys When they go, they go loud!
  • Keep the Peace at PATH 816 Cacique.


Scanner Reports, Sunday:

  • Code 2 Medic's to the SBPD for a blood draw must be a drunk driver thereabouts.
  • 3000 Block of State street McKenzie Park for a Medical call.
  • 1200 Block of Shoreline at Shoreline Park Hand Dryer in Men's restroom will not shut off sending someone to check on it in order to contact public works.
  • Premises check Monroe School.
  • Fire Alarms ringing no fire The Salvation Army 423 Chapala street.
  • Engine one Harbor Patrol on a Medical Call 132 Harbor Way.
  • Bicyclist Down 1400 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • Dumpster Fire at Carpinteria State Beach.
  • 459pc On Coast Village Road they did not broadcast address as the call went out online.
  • Possible illegal burn in the area of Armour Ranch.
  • Premises check Franklin School.
  • Possible case of Stalking involving a male Transient stalking a female Transient. 700 Block of State street.
  • Check the Welfare of a resident in the 800 Block of East Anapamu who was yelling and banging things around in their residence.
  • Premises check Chase Palm Park Expansion.
  • 415pc Subject Threatened to Burn Down Cottage Hospital per SB Cottage Hospital Security he left before police arrived but they caught up with him at Pueblo and Bath streets it was mentioned that he has violent Tendencies  toward police officers Hopefully once the Care institutions open he can get the help he needs.
  • 415 Transient locked himself in the bathroom at Starbucks in the 200 Block of West Carrillo.
  • 415 Transient at Starbucks in the 1200 Block of State street.
  • Medical call 1200 Block of Castillo street.
  • 242pc Assault near Lazy Acres Suspect a WMA Stocky in his 60's, Victim called it in but decided not to press charges.
  • 415 Resident of PATH 816 Cacique in the bathroom destroying property he was in there quite some time but stopped after the police arrived and was transported to County, not sure if he went to jail or PHF just heard County.
  • Premises check Vera Cruz Park.
  • Suspicious Vehicle with a broken window at Figueroa and Bath streets.
  • 415 Argument between a customer and an employee at Amtrak 209 State street.
  • Drunk Driver in a green caravan nearly hit several parked vehicles first 3 on the license plate "764"


On Friday as I was getting ready to go shopping a young man in a black Silverado with tinted windows pulled into the driveway and asked if I had seen someone with a bicycle on the property? I said "No but you can check." He explained that his bicycle had just been ripped off it was baby blue with chrome forks he said I helped him look around a little but told him to check the 500 Block of East Yanonali also told him to call the police. That was about it I did not see him after that I hope he got his bicycle back he said a Female took off with it. I hear bicycle thefts all the time would be nice to hear if the guy found his bicycle but doubt if I will There one second Gone the next...Will that is all outta me for now Have a Great MONday-MONday and a Happy Veterans Day...Peter, Molly, Belinda, Midnight, Merlin, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Shadow, FREDDIE!, Maxwell, Tom Cat, Clancy, Tomicina, Tiger, Lola, PoPo, Tiny, Andy, Fish Heads One, and Two, Poncho, Denny, Jerry, Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Ross, Rambo, Sherry, Eddie, Bambi, Lafayette, Ted, Bengie, Ricky, Mark, Willie, Pat, Mavis, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Mrs. MacArthur, Auntie Helen, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Crazy Ed, Debbie, Ken, Isabelle, Jerry, LUCY!, STOBIE THE HOBO, KFC, John Hancock, Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, John Havlick, Ron Santo, Little Mac, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will see you on WEDnesday.  Later,  Roger

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Flicka Nov 11, 2019 12:05 PM
Scanner Reports 11-11-19

I too, Roger, thank veterans for their service and have always gotten a "thank you" from them. I especially like to let the old ones from WWII that their service is appreciated and remembered. The way I can tell them is they often wear a baseball type hat with their military standing on it. They seem to be especially glad for the recognition.

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