SBCC Closes Campus

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Update by Santa Barbara City College

As of now, the SBCC Campuses are anticipated to be open and operate normally on Wednesday, December 6. This includes the Wake and Schott Campuses, Cosmetology building and Child Care Center.

La Playa Stadium will remain closed. We advise that you limit all outdoor recreational activities due to the poor air quality.

If you are unable to come to campus for either a final exam or regular work hours, inform your Professor and/or Supervisor. If your final exam was cancelled, you will receive further information from your Professor.

We will continue to provide updates via SBCC Emergency Alerts, on the website and via Twitter and Facebook. To sign up for emergency alerts (AlertU) text “Join SBCC” to 58339

Source: Santa Barbara City College

While there is currently no immediate danger, we have decided to CLOSE CAMPUS as of 10:15 AM and CANCEL ALL ACTIVITIES on campus for the remainder of the day (December 5th, 2017). This closure includes the Wake, Schott and Cosmetology campuses. 
Students that are currently on campus should evacuate in an orderly and timely fashion.  There is no immediate danger. Staff will be walking the campuses to assist and provide further instructions. 
We will work on a plan to accommodate classes affected by this closure and will communicate that plan as soon as possible.
Tonight's Reverend Boyle event at Santa Barbara City College's Garvin Theatre has been canceled due to power outages caused by the Thomas Fire. Santa Barbara City College's main campus has been closed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  
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a-1512538859 Dec 05, 2017 09:40 PM
SBCC Closes Campus

Didn't SBCC stay open during the Painted Cave, Tea, Jesusita, and Zaca fires? Why did it close for the fire in Ventura County? Strange.....

sbres Dec 05, 2017 08:23 PM
SBCC Closes Campus

Funny how the elementary school across the street from SBCC was in session all day as were all of the schools in the SBUSD.

a-1512536696 Dec 05, 2017 09:04 PM
SBCC Closes Campus

I live near La Cumbre, and it appeared they closed early, judging by the number of kids walking down the street at an unusually early time.

a-1512510053 Dec 05, 2017 01:40 PM
SBCC Closes Campus

SBCC officials not only closed the SBCC campus, but the Schott and Wake Center campuses. They just closed the gates which said "closed." Most students have given their email addresses to SBCC, would it be so hard for SBCC to send out a notification that they're shutting down all classes everywhere for an incident that's happening in Ventura County?

As far as shutting down classes for power failure reasons, it's daytime. Could they leave the decision of cancelling classes to the teacher? Could the Adult Education teacher notify students of class cancellation versus having students learn of the cancellation only by driving to the campus?

If a fire happens in Solvang/Santa Ynez, is SBCC going to cancel classes?

ljmdance Dec 05, 2017 01:28 PM
SBCC Closes Campus

Also glad to hear it. I won't be leaving the home office to run errands today, either. It is BAD out there. I wonder if there's a better map of the fire & evacuation areas than the one on & CalFire, which names all the prior fires, but not many of the streets.

Be smart, neighbors!

a-1512508605 Dec 05, 2017 01:16 PM
SBCC Closes Campus

Smart move. I know most people don't get it but----inhaling any kind of smoke is bad for you. Stay out of the smoke. Your lungs are precious. If you can smell smoke, you're inhaling a s--tload of toxins.

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