SBCC to Provide Immigration Legal Services to Students

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Source: Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College has been selected to participate in a pilot project through a partnership with the California Department of Social Services, the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to provide free immigration legal services.

Through this partnership, The United Farm Workers (UFW) Foundation was selected to provide immigration legal services at SBCC starting May 2020. Over the course of the next year and a half the Community College Immigration Legal Services Project will provide free immigration legal services, including education and outreach services, to students, staff and faculty on California community college campuses statewide.

This opportunity will help ensure that our Santa Barbara City College students are receiving the necessary legal consultation to continue succeeding academically.

SBCC looks to continue working with our community and expand our efforts to provide pathways to attain a higher education and the economic benefits that come with attaining a degree.

Students can schedule an appointment with a UFW Foundation attorney/accredited representative, through an online portal, for a comprehensive review of their immigration history and possible immigration remedies. Starting now appointments are available the second Tuesday and fourth Friday of every month. For more information visit:

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Youngndumb May 20, 2020 06:38 AM
SBCC to Provide Immigration Legal Services to Students

Caesar Chavez will be proud. Farm workers union at a college? Kind of confused what message is to be relayed here. But, I could play def mute and sign up for a free, new, 0-debt identity :-)

SantaBarbaraObserver May 20, 2020 06:47 AM
SBCC to Provide Immigration Legal Services to Students

So since anyone can enroll at a CC, will they also offer divorce, bankruptcy, civil lawsuits and criminal legal aide to all students? I didn’t realize that our CCs are also Public Defenders... good to know in the event you need an attorney. They’re a lot more expensive than a few credits from SBCC...

SoapBox May 20, 2020 02:59 PM
SBCC to Provide Immigration Legal Services to Students

Congratulations to SBCC for being selected for this program that is funded by a partnership of foundations (private donor dollars) and not taxpayer or tuition monies. This will be great addition to the SBCC Student Legal Center which already provides free legal counseling to students for a myriad of important issues they face including "Harassment by non-SBCC person". Too bad that probably doesn't include those who choose to spread false conclusions (lies), those who make just plain stupid comparisons and even those who can admit that they just don't have the mental capacity to understand things as they are.

ChemicalSuperFreak May 20, 2020 06:37 PM
SBCC to Provide Immigration Legal Services to Students

Why would Swedish students want to come here? Everything is just great over there. According to Bernie Sanders, Sweden is the best country in the world ever, aside from the USSR.

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