Scanner Reports 1-21-19

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

I recently joined an anxiety support group on Facebook, like-minded people sort of thing to help me with my anxiety other things. I like it and it helps to share with others except not in the morning. For some reason if I read posts first thing in the morning starting my day and I have to go out the old OCD kicks in. I start checking everything to make sure it's off. Funny thing is I pick up on everyone else's habits too, it's kinda funny really. I like reading it because some of the thoughts others have are pretty outrageous, it's good to know that I'm not the only ONE. That has that sort of thing though it feels like I am the only ONE when it is happening.

I have been doing other things too that are better for me, knocked out coffee drinking, tea now. Feel better drinking the tea. Looking at a headline on an e-mail I have it says Edison Company counter -Sues County and City. Those BassTurds have a lot of nerve that damn fire ash and dust messed up a lot of us here in town with breathing problems and they are suing us, it's too bad we all don't live off grid, Scum Bags.

The other day I recycled all my plastic smashed it all down good and took it to the recycling center. I emptied it all into a large container then rolled it over to get weighed. I noticed a pretty young gal wearing shorts in front of me had the same size container filled with plastic also none of hers was smashed like mine. I had more probably a few pounds more. We got up to the counter about the same time she was in front of me she got $21 and change. I got $15 Dollars and Change, next time I go to recycle I'm wearing Hot Pants. Here are your scanner reports.

Scanner Reports, Friday

  •  Overturned Bus highway 101 Southbound at Alisos Canyon.
  • Stolen vehicle 200 Block of South Salinas.
  • Body in the Hallway apartment complex in the 3500 Block of Modoc Road turned out to be a Drunk guy passed out in the Hallway and I don't think he lived there.
  • 415 Domestic Anacapa at Cota street then in the Commuter parking lot
  • Large tree down 600 Block of West Islay.
  • Vehicle abandoned in the road 1200 Block of San Pascual female passed out in the back seat smells like Alcohol.
  • Ocean Rescue 6700 Block of Del Playa surfer in trouble.
  • Hot Prowl burglary 1400 Block of Santa Fe Place subject was wearing a Ski Mask
  • Missing juvenile in the Bathroom SBHS 700 Block of East Anapamu
  • 415 Domestic physical female shoved 4600 Block of Sierra Madre
  • 242 Assault investigation Cottage ER
  • Campers 49 South Milpas, in my MILPAS UNDERPANTS!
  • Traffic hazard white Jeep Cherokee blocking lanes North Fairview off ramp just before Calle Real.
  • Juvenile loiters...60-70  juveniles 700 Block of State, then over to 17 West Canon Perdido, then a stroll through Marshals just to be Annoying.
  • Injury accident Park Place at Old Coast Highway
  • Animal Control officer breaks a vehicle window to free a trapped dog in the 1000 Block of East Montecito
  • Med call for a Fall victim on the Anapamu foot bridge.
  • Shoplifter Vons Turnpike.
  • Homeless subject ripped off reporting parties cell phone 100 Block of Santa Barbara street
  • Female disturbing and smoking THE WEED 14 North Milpas street.- Subject riding a bicycle through the creek bed Carrillo at Highway 101
  • 415 Subject on Brandon in Goleta Drunk hitting vehicles with a shovel
  • Subject passed out in the Handicapped spot at Rite Aide on Cliff Drive in a silver Toyota Land Cruiser and it smells like WEED!
  • 424 State street the .99 Cent store subject refused to leave then slapped the telly phone out of the security guards hand
  • Juveniles drinking ALCOHOL next to vehicles 1000 Block of San Roque Road
  • Med Call Fall victim at Sears 3845 State street

I went to Rite Aide to get my meds and transients were giving Robert the security guard there a hard time so I stepped out and stood behind him so he could not see me there a little anonymous back up.  "Prison Snacks" Was yelling at him the guy giving me grief for passing out candy canes and socks saying I was passing out Prison Snacks. That is what I call him now Prison Snacks.

Scanner Reports, Saturday

  • Premises check Ortega Park.
  • 415 Domestic involving male and female in a white van and an RV parked next to it in the K-Mart parking lot in Goleta
  • 415 Transient yelling 1100 Block of Coast Village Road in Montecito
  • Premises check La Mesa Park
  • Shoreline Park Premise check
  • Sexual Assault by a Caregiver County of Santa Barbara, SBSO Call
  • Audible Alarm 700 Block of Picacho Lane
  • SBPD on a group DLV at State street
  • 459 Burglary 1200 Block of Ontare
  • Female reported subject possibly pointed a large gun at her Eastbound in a white van Foothill at Alamar
  • Motorcyclist vs Bicyclist 1500 Block of  San Marcos Pass Road traffic accident
  • 200 Block of Almonte open door
  • 1144 Body on the beach Hendrys Beach a forth mile South below the Douglas Family Preserve.
  • HBD Employee at the Boys Camp 3900 Block of Paradise road
  • Subject down in the stairwel sleeping 900 Block of Chapala.
  • Overdose 1200 Block of Liberty
  • 459 at the Hilton 1100 Block of East Cabrillo
  • Fall victim head injury 200 Block of Castillo
  • Corn Vendor on Anacapa Gone on Arrival
  • 415 Transient walking into the Arlington was sitting in a chair at 1301 State street trying to trip passerbys
  • Vehicle vs Pedestrian on Fairview did not hear exact location heard that the patient was in the middle of the roadway
  • Dog running along side the 101 Northbound at Santa Claus brown and white mixed medium sized dog
  • Suspicious investigation 500 Block of North Sapsitudes
  • Illegal Dumping 1100 Block of Walnut Avenue
  • 242 Assault 500 Block of Myrtle Ave
  • Fire Works during a Party 200 Block of Santa Ynez Court people were calling in Shots Fired but someone else reported the Fireworks.


Scanner Reports, Sunday

  • Premises check Adams School
  • Theft investigation occurred at Starbucks in the 800 Block of State street investigation at the station.
  • SBPD on a subject in the Ledbetter Parking lot Ped Shake.
  • SBPD on 2 subjects Las Positas and the Rail Road Tracks 2 Ped Shake.
  • Vehicle got ripped off 100 Block of East Guiterrez red Tundra Santa Barbara Concrete Pumping...Keys were left in the vehicle. I saw a video on you tube the other day where some guy hot wired a car that had the keys in the ignitionl.
  • Check the welfare of a subject down in the2500 Block of Borton Drive. I bet they were banging on the door all night got tired and passed out.
  • BB Gunners on the Rail Road Tracks in Lompoc per Amtrak Radio WMA's 2.
  • Med Call Fall victim Vons Turnpike 160 South Turnpike.
  • 2 2  Knives stolen from REI 321 Anacapa 484 Shoplift.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject holding a sign in Traffic near Eureka Burger in Paseo Nuevo.
  • Traffic Hazard Highway 154 at Windy Gap Semi cruising in the 25 mph lane with 30 vehicles behind it West Bound. That is the way to slow everyone down on Highway 154.  :)
  • Suspicious Circumstances Santa Claus Lane near Carpinteria Ave near the Tracks womans body in the bushes wearing all black neaver heard anything else.
  • Suspicious male hanging out near Monroe Elementary school 400 Loma Alta WMA in his 50's
  •  Med Call Unknown type Tunnel Road at Orange Grove
  • 415 Domestic Guiterrez at DLV Male female shoving each other.
  • 415 Domestic at USA Gas male 242ing female male driving an older white Dodge Pickup toward Lompoc must be on Highway 246 did not hear exact location of the gas station but probably in Buellton.-
  • 1182 Castis Pass Albertsons one subject has no insurance.
  • Med Call 1100 Block of Hampshire in Goleta.
  • Vehicle Blocking traffic in the Coast Village Roundabout.


Will that is all outta me for now celebrated 16 years without Alcohol on Saturday by  getting high. Twas a quiet day pretty much except for the voices in my head. Have a great MONday...Peter, Belinda, Angel Baby, Pooh Bear, Tom Cat, Tiger, Clancy, Thomicina, Midnight, Merlin, Shadow, FREDDIE! Lola, PoPo, Tiny, Andy, Fish Heads One, and Two, Poncho, Jerry Walter, Fred, Jonathan, C.J., Brad, Billy, Carl, Stan, Kent, ELMO, Patrick, Christy, Diana, Jim, Rambo, Sherry, David Cox, Po, Marty, Cop John, Bommy, Poppy, June, Muskie, Eddie, Bambi, Bengie, Ricky, Pat, Mavis, Lafayette, Ted, Magruder, Don, Edwin, Cory, Isabelle, Jerry, Debbie, Ken, LUCY! STOBIE THE HOBO, John Hancock, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Tom Petty, and Chris willing we will pee you on WEDnesday.  Later,  Roger

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REX OF SB Jan 21, 2019 09:27 AM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

"Corn Vendor on Anacapa Gone on Arrival"……I'd assume that a complaint of an (allegedly) illegal corn vendor was called in by some outraged, law-abiding citizen. Jeebus, Mary and Jerome, don't people have anything better to whine about?

shorebird Jan 21, 2019 05:56 PM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

“Jeebus, Mary and Jerome?” That hilarious. I’m stealing it.

Roger Jan 21, 2019 02:54 PM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

No they whine about Everything here, you know that...:)

Rinconer Jan 22, 2019 08:30 AM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

Roger, thank you for your hard work, humor and insight.

Flicka Jan 22, 2019 10:16 AM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

Really! What is so bad about selling corn? There are cases where "MYOB" should be adhered to.

Z Jan 22, 2019 11:21 AM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

It's January. Vendor might be selling illegally imported corn snuck into the country along with all the drugs and untariffed aluminum coming across the unwalled border.

Roger Jan 22, 2019 12:40 PM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

That corn looks pretty good if I had teeth I'd be a customer.

a-1548196899 Jan 22, 2019 02:41 PM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

Yeah, unfortunately, there are some ruthless corn vendor vigilantes in this town. It's not like anyone's forcing them to buy and eat it.

a-1548200633 Jan 22, 2019 03:43 PM
Scanner Reports 1-21-19

I wouldn't let my dog eat that nasty UNSANITARY garbage! Can you say Ecoli? Seen flies & dirt around those carts, Montezumas Revenge! Unclean,Unsanitary,just plain UnHealthy. No Sir,Don't like it!

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